RSID: <<2017-07-29T20:24Z MFSK-32 @ RADIO STUDIO X 1584000+1500>>



mail: ibc@europe.com



6V  Senegal Jul 30 - Aug 12 DC4CQ will on /6V QSL H.C.
7X  Algeria until Jul 30 7V5J will be on all bands QSL 7X2DD
8Q  Maldives AS-013 until Jul 31 G4PWO will be on as 8Q7PW QSL H.C.
9A  Croatia EU-016 Jul 29 - Jul 30 9A0AA group will be in the contest QSL S50A
BY  China AS-150 Jul 28 - Jul 31 BY4JN group will be on QSL BI4IIZ
BY  China AS-136 Jul 29 - Jul 30 BG4TMC group will be on QSL H.C.
CP  Bolivia until Aug 14 EA5RM will be on as CP1XRM QSL H.C. dir & LoTW
CT9 Madeira AF-014 Jul 29 - Jul 30 G3TXF and G3WVG will be active as CR3G QSL LoTW & ClubLog
DL  Germany EU-127 Jul 28 - Jul 31 DR0F group will be in the contest QSL DM4DL dir/bur
EA6 Balearic EU-004 Jul 29 - Jul 30 EA6VQ will be in the contest signing AM625VQ QSL H.C. Lotw
EI  Ireland EU-121 Jul 29 - Jul 30 ON6QR will be in the contest QSL H.C.
GD  Isle of Man Jul 29 - Jul 30 MM0GOR will sign MD1E QSL M0OXO
GJ  Jersey until Jul 30 G4DBL will sign GJ4DBL QSL H.C.
GM  Scotland EU-008 Jul 29 - Jul 30 GM7A group will be in the contest QSL GM7WCO
HS  Thailand AS-125 Jul 29 - Jul 30 E2T team will be in the contest QSL Dir or LoTW
I   Italy EU-091 Jul 28 - Jul 30 ARMI team will be on as IL7P or IJ7P QSL IZ8EGM ClubLog
I   Italy EU-028 Jul 29 - Jul 30 IN3EQD will be in the contest signing /IA5 QSL H.C.
I   Italy EU-130 Jul 29 - Jul 30 II3Y group will be in the contest QSL IV3OSC
I   Italy EU-054 Jul 29 - Jul 30 IT9PPG will operate as IF9A QSL H.C.
KH9 Wake until Aug 17 WW6RG plans to be on /KH9 QSL H.C.
OH  Finland EU-140 Jul 29 - Jul 30 OH5AD group will be in the contest as OG5A QSL PH5AD
OZ  Denmark EU-029 Jul 29 - Jul 30 OZ2PBS will be in the contest QSL H.C.
P4  Aruba until Aug 6 P40X group will be active QSL DL8UD & ClubLog
PY  Brazil SA-072 Jul 28 - Jul 31 ZY8D group will be on QSL OS8RV dir & bur
RI1 F.J. Land EU-019 until Aug UA4RX will be on as RI1FJ QSL UA2FM dir ClubLog
SV  Greece until Aug 2 PY2DY will operate as SY8APQ QSL H.C. & LoTW
SV9 Crete until Sep 29 WB2GAI will be on /SV9 QSL H.C.
T8  Palau OC-009 until Jul 30 JA7XBG will be active as T88GA QSL H.C.
TF  Iceland until Aug 2 PV8IG will be on /TF QSL PY7WA
V2  Antigua NA-100 until Aug 7 VE6SH will sign V29SH QSL H.C. Lotw
V4  St Kitts NA-104 until Aug 5 W5JON as usal will sign V47JA QSL H.C. dir & LoTW
YN  Nicaragua until Aug 4 NN3RP will sign YN2RP QSL LoTW







 KOSTINBROD 9400 kHz in S-AM

RSID: <<2017-07-29T15:31Z MFSK-32 @ 9400000+1500>>

This reflecting dish at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, is combined with HF
antennas for ionospheric heating experiments ...

