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3B8  Mauritius until Oct 23 IW2NEF will be /3B8 QSL IK2DUW
3C0  Annobon until Oct 22 YL2GM & YL3AIW will be on all bands and modes

     QSL LoTW & ClubLog
4S   Sri Lanka Oct 23 - Oct 30 RX3A will be on and is waiting for his call QSL LoTW
6W   Senegal VE3REV will be on as 6W1SU for the next 2/3 years QSL M0URX
7P   Lesotho until Oct 28 HA5AO will be on as 7P8AO QSL H.C. OQRS LoTW
8P   Barbados NA-021 until Oct 25 WB2YQH (8P9RN), WF2S (8P9SL) and W2KKZ (8P9KZ)

     will be on. QSL ClubLog
9X   Rwanda until Sep 2019 G4ENL is now on as 9X9PJ for 2 years
A2   Botswana Oct 20 - Nov 5 NJ0F will be on. Also during the contest QSL H.C.
C6   Bahamas Oct 23 - Nov 1 N0HJZ will be in the contest as C6ARW QSL H.C. & LoTW
E4   Palestine until Oct 29 SP9FIH will be again on as R44WE QSL H.C.
FG   Guadeloupe until Nov 7 F1FUZ will be on as FG4KH QSL H.C. dir & bur
HC8  Galapagos until Oct 31 G8OFQ will sign /HC8 QSL H.C. LoTW
J6   St.Lucia NA-108 until Nov K9AW will be on in the contest season QSL K9AW LoTW
JD   Minami Torishima OV-073 until Dec 15 JG8NQJ will be /JD1 QSL JG8NQJ dir
P4   Aruba SA-036 Oct 23 - Oct 31 W2GD will be again on as P40W QSL N2MM dir LoTW
PJ4  Bonaire until Oct 22 NN5E and NT5V will sign /PJ4 QSL H.C.
PJ4  Bonaire Oct 21 - Nov 4 NA2AA will be /PJ4
PJ7  S.Maarten Oct 20 - Nov 5 WA1ZAM will sign again PJ7PL QSL H.C.
S2   Bangladesh AS-127 Oct 21 - Oct 25 Big multinational group will be on. QSL SM6CVX
S7   Seychelles Oct 20 - Nov 1 DL2SBY as S79KB QSL LoTW ClubLog
T2   Tuvalu Oct 20 - Oct 27 3D2AG will be on. More details will follow QSL H.C.
V4   St.Kitts until Nov 7 W5JON will be on as V47JA QSL LoTW and H.C.
VK9C Cocos Keeling OC-003 Oct 23 - Nov 6 GM3WOJ & GM4YXI will sign VK9CZ QSL N3SL
XT   Burkina Faso until Oct 30 DF2WO will sign XT2AW QSL M0OXO
XU   Cambodia until Oct 25 HB9FXL will operate as XU7AKD
XW   Laos until Oct 24 3W3B will be on mainly CW & digi QSL E21EIC LoTW
ZF   Cayman Oct 23 - Oct 29 ZF2ZE by NE8Z Holiday Style QSL H.C. Lotw




























































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Several good videos of reception at the KBC Facebook page,
including this of an SDR tuned to 9400 kHz ...

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Welcome to program 18 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia, USA.

Today's program is produced in the ISO-8859-5 character set to
accommodate the excerpt of Russian text later in the show. Please
adjust Fldigi: Configure > UI > Colors & Fonts > change Rx/Tx
Character set to ISO-8859-5. Unfortunately, in Android, TIVAR and
AndFlmsg allow only the UTF-8 character set, so the Russian text
will not be visible.

Here is the lineup for today's program, all in MFSK32:

  1:31 Program preview (now)
  3:21 US worried about independent media in Hungary*
10:51 Excerpt of Russian text from Deutsche Welle
13:55 New amateur radio station at BBC Broadcasting House*
19:23 QST review of new Icom IC-R8600 receiver*
21:34 feature on best mountain photos*
24:45 feature on autumn leaves*
27:05 Closing announcements

* with image

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US Worried About Dwindling Independent Media in Hungary

Associated Press via

17 October 2017

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - The top U.S. diplomat in Hungary raised
concerns on Tuesday about the dwindling numbers of independent
media outlets in Hungary and the growing influence of government
allies in the media market.

David Kostelancik, the charge d'affaires at the U.S. Embassy,
said that while there is independent media in Hungary, the
publications "face pressure and intimidation."

"Government allies have steadily acquired control and influence
over the media market without objection from the regulatory body
designed to prevent monopolies," Kostelancik said in a speech at
the Hungarian Association of Journalists. "Negative trends in the
sphere of press freedom in Hungary ... are continuing."

He also said that journalists at publications run by allies of
Prime Minister Viktor Orban weren't able to publish articles
critical of the government and mentioned how the government uses
publicly-funded ads to support pro-government media while placing
few ads in independent outlets.

Kostelancik also criticized the publication of a list of
journalists working for foreign publications who were branded by
pro-Orban media as "propagandists" of Hungarian-America financier
George Soros, whom Orban considers as one his main ideological

"These media outlets have every right to criticize or disagree
with the reporting of other journalists, but to attempt to
intimidate them and make their work dangerous is inconsistent
with international pledges to safeguard free media," he said.
"The United States unequivocally condemns any attempt to
intimidate or silence journalists."

