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Lesley Gore was born May 2, 1946.

She died in 2015.

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Welcome to program 150 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:43 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:49 In 1939, unexpected arrival of Soviet flight in Canada*
  9:30 MFSK64: Tracking Iran's Nour-1 satellite*
15:04 This week's images*
27:50 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From Radio Canada International:

Canada History: Apr 28, 1939: the unexpected arrival of Soviet
record flight

Marc Montgomery
29 April 2020

The year 1939 began in hope, The World's Fair was being held in
New York City, with the theme of "The Land of Tomorrow" to open
on April 30.

The still young Soviet Union was eager to promote itself as an
advanced society in politics and culture, doing so through
technological and industrial achievementsachievements. One was
was through advancement in the still young world of aviation.

To promote that, an idea was to make a non-stop flight from
Moscow, to New York City and the opening of the World's Fair
where the world's media attention could be focussed on this
record-breaking achievement.

A newly designed twin-engined bomber would be specially fitted
out for the attempt.

The Illuyshin TsKB-30 was christened "Moskva" and the entire
fuselage was painted bright red, with dark red engine nacelles
and the name in huge letters across the entire underside of the
wingspan. The carefully planned route was to fly north to avoid
the curvature of the earth and save greatly on the distance.

Pilots Brig. Gen. Vladimir Kokkinaki and copilot, Major Mikhai
Gordienko left Moscow on April 27 for what was planned as a 24
hour flight heading westward over the Baltic states, Sweden,
Norway, Iceland, Greenland's Cape Farewell, then over the
southern tip of Labrador and eastern Canada and down the coast to
New York City.

To help guide them the CBC from its Sackville New Brunswick
[medium wave] station would broadcast brief messages in Russian
at about the time the plane was expected to be in range.

However after making it to Labrador, the plane encountered heavy
cloud and had to climb to 30,000 feet. Although the pilots
eventually did hear the CBC, their compass was frozen. When they
cleared the cloud they were over the open water of the Gulf of St
Lawrence and somewhat lost. With darkness approaching they
spotted some land but wondered if they flew on, would they end up
lost over the ocean?. Though they had hours of fuel left they
decided to attempt a landing in a field near a lighthouse.

It was rough but without major damage and both survived albeit
somewhat shaken. It turned out they landed on Miscou Island New
Brunswick. After some difficulty as the islanders spoke French
only, word was sent that the pilots were safe. They did
eventually arrive in New York to great acclaim but aboard a
chartered plane. The Moskva had to be disassembled and was
returned to Russian on a ship.

Though unsuccessful in its original goal the pilots were hailed
as heroes for their epic flight and the concept of the northern
route they had created was used to base all transcontinental
flights ever since.

Thus Canada became the unlikely site of a record breaking flight.

But it was not the first time for such a Russian effort that
ended in Canada.

In 1937 a similar record breaking attempt had been made from
Russia to the US, ended instead in Canada. Two pilots and
navigator in a purpose-built single engine Tupolev ANT-25 made a
non-stop flight from Moscow to San Francisco. After crossing the
North Pole and the Canadian coast the 3 man Russian crew made it
to Eugene Oregon, where they were running short of fuel, They
headed back to land at Vancouver after over 63 hours in the air
and 5,670 non-stop kilometres.


Image: The Soviet plane crash on Miscou Island with an RCMP
Constable and possibly a reporter on the plane ...

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From Riddles in the Sky blog:

Recovering Iran's NOUR 01 ‘Military Satellite'

Scott Tilley
28 April 2020

On April 21, 2020, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
(IRGC) launched a rocket from a new launch site near Shahroud.
This sounded initially ominous as the IRGC is a declared
terrorist organization in many western countries and this mission
successfully entered orbit. However, within a few days amateur
observing efforts and a statement from the top US Space Force
general made it clear NOUR 01 was far from something to worry
about. Rather it raises questions that given the present state of
import restrictions to Iran how did a western educational
satellite bus possibly end up in Iran?

Jonathan McDowell a respected space activity observer reported
shortly after launch of his analysis of a decal on the side of
the QASED rocket booster that clearly showed a 6U cubesat with
antennas for VHF and perhaps UHF.

On April 24th, 2020, Scott Chapman, K4KDR reported on Twitter
that he had detected an object emitting 9600 baud FSK packet
radio signals from an object that appeared to match the orbit of
NOUR 01. Interestingly, Scott noted that the satellite was easily
decoded using amateur protocols (more on that shortly).

Shortly afterwards Edgar Kaiser in Northern Germany reported a
corroborating observation.

From there a number of reports came in from around the world
indicating the signal was apparently consistent during the entire
orbit of the satellite. An Italian observer was able to note the
satellite entering a rapid data transmission mode while it was
over Iran. All completely normal activities for a satellite…
Nothing to see here, move along…

Then the commander of the US Space Force, general Jay Raymond
tweeted that NOUR 01 was a 3U cubesat not the 6U as noted on the
decal on the side of the booster.

Up until this point amateurs had developed a very strong case
that the emission of 401.5MHz was in fact NOUR 01. Some single
pass Doppler analysis and timing where used. I then performed a
day long data collection run and combined Scott Chapman's data
with mine and concluded beyond a doubt that NOUR 01 is the source
of the signals using Dr. Cees Bassa's ‘Sat Tools RF'.

