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Gordon Lightfoot was born November 17, 1938 ...

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And he's still touring.

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Welcome to program 126 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in modes as noted:

  1:45 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
          DW story on EU electronic waste law in ...
  2:57 Olivia 32-2000 (turn squelch SQL off)
  7:47 MFSK16 (requires precise tuning)
12:36 MFSK32
17:05 MFSK64
19:30 MFSK64: This week's images
28:19 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From Deutsche Welle:

The EU declares war on e-waste

       To help reduce electronic waste, a new EU law will require
       manufacturers to ensure their home appliances are easier to
       repair. Environmentalists have hailed it as a milestone. But
       the new law still has gaps.

Tim Schauenberg
7 November 2019

Technician Christopher Olk concentrates hard as he removes the
broken drive from a DVD player and pushes it back in again.

"If it's the mechanics or the electronics, I can fix it,"
explains the 26-year-old, who is working on his PhD in battery
technology at Aachen University. "If the chip or the cooling
system is affected then I can't do anything, because I'm missing
the equipment and spare parts."

In a small room inside a repair cafe in Cologne's civic center,
Olk is one of four technicians who, with the help of some
spanners and a soldering iron, try to breathe new life into
faulty electronic devices, whether it's a razor, a toaster, a
screen or a lamp.

Europe is full of broken-down equipment. With more than 12
million tons per year - the equivalent of 30,000 jumbo jets -
Europe ranks second only behind Asia in terms of e-waste,
according to the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy

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The EU declares war on e-waste (continued)

Manufacturers to make changes

"We want to avoid electronic waste and try to motivate people to
act in an environmentally conscious way," says Dunja Karabaic,
one of the repair cafe's founders.

The European Commission now wants to implement a new ecodesign
directive at the EU level to help ensure home appliances have a
longer functional lifespan - and it's banking on regulation.

As of 2021, manufacturers across Europe will be required to
improve both the reparability and service life of devices such as
washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, electric motors,
light sources and LED screens. Manufacturers must also be more
precise when it comes to including energy consumption information
on the labels of their products and providing replacement parts
for at least 10 years after purchase.

Laptops and smartphones, however, are not covered under the new
rules - more on that later.

Ecological potential and the right to repair

The European Commission estimates that up to 167 terawatt hours
of energy could be saved annually by 2030 - approximately the
same annual energy consumption as Denmark, which has a population
of 5.8 million. This could be achieved, on the one hand, through
more energy efficient devices, and, on the other, as a result of
fewer devices needing to be re-produced if they last longer in
the first place.

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This is Shortwave Radiogram in MFSK32



The EU declares war on e-waste (continued)

When it comes to electricity and acquisition prices, the European
Commission projects that EU citizens would save around €150
($167) per year in the future.

"Whether it is by fostering reparability or improving water
consumption, intelligent ecodesign makes us use our resources
more efficiently, bringing clear economic and environmental
benefits," the European Commission Vice President for Jobs,
Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen, said in
an official statement.

Environmental organizations have also welcomed the new

"From the US to Europe, people are demanding their right to
repair things they own because they're tired of products that are
designed to break prematurely, said Chloe Fayole, the Program and
Strategy Director at the environmental organization ECOS.
"Enabling consumers to repair and reuse all electronic products
is just common sense."

How long should devices last?

Exactly how much longer electronic devices should last in the
future is still unclear, as is a more detailed benefit analysis
of the plan. But if the devices are easier to repair, "the
turnover of product inventories will automatically decrease,"
Pierre Schweitzer, an expert on ecodesign at the European
Environment Bureau (EEB) told DW. "That means that less
electronic waste will be produced. But no one has tested the
model yet, as to whether this will happen in practice."

The EEB has therefore submitted a report looking at the effects
of measures which prolong the life of electronic devices. The
calculations show that if washing machines in Europe were to
function for just one extra year, it would have the same positive
effect on the environment as if 133,000 cars were taken off the

On average, a washing machine currently lasts around 11 years.
But according to the experts, it would have to be used for at
least 20 years before the purchase of a new washing machine is
advisable from an environmental point of view.

"That's how long it takes resources to use an old device - and to
repair it," explains Rasmus Priess, a product sustainability
expert from the Öko-Institut in Freiburg.

But not all electronic devices are created equal. If the energy
footprint required to manufacture and then run a device is taken
into account, a laptop should be used for 44 years, and a
smartphone for up to 232 years. As mentioned earlier, these
devices – along with small appliances like razors, blenders and
toasters – won't be included in the new EU rules. The plan is to
incorporate them at a later stage.