The diplomat also addressed President Donald Trump's often
adversarial relationship with journalists.

"My president is not shy about criticizing the media when he
believes reporters get it wrong or show bias, and he is
forthright in sharing his own perspective and advocating for the
policies he supports," Kostelancik said. "He criticizes news he
believes is biased or inaccurate in order to try to change the

"In the finest traditions of our free press, those on the
receiving end of his criticism are quick to respond and make
their argument about why they think the president is wrong," he
continued. "As they often point out, not every criticism of the
government is 'fake news.'"

Orban recently said that media outlets supposedly under the
influence of Soros and the leadership of the European Union were
among his party's main opponents before next year's elections.

Last year's abrupt closure of the left-leaning Nepszabadsag daily
newspaper, the ownership by pro-Orban businessmen of nearly all
major daily newspapers published outside Budapest and the
increasing difficulties faced by journalists seeking to access
public information at state agencies have also raised concerns.

Government officials, including Orban, routinely refuse to speak
to media they don't consider loyal.

Image: A man holds up the last printed edition of
Nepszabadsag during a demonstration organized to express
solidarity with the Hungarian political daily Nepszabadsag in
Budapest, Hungary, Oct. 8, 2016 ...

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The following is an excerpt of Russian Cyrillic text from the
Deutsche Welle Russian website. It will display in Fldigi if
the ISO-8859-5 character set is selected. It will not display
on Android devices using TIVAR and AndFlmsg because UTF-8 is
the only available character set:


Цифровая экономика: какие рабочие места она уничтожает?

Андрей Гурков

Немцы относятся к цифровизации экономики на удивление
положительно. Целых 75 процентов опрошенных убеждены, что она
принесет Германии скорее пользу, чем вред, 63 процента считают,
что лично окажутся в выигрыше. Об этом в начале октября сообщил
социологический институт dimap.

"Это весьма радующий, хотя и неожиданный результат", - заявил
Маттиас Каммер (Matthias Kammer), директор заказавшего этот
опрос Германского института доверия и безопасности в интернете
(DIVSI), финансируемого логистическим концерном Deutsche Post.
Удивление эксперта объясняется тем, что в Германии в последнее
время наряду с положительными аспектами повсеместной
компьютеризации, автоматизации и роботизации все активнее
обсуждаются отрицательные последствия всех тех процессов,
которые подпадают под общее понятие цифровизации. А именно:
уничтожение рабочих мест.




This is Shortwave Radiogram.

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From Southgate Amateur Radio News:

BBC Director General opens new amateur radio premises

19 October 2017

The amateur radio media were out in force on Wednesday, October
18 for the opening of premises for the new London BBC Radio Group
G8BBC located on the roof of Broadcasting House

Teams from ICQ Podcast and TX Factor Show / Essex Ham were there
along with Practical Wireless VHF columnist Tim Kirby G4VXE, BBC
Editor Laurie Margolis G3UML and RSGB Director Steve Hartley

The premises are a small room tucked in the roof of Broadcasting
House affectionately known as "Askey's Flat" after the imaginary
flat in Broadcasting House inhabited by Arthur Askey, Richard
'Stinker' Murdoch and a goat in the popular BBC radio show Band
Wagon (1938-40).

The club room with its well equipped radio station was officially
opened by BBC Director General Lord Tony Hall of Birkenhead who
used the G8BBC station to send a greetings message to GB2RN on
HMS Belfast which is moored on the Thames.

Watch out for full reports of the event in the next editions of
TX Factor and ICQ Podcast

TX Factor
ICQ Podcast
Essex Ham

London BBC Radio Group G8BBC

The call sign G8BBC was originally held by the Ariel Radio Group
BBC Club and has been adopted by the newly formed London BBC
Radio Group

Charles Brain G4GUO notes there is a 1984 picture of the BBC
Engineering Training Department amateur radio hut at Wood Norton
on flickr, see


Image: Lord Tony Hall, Director General at the BBC launching
G8BBC from the top of New Broadcasting House ...

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This is Shortwave Radiogram.

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The November 2017 of QST, monthly magazine of the American Radio
Relay League, includes a review of the new Icom IC-R8600 wideband
receiver. Icom America has made this review available as a free
download. You can find links to the QST review and to a review by
Dave Zantow, N9EWO, here:

Sending Pic:228x106C;




The Deutsche Welle website recently (18 October) provided the
mountain photos of the year, including this:

"In January 2017, Sergio Tapiro Velasco was 12 kilometers from
the Colima volcano in Mexico when it erupted: 'I suddenly heard a
big loud bang, then I saw the hot lava flow down the mountain and
the giant ash cloud that rose to the sky.' He reacted quickly and
snapped this shot, which won him the main prize at the
International Mountain Summit photo contest." ...

Sending Pic:225x177C;



On 12 October, the Deutsche Welle website also offered a
collection of photos entitled "Autumn: when trees prepare for
winter." One example:

"Carotenoids give leaves their golden or orange colors.
Anthocyanins make them red or purple. But you can only see those
vivid colors when the deep green stops cloaking all of the

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I'm Kim Elliott. Please join us for the next Shortwave



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  Paul Mauriat - Autumn Leaves



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