Presenter: 🎙️ Rose 🌹
Sound Engineer: 🎛️ Daz Man 😎
Jingles voiced by:
Jono (RPC Audio), Aminasync
Ciara & Lisa

RNEI 34 Playlist, October 2022 - for Channel 292

  (Spotify Stream numbers included)

Brother Leo - Living in a Zoo 🇸🇪 (332k)
🌹 This Swedish song reminds me a lot of mid 00s indie. With it's instrument-driven backing and happy sound, I fell in love with it!
Tippa - Omilla jaloilla 🇫🇮 (540k)
🌹 Continuing the theme of 00s indie sounding tracks is this song from Finland that also got stuck in my head. 🙂
OLLIE - Sick Of This Party 🇩🇰 (52.1k)
🌹 Danish artist OLLIE is adamant that she is, in fact, quite sick of this party ... but hopefully she's not sick of us partying to her music!
The Crayon Set - Love is a Real Place 🇮🇪 (NA)
🌹 Rob introduces us to this Irish band's newest single, releasing on the 14th of October. I find it feels quite relaxing and peaceful to listen to. 😺
Una Torfa - Flækt og týnd og einmana 🇮🇸 (7.1k)
🌹 Introduced by Icelandic artist Una Torfa is another soft track today which translates roughly to "Tangled, lost and lonely".
mammantytöt! - Erojaisryyppy 🇫🇮 (13.5k)
🌹 Here's something folk-y from the small Finnish duo "mammantytöt!". I love the duetted vocals and whistling on this track. 😀
⭐ Smith & Thell - I Feel It In The Wind 🇸🇪 (636k) Scandipop.co.uk's song of the month ⭐
🌹 Karl has chosen this amazing song from Smith & Thell who made their first appearance on RNEI back in show #1!
Glenn Gatsby & Sonia Elisheva - Every Now And Then 🇳🇴&🇬🇧 (70.5k)
🌹 Some more electro swing! 😮 This time something more laid back from a Norwegian DJ and London based singer. Complimented with lovely basslines, the vocal performance is fantastic and the instrumentals are perfect to give this a textbook electro-swing feel!

Thank you for listening to and decoding this edition of RNEI! We hope to see you next month.

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