Presenter: 🎙️ Rose 🌹
Sound Engineer: 🎛️ Daz Man 😎
Jingles voiced by:
Jono (RPC Audio), Aminasync
Ciara & Lisa

RNEI 31 Playlist, July 2022 - for 🌴 WRMI 🌴 15770kHz

  (Spotify Stream numbers included)

Kakkmaddafakka - Drø Sø 🇳🇴 (1.8m)
🌹 We are starting off the chill summery vibes with the fantastic popular Norwegian band Kakkmaddafakka. I heard this on NRK P3 and fell in love with it. 😀
Vince Vigo - miyazaki on the tv 🇫🇮 (115k)
🌹 Finnish artist Vince Vigo brings a more moody, yet still chill tone to the show with this song. I find it quite a dancy one!
FABER - Helt Okay 🇩🇰 (9658)
🌹 Introduced by Denmark's little known artist FABER, this song has a relaxingly pretty vibe to it, and wonderful vocals.
Elinborg - Um eg kundi 🇫🇴 (17.4k)
🌹 Here's something from the Faroe Islands. What initially feels like it will go dark, quickly becomes a pretty chill song which I really like. 😺
Rebekka Blöndal - Lítið Ljóð 🇮🇸 (<1k)
🌹 From a little known Icelandic Jazz artist, this song continues the theme of relaxing summer music to chill out to. I absolutely love her work and encourage you all to listen to her other songs!
⭐ Drew Sycamore - Electric Motion 🇩🇰 (117k) Scandipop.co.uk's song of the month ⭐
🌹 Chosen by Karl, here is a nice pop banger from Denmark's popular pop artist Drew Sycamore. It's got quite a catchy beat and I quickly grew to like it. 😀
 RNEI Dance
SLANEY - Romeo 🇮🇪 (4336)
🌹 Introduced by SLANEY, here is her latest song and, just like Heaven, this dance song has a wonderful chill vibe to it! I love SLANEY's songs so much! 🙂
Mio, Nick Strand & Leora - Show Me 🇳🇴 (572k)
🌹 To finish off the Chill Summer show, here is a lovely Norwegian dance track complete with the playlist embedded inside!

Thank you for listening to and decoding this edition of RNEI! We hope to see you next month.

Til vi møtes igjen,
Ha det!

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