Presenter: 🎙️ Rose 🌹
Sound Engineer: 🎛️ Daz Man 😎
Jingles voiced by:
Jono (RPC Audio), Aminasync & Ciara

RNEI 16 Playlist, April 2021

(Spotify Stream numbers included) (Tracks 10-16 on WRMI only)

  1. EYJAA - Don't Forget About Me 🇮🇸 (23.5k) - Here's something from a new Icelandic Duo with great backing vocals!
  2. KUČKA - No Good For Me 🇬🇧 (139k) - Next is something that heavily reminds me of AlunaGeorge's music - from KUČKA, an artist who has lived in the UK, Australia and America!
  3. Nana Jacobi - Sorgfugl 🇩🇰 (15.5k) - I was listening to Mix FM and this song jumped out at me as a little gem, I hope you like it too!
  4. Four Nights - Grow So Cold 🇮🇪 (13.6k) - I discovered Grow So Cold on Spin1038 and fell in love with the sound of this song :D
  5. UNDER - En säng av rosor 🇸🇪 (12.4k) - This month's cute song is from UNDER, reworking Darin's lovesong into a gorgeous relaxing chill-house tune!
  6. Jon Henrik Fjällgren - Mountain Dance 🇸🇪-*Samí* (403k) - Jon Henrik Fjällgren won Sweden's Got Talent with Daniels Joik back in 2014 and this is his latest release which is packed full of emotive joik!
  7. Heroines - Rules 🇫🇮 (55k)

--- Scandipop.co.uk's pick of the month ---
  8. Daniel Oliver - Feels Like Home 🇸🇪 (4.6k)

--- RNEIxtra - Mammas Mest Metal ---
  9. Darkher - Ghost Tears 🇬🇧 (171k)

10. MoonSorrow - Non Serviam 🇫🇮 (653k)

11. Einherjer - The Blood and the Iron 🇳🇴 (72k)

12. Sólstafir - Til Moldar 🇮🇸 (68k)

--- Stephens Artist Feature: Gwenno & Ani Saunders (Welsh & Cornish) ---
13. Gwenno - Golau Arall

14. Gwenno - Hunros

15. Ani Glass - Ynys Araul

16. Ani Glass - Mirores

Thank you for listening to and decoding this edition of RNEI! We hope to see you next month.

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