Presenter: 🎙️ Rose 🌹
Sound Engineer: 🎛️ Daz Man 😎
Jingles voiced by:
Jono (RPC Audio), Aminasync
Ciara & Lisa

RNEI 24 Playlist, December 2021 - for WRMI

(Spotify Stream numbers included)

  1. The sPlayers feat. Murdrocks, Herman Dahl, Isabelle Eriksen, Agnetesh & Stina Talling - Nå er det jul 🇳🇴 (9.0m) - This is a Christmas song that's a bit of fun that I've repeatedly enjoyed since it's release. 🙂

  2. Petra Marklund - Pengar 🇸🇪 (173k) - To break up the Christmas songs we have this punchy Swedish pop song with its fantastic instrumental and great vocals.

  3. ABREU - Jouluyö, juhlayõ 🇫🇮 (667k) - For her third appearance on RNEI, ABREU brings us Silent Night sung in Finnish!

--- A Trip to Ireland ---
  4. Lea Heart - You Make It Feel Like Christmas 🇮🇪 (151k) - This Christmas song is really pretty and mellow and it has quickly become a favourite of mine!

  5. Julia-Maria - Luna Moon 🇮🇪 (<1k) - This little-known artist's song fits perfectly with Julia-Maria's soft vocals complimented by beautiful piano and percussion.

  6. Órla Fallon - In Dulci Jubilo 🇮🇪 (111k) - To end this Irish segment is this wonderful song beautifully sung in English and Irish accompanied by a gorgeous traditional Irish instrumental.

  7. ELYSS - Die With Me 🇩🇰 (8.4k) - Scandipop.co.uk's song of the month - Danish newcomer ELYSS brings us their debut melancholic-80's-style-dance-pop single!

  8. Daði Freyr - Something Magical 🇮🇸 (183k) - You might remember Daði from our Eurovision special and now they've gone and released a Christmas song and it's great!

--- RNEI Dance ---
  9. Boyzvoice - Let Me Be Your Father X-Mas (DJ Advento Remix) 🇳🇴 (57k) - You might remember the original of this song on RNEI #12 and, after two decades of silence, Boyzvoice made a comeback this November with DJ Advento with a live performance that goes wrong and this single!

--- RNEIxtra ---
--- Mammas Mest Metal ---
10. Holy Moly & The Crackers - Punk Drunk Xmas Eve 🇬🇧 (503k)

11. Apocalypse Orchestra - The Garden of Earthly Delights 🇸🇪 (3.2m)

12. Jerkcurb - Walking in the Air 🇬🇧 (112k)

13. Stiff Little Fingers - White Christmas (Live) 🇬🇧 (183k)

--- Stephen's Feature - John Bramwell 🇬🇧 ---
14. I Am Kloot - From Your Favourite Sky (689k)

15. I Am Kloot - Over My Shoulder (691k)

16. I Am Kloot - Shoeless (202k)

17. John Bramwell - I Am The Sky (NA)

Thank you for listening to and decoding this edition of RNEI! We hope to see you next month.

Vi ønsker dere en god jul og håper å se deg i det nye året.

Til vi møtes igjen,
Ha det!

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