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Listen for carriers, tones, and pulses (but no IDs) on 5095 and
8175 kHz.

Info: bit.ly/2eNEhME

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 NAUEN 9925 kHz in S-AM

RSID: <<did not work in S-AM>>

This reflecting dish at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, is combined with HF
antennas for ionospheric heating experiments ...

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Listen for carriers, tones, and pulses (but no IDs) on 5095 and
8175 kHz.

Info: bit.ly/2eNEhME

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 NAUEN 9925 kHz in DSB

RSID: <<2017-07-30T01:31Z MFSK-32 @ 9925000+1500>>

This reflecting dish at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, is combined with HF
antennas for ionospheric heating experiments ...

Sending Pic:136x106C;

Listen for carriers, tones, and pulses (but no IDs) on 5095 and
8175 kHz.

Info: bit.ly/2eNEhME

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RSID: <<2017-07-29T16:01Z MFSK-32 @ 9400000+1500>>

Welcome to program 6 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, all in MFSK32 except
where noted:

  1:31 Program preview (now)
  2:44 China steps up efforts against unauthorized VPNs*
  8:25 Iran tests rocket capable of launching satellites*
13:01 Daimler CEO touts diesel car engines*
19:33 Olivia 64-2000: Czech Republic car production increases
23:57 MFSK32: Image* and closing announcements*

* with image

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China Escalates Efforts to Shut Down Unauthorized VPNs

Joyce Huang
25 July 2017

In spite of an earlier denial, the Chinese government has
tightened its grip on the Internet, stepping up efforts against
netizens' access to unsupervised connections, including those via
virtual private networks (VPNs) halfway through its 14-month-long
crackdown nationwide.

VPNs are third-party services that help bypass the so-called
Great Firewall, installed by state censors to filter traffic
between Chinese and overseas servers and block banned websites
such as Google, Twitter and scores of international news media,
including VOA.

"Some local services have been brought offline, some VPN apps no
longer work, and the authorities are targeting other specific VPN
providers," Charlie Smith, a co-founder of Greatfire.org, said in
an emailed reply to VOA.

The anti-censorship group's earlier report showed that China
blocked 135 of the world's top 1,000 websites.

VPN crackdown

Following the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's
announcement in January to clean up unsanctioned VPNs, the
authorities were reported to have required the country's three
largest telecommunication firms — China Mobile, China Unicom and
China Telecom — to shut down what they call illegal networks by
February 1.

Guangzhou Huoyun Information Technology Ltd., which operates in
around 20 cities across China, was also said to have received a
directive from the authorities to start blocking services
beginning last Tuesday.

Yet the ministry on July 12 denied it has issued any such notice,
accusing foreign media of having reported falsely.

"The object of the new regulation is those unauthorized
enterprises and individuals who haven't got the license to use
VPNs… As for those foreign trade enterprises and multinational
companies [which] need to get access to cross-border network,
they can rent VPNs from those authorized carriers," the ministry
reiterated, according to local media.

The tightening move, however, has triggered worries and harsh
criticism from online users and expatriates in China, as well as
the country's top-tier academics and researchers, some of whom
say their work and competitiveness will be negatively impacted if
they are cut off from the outside world. ...

Full text:

Image: China Unicom's company logo ...

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From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:

Iran Reportedly Test-Launches Rocket Capable Of Taking Satellite
Into Orbit

27 July 2017

Iranian state media report that Iran has successfully
test-launched a rocket capable of carrying a satellite into a low
Earth orbit.

Iranian state television and other domestic media on July 27 said
the test involved the Simorgh (Phoenix) space-launch vehicle,
which can be used to send a satellite weighing up to 250
kilograms "into an orbit of 500 kilometers."

"The Imam Khomeini Space Center was officially opened with the
successful test of the Simorgh space launch vehicle," state
television reported.

The U.S. State Department said on July 27 that the launch was a
"provocative" action that violated a UN Security Council
resolution, as well as the spirit of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal
reached between Iran and Western powers.