The DVD player, which Christopher Olk is busy fixing in the
repair café in Cologne, hasn't made it onto the European
Commission's list yet either.

Shortwave Radiogram changes to MFSK64 for the continuation of
this article ...

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The EU declares war on e-waste (continued) ...

Gaps in the rules

It took Olk 30 minutes to remove the device's case and take a
look inside. After some tinkering, he still only managed open it
by force. "See that old radio over there," he says, pointing to
an antique mustard yellow transistor radio that has probably been
around for several decades, "Underneath is guide on how to open
it and remove some of the parts. Something like that alone would

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology
(BMWI) has also been negotiating in Brussels. In a statement
provided to DW, it says it is committed to ensuring that
customers can make simple repairs themselves, while more
difficult or dangerous repairs should be done by a specialist.

The cost of replacement parts may also limit the overall success
of the new regulations: The scheme doesn't include a price break
for spare parts.

Jean-Pierre Schweitzer from the EEB believes this has increased
the risk of "an economic incentive to make spare parts either
very expensive, or to manufacture products that break down

An analysis by the Joint Research Center of the European
Commission found that the main reason people didn't have a
washing machine or dishwasher repaired was because "it was too

Paolo Falcioni, the Director General of APPLiA, an association
representing home appliance manufacturers in Europe, has
nevertheless praised the regulations as "a balanced
representation of interests." But he also sees some
disadvantages. On the one hand, APPLiA fears that the regulations
would mean fewer devices would be approved for the European
market. On the other hand, it also wants to avoid any unfair

'Repairing is more important than recycling'

But although there is still room for improvement, Jean Pierre
Schweizer from EEB says the new legislation is "groundbreaking"
because it acknowledges the importance of using devices as long
as possible.

"When we talk about a circular economy, repairing is a very
efficient point at which you can save real resources and
emissions - and that's just the start. We really should highlight
the positive aspects of this legislation."

Back at the repair cafe, Christopher Olk has given up. The DVD
player is beyond saving. This isn't an unusual outcome here.

Braco Sladakovic, who brought in his defective LED TV, has also
admitted defeat. The backlight no longer works.

"We tried, but it was too complicated," he told DW. "It's not
worth it anymore, unfortunately." The spare part needed is cheap
enough to replace, but the repair itself would be too difficult
and expensive.

Sladakovic now needs to decide what to do with his broken TV. He
might be able to sell if to a hobbyist for a few euros. Or he'll
simply take it to the nearest electronic waste dump.

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This week's images ...

Antonio Buitrago is director of Radio Exterior de Espańa and host
of its revived "Amigos de la onda corta" program. From ...

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A golden retriever enjoys, or at least endures, early winter in
Michigan. From ...

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A black cat runs onto the field during the New York Giants versus
Dallas Cowboys football game 4 November. From ...

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Mercury's transit across the sun, as seen from Earth, 11
November. From (video) ...

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Leaves of a tree covered with hoarfrost in Marktoberdorf,
Germany. From ...

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This Is A Music Show #037
31 October 2019                                               repetition November 14th
0100-0200UTC on 5850/5010 kHz

0130-0230UTC on 9395 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


5850 kHz 0200-0300
7780 kHz 0200-0230 (Backup)
9395 kHz 0230-0300 (Backup)

*Stays at the same time for the Americas (mostly) 9pmET/6pmPT



Jumbo - Saturday


- - -




Jolanta Borusiewicz - Hej, Dzień Się Budzi           "Jolanta Borusiewicz -Hey, the day is waking up"
Root of All Roots - Vanity Dub
Dinamit - Külvárosban Születtem                          "Dynamite  -  I was born in the suburbs"


- - -

- - -

- - -

- - -



Eric's Trip - Sun Coming Up




Little Suzy - Take Me In Your Arms

"Take me in your Arms" was released by the time she was 13 in 1992"
Eddie Grant - Living On The Frontline       ♫♥
Funk Machine - Dance On The Groove (Edit)




Enoch Light and the Light Brigade - Scarborourgh Fair


- - -









空隙/Void - 不眠症                              "Void / Insomnia"


- - -



Links of note:

Jolanta Borusiewicz - Koncert, Opole 1969

Eric's Trip 1990-1996 documentary

Void's Bandcamp (Get 83 releases for Ł1!!)

Originally Released by &Options, cassettes available!