Finally the first known attempt to visually see NOUR 01 came up
negative. NOUR 01 was too dim to detect for experienced observer
Marco Langbroek in the Netherlands. This implies that the
satellite is very small and provides some limited support that
the satellite is not the 6U cubesat imaged on the rocket's decal.

Based on all the emerging evidence Iran's first stated military
mission doesn't appear to be too terrifying and perhaps there was
even a little false advertising. But the most interesting
observation was revealed in a subtle twist in how the satellite
referred to itself.

During Scott Chapman's initial observation and subsequent
observations of decoded data from the NOUR 01 downlink he noted
what he thought could be a generic configuration in the data that
was being sent.

The packets all began with the specific format to identify the
call-signs respectively ‘SPACE' and ‘EARTH'. In amateur radio, a
station calls another station in the same order. So NOUR 01 is
call-sign SPACE and is calling call-sign EARTH. These are part of
the stations AX 25 UI Frame. In the AX 25 protocol a to and from
call-sign is required and is often set to some default value in a
new radio modem.

Well it turns out this same call sign sequence has been seen
before on a relatively recent military launch by Mexico's
Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (SEDENA) on a Rocket Labs
Electron from New Zealand called PAINANI 1 [44365, 2019-037A] on
June 29, 2019.

Painani 1 used an identical source and destination addresses
(call-signs) in the configuration of its communication system.
Perhaps implying this was a default or original setting that
wasn't changed by the satellite operators. ...

Digging into the Painani 1's limited references on the Internet
gives some clues as to were the hardware came from, a company
called CubeSat Kit

A quick browse of CubeSat Kit's website reveals they sell a 3U
cubesat kit.

So we could be left to draw some interesting yet plausibly
deniable inferences from this.

Why is their cubesat configured very similar to a recently
launched Mexican military cubesat of similar configuration and

If Iran has acquired a 3U cubesat from a Californian cubesat kit
vendor how did they get it given ITR regulations?

Could this mean that perhaps a flight spare somehow got lost and
found its way to Iran?

Full text with embedded tweets:



The preceding item was recommended by Merkouris SV2HWM in
Greece. Here is a screenshot of a video of his reception of
Nour-1, 401.5 MHz, from ...

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This week's images ...

The Hubble Space Telescope captured this image of Comet C/2019 Y4
breaking apart. From ...

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Tulips in the Netherlands, minus tourists this year. From ...

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A person is silhouetted on the water while fishing at Clinton
Reservoir, 26 April, near Lawrence, Kansas. From ...

Sending Pic:115x209C;

Peter Lindel was named 2020 German Society for Nature Photography
for this shot of a European hare in the north of Dortmund. From ...

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A stray cat sits in an empty Istiklal street, the main shopping
center of Istanbul, 19 April. From ...

Sending Pic:193x189C;

A ship makes its way up the Bosporus on 19 April under a nearly
empty bridge in Istanbul. From ...

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Our painting of the week is "White Tulip" by Vera Komnig. From ...

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This Is A Music Show #062
29 April 2020

2100-2200UTC Wednesday on 7780 kHz
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via WRMI, Okeechobee USA

Rebroadcast on Unique Radio, Australia
1000-1100UTC Friday on 5045 kHz USB


TIAExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
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Okara - Perfect Water (ext'd)


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Shadow Huntaz - CDC (Instrumental)
Sharaf Band - Kadeed Badanaa Naftaydani           ♫♥
Zurich - A Harsh Truth Pt. 2


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M83 - Couleurs
Sault- Foot On Necks


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Tim Hecker - Stags, Aircraft, Kings and Secretaries








Mountains - Blue Lanterns On East Oxford


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1 Leonora - Love Is Forever  🇩🇰
2 Alexander Rybak - That's How You Write A Song  🇳🇴
3 Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off  🇸🇪
4 Saara Aalto - Monsters  🇫🇮


5 Hatari - Hatrið Mun Sigra  🇮🇸
6 Eivør - Trøllabundin  🇫🇴
7 Lasairfhíona - Damhsa na gCoiníní  🇮🇪
8 The Roop - On Fire  🇱🇹
9 Daughters of Reykjavík - Fools Gold  🇮🇸




Thanks for listening to RNEI 4!
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1 Leonora - Love Is Forever  🇩🇰


ESC 2019

2 Alexander Rybak - That's How You Write A Song  🇳🇴


ESC 2018

3 Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off  🇸🇪


ESC 2018

4 Saara Aalto - Monsters  🇫🇮


ESC 2018






5 Hatari - Hatrið Mun Sigra  🇮🇸


ESC 2019

6 Eivør - Trøllabundin  🇫🇴                                       ♫♥

Faroe Islands


7 Lasairfhíona - Damhsa na gCoiníní  🇮🇪



8 The Roop - On Fire  🇱🇹


ESC 2020

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9 Daughters of Reykjavík - Fools Gold  🇮🇸




This Is An Express Music Show
May 2020

Channel 292 on 6070 kHz



Bob James - Nautilus


Wade Brothers - Your Old Classic Funky Sunday
Sharaf Band - Kadeed Badanaa Naftaydani
Mean Machine - スーハー


Edan feat. Dagha - Rock and Roll




Sault - Don't Waste My Time


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