The 2015 accord imposed restrictions on Iran's nuclear program in
exchange for sanctions relief.

"We consider that to be continued ballistic-missile development,"
spokeswoman Heather Nauert told a news briefing. "We believe that
what happened overnight and in the morning is a violation of the
spirit of the JCPOA," referring to the Iran nuclear deal.

Western officials have expressed concerns that the same
technology used to launch satellites could be converted to
develop long-range missiles. Iran denies its space program is a
cover for developing weapons.

Iran in April 2016 attempted a similar launch but failed to put a
satellite into orbit, Fox News quoted a senior U.S. official as

Based on reporting by Reuters, Fox News, and AP


Image: Iran's Simorgh rocket ...

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From Deutsche Welle:

Daimler CEO: 'Diesel is worth fighting for'

26 July 2017

Stuttgart-based Daimler posted a solid gain in second-quarter
profit on Wednesday thanks in part to a surge in earnings at its
flagship Mercedes-Benz brand group, despite the emissions-testing
scandal that has engulfed the German car industry.

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche told reporters that the company's new
generation of diesel engines offered lower emissions and that
diesel can make an important contribution to reducing emissions
of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas blamed for global warming,
adding that he saw "no reason to forego the advantages" of diesel
in reaching goals for lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

But disregarding demands from industry, union and political
leaders for the carmaker to shed light on the cartel allegations,
Zetsche added: "We are well-advised not to join speculation."

Turning a profit

The company said its second-quarter net profit was up 2 percent
compared with a year ago, to 2.51 billion euros ($2.9 billion).
Revenue increased 7 percent to 41.16 billion euros.

Across the whole first six months, revenues increased 9 percent
compared with last year, to almost 80 billion euros.

Collusion cloud follows German carmakers

Looking at the group's different divisions, Daimler's flagship
Mercedes-Benz cars increased unit sales by 9 percent in the
second quarter compared with the same period in 2016, to almost
600,000 vehicles.

Overall the company sold 822,500 vehicles when trucks, vans and
busses are added in. But these units all reported double-digit
falls in operating profit year on year.

Nevertheless, Daimler remained confident of meeting its full-year
forecasts of "significant" increases in both revenue and
operating profits.

The bad news continues

The latest earnings report was overshadowed by the threat of
diesel-car bans and the newest reports of massive collusion among
German automakers. As a result, the government has summoned car
manufacturers to a diesel summit in Berlin at the beginning of
August in order to try to lower pollution levels and ensure the
technology has a future.

German weekly Der Spiegel reported Friday that a group of
automakers including Daimler had colluded for years on diesel
technology and other issues and had agreed to limit the size of
the tanks for AdBlue, a urea-based liquid needed to help filter
harmful nitrogen oxides from diesel exhaust emissions.

The company has announced it will update engine software in 3
million cars to improve their emissions performance and reduce
uncertainty about diesel technology. Zetsche said customers were
responding positively to the service action.


See also:

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This is Shortwave Radiogram in Olivia 64-2000

From Radio Prague:

Czech car output up 5.1 percent in first half of 2017

27 July 2017

Czech car production rose by 5.1 percent in the first half of the
year with output totalling 756,468 vehicles, according to the
Czech Automobile Industry Association. The country’s biggest
producer, Škoda Auto, saw production rocket by 13.5 percent,
Hyundai’s output climbed by 0.5 percent, but there was a 15
percent drop from the TPCA joint venture plant. June production
was 4.7 percent higher than the corresponding month in 2016. The
figures show continued overall growth albeit at a slower pace.


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Image: Radio Prague logo ...

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  "..............Hi,  in Germany we use the so called Hinztriller tone to remotely switch the TA Signal.
  It's a tone, 2350 Hz carrier, fm modulated by 123 Hz and 123 Hz Deviation with ca. 1200ms Tone duration for TA=1 and 550ms tone duration for TA=0: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autofahrer ... nz-Triller
  This it how it sounds: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... riller.ogg          The tone is send in parallel to the normal audio programming and is audible to every listener........"