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PO Box 99060 Galleria
Toronto, ON M6H 0B3


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This Is A Music Show #038
14 November 2019

0200-0300UTC on 5850 kHz
0200-0230UTC on 7780 kHz*
0230-0300UTC on 9395 kHz*

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA

*freebie backups kindly provided by WRMI to fill empty slots ;)





2019-11-14    5850 kHz   0200-0300z


Shades Of Sound - Dear Baby






Fenyvesi Gabi - Ha Csak Egy Fokkal Szebb Az Ördögnél
Fausto Paupetti - Slow Love
Yamasuki's - AEIAOA






Anemone - She's The One      ♫♥
Regrets - Je Ne Veux PasRentrer Chez Moi Seule        MIDOMI: "Agathe"
New Order - Temptation

-----   ("Pop-Kitsch")



Puzzle - State Of Mind                                                (with an audio gap)
Mono/Poly - Gamma

-----                                                                           [shoutout]



Computer Paul - Is It A Test (Version)


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(all data ok)






Mountains - Sheets Two






Links of note:

Anemone's Bandcamp - "Beat My Distance" is TIAMS recommended!

Mono/Poly Golden Skies



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"....The "Polarstern" on the way to the Arctic. "Greetings on board" will talk to sailors on the research vessel. And Professor Antje Boetius, responsible for the expedition, will be a guest.

What would Christmas Eve be without the NDR info broadcast "Greeting on board"? It is a long tradition of Norddeutscher Rundfunk to greet seafarers on ships around the world for Christmas. Also this year the NDR sends the messages of the relatives to officers and teams, which can not be at home. The radio show on NDR Info starts on December 24th at 8:05 pm - as always with the steamship foghorn sound from the Port of Hamburg.




Nauen 6080 kHz 1900-2100z  +  6145 kHz 2100-2300z   ===> 250°

Atlantic - North




 6030 kHz 1900-2100z 27,28,29          ERV 100 kW  305°  241219 ARM  2018:  6030 kHz 2017:  6010 kHz
 6080 kHz 1900-2100z
27,80,36,81,11    NAU 125 kW  250°  241219 D    2018:  6080 kHz 2017:  6080 kHz

 9720 kHz 1900-2100z 48,53,41,79       NAU 125 kW  130°  241219 D    2018:  9740 kHz 2017:  9740 kHz

 9570 kHz 1900-2100z 41,49,54,79,58    MOS 100 kW  115°  241219 AUT  2018:  9570 kHz 2017:  9790 kHz

 9800 kHz 1900-2100z 57,53,48,79       ISS 250 kW  148°  241219 F    2018:  9800 kHz 2017:  9800 kHz 

11650 kHz 1900-2100z 13,46,15,66,52,57 ISS 250 kW  195°  241219 F    2018: 11650 kHz 2017: 11650 kHz 



 6145 kHz 2100-2300z 27,80,36,81,11    NAU 125 kW  250°  241219 D    2018:  6145 kHz 2017:  5930 kHz

 6155 kHz 2100-2300z 27,28,29          ERV 100 kW  305°  241219 ARM  2018:  6155 kHz 2017:  6155 kHz

 9590 kHz 2100-2300z 57,53,48,79       ISS 250 kW  148°  241219 F    2018:  9590 kHz 2017:  9590 kHz
 9675 kHz 2100-2300z
41,49,54,79,58    MOS 100 kW  115°  241219 AUT  2018:  9650 kHz 2017:  9650 kHz

 9720 kHz 2100-2300z 48,53,41,79       NAU 125 kW  130°  241219 D    2018:  9720 kHz 2017:  9765 kHz
 9830 kHz 2100-2300z
13,46,15,66,52,57 ISS 250 kW  195°  241219 F    2018:  9830 kHz 2017:  9830 kHz





Issoudun  11650 kHz 1900-2100z    +   9830 kHz 2100-2300z    ===> 195°

Atlantic - South   

Issoudun  9800 kHz 1900-2100z  +   9590 kHz 2100-2300z   ===>  148°

Atlantic / Indian Ocean (South Africa)





Nauen  9720 kHz 1900-2100z  +   9720 kHz 2100-2300z   ===> 130°

Indian Ocean - West

Moosbrunn  9570 kHz 1900-2100z    +   9675 kHz 2100-2300z   ===>  115°

Indian Ocean - East



Noratus  6030 kHz 1900-2100z Europe  +   6155 kHz 2100-2300z  Europe + Parts of North America   ===> 305°