Presenter: 🎙️ Rose 🌹
Sound Engineer: 🎛️ Daz Man 😎
Jingles voiced by:
Jono (RPC Audio), Aminasync
Ciara & Lisa

RNEI 33 Playlist, September 2022 - for Channel 292

  (Spotify Stream numbers included)

Emma Nicoline - Står Imod 🇩🇰 (52.2k)
🌹 Starting off the show is this upbeat synthpop number from Denmark!
Pikekyss - Må jeg vite alt? 🇳🇴 (75.7k)
🌹 Revisiting Pikekyss brings us this mellow synthpop gem that I find relaxing to listen to!
⭐ Honey. - What Now 🇸🇪 (4885) Scandipop.co.uk's song of the month ⭐
🌹 "Honey." is a relatively new Swedish group. They perfectly capture the essence of ABBA in this catchy track and it won't leave my head! A fantastic find from Karl! 😀
Sisterix - Wasteland 🇮🇪 (<1k)
🌹 Sisterix is a group beautifully capturing that distinctively Irish pop sound with beautiful vocals and an acoustic instrumental! It reminds me a little of The Cranberries but mellower!
Kardemimmit - Myötätuuli 🇫🇮 (47k)
🌹 Four-piece folk group Kardemimmit bring us this pretty song featuring the Finnish national instrument, the Kantele!
Marína Ósk & Rebekka Blöndal - Góða kíkt'í kaffi 🇮🇸 (19.2k)
🌹 Here is something a little different to anything we've played before - some Icelandic jazz! I really like this song a lot!
Sofiloud & Gucci Caliente - The Hookup 🇳🇴 (108k)
🌹 With data embedded, this is a dance track from Norway with a great beat to it!

Thank you for listening to and decoding this edition of RNEI! We hope to see you next month.

Til vi møtes igjen,
Ha det!

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