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Bob Dylan was born May 24, 1941.

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Welcome to program 153 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in modes as noted:

  1:49 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:59 Thor22: Wireless Power Transfer proposal and HF
  5:50 MFSK64: Stamp marks 100 years of radio in Canada*
  9:21 Asparagus craze in Germany during the coronavirus crisis*
13:51 This week's images*
28:39 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From Southgate Amateur Radio News:

Wireless Power Transfer: CIS/B/737/CDV rejected

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) International
Special Committee on Radio Interference (CISPR) has rejected a
proposal by the Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) lobby that would
have resulted in pollution of the precious HF RF spectrum

While Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) systems nominally operate on
frequencies below 150 kHz they can pollute the entire HF spectrum
up to 30 MHz not only ruining people's enjoyment of radio but
also potentially disrupting the communications of key services.

A WPT paper notes:

"the business case for WPT systems expects a wide spreading of
their usage; in the ideal case, nearly one system per household
when mostly electric vehicles will be used in the future."

Such an outcome could result in horrendous interference levels
and ruin the HF radio frequency spectrum which is a precious
natural resource.

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From Radio Canada International:

Celebrating a centennial of radio May 20, 1920: Canada Post

Marc Montgomery
20 May 2020

It was a marvelous and thrilling event in its time. Distinguished
members of Canadas Royal Society gathered at the equally
prestigious Chateau Laurier Hotel in the national capital Ottawa
for a unique event, possibly the worlds first such event. None
other than the Prime Minister himself, Robert Borden, was also in

A broadcast with the recent invention of radio had been
scheduled. On the evening of May 20,1920 soprano Dorothy Lutton
stepped up to the microphone.

While the amazed audience listened, she began to sing from about
200 kilometres away in the studio of Montreal station XWA,
although it was more like an electronics lab in an office room
than what we would call a studio today. The Americans might
claim the first scheduled radio broadcast was from Pittsburgh
station KDKA, that wasnt until months later in November.

Canada Post is honouring that memorable date with a new stamp
released on this 100th anniversary.

During the preceding years, several small stations including XWA
and KDKA in the U.S. and other stations around the world had been
broadcasting experimentally, mostly tests to determine range and
quality and work on improvements.

In the case of XWA, a Marconi station, it was also to sell
Marconi products. Although these 1919 evening broadcasts were not
scheduled, sales of Marconi phonographs and records and
receivers were helped playing records and announcing weather
forecasts and commercials. This was done through an
arrangement with a local store in return for promotion of the
store, thus also becoming the first sponsored programmes.

However, in December 1919, Canada had another first, the first of
many broadcasting firsts. XWA was the worlds first station to
get a government approved commercial licence.

From those early beginnings, radio blossomed in Canada with new
stations sprouting up, 34 across Canada within two years alone,
and by the end of the decade, some 300,000 receiving sets of this
new technological wonder had been sold all across the country.

As for that worlds first radio station, it later became VE9AM in
1921, CFCF in 1922, CIQC in 1991, CINW in 1999 and closed in

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From Deutsche Welle:

Asparagus craze in Germany during the coronavirus crisis

As spring blooms in Germany, locals excitedly count the days
until they can eat their favorite vegetable: asparagus.
Turns out not even a pandemic can dampen desire for the
white stalks, as DW's Meet the Germans learned.

Dagmar Breitenbach, Suzanne Cords
20 May 2020

Daydreams in Germany these days are often filled with white
asparagus stalks plain, with ham, with butter, with hollandaise
sauce, pan-fried, boiled, baked. Each preparation offers its own
pleasures, and many Germans swear by their own tried-and-true

They also know not to buy asparagus without first performing the
definitive "squeak test." It's the sound of asparagus that
confirms freshness; if you rub two fresh stalks together, they

Once home, if the stalks don't go straight into the cooking pot.
they should be wrapped in a damp kitchen towel and placed in the
fridge in the crisper, where they'll keep for two to three days.

Do without asparagus? No way!

This year, with coronavirus raging around the world and movement
restrictions in place, many Germans were worried that there would
not be enough field workers to harvest the crop around 300,000
seasonal laborers come from Eastern Europe annually to get the
job done.

"The asparagus harvest is at stake!" wrote one of Germany's major
tabloids in mid-March. Amidst the chaos of life in times of
coronavirus, would Germans not be able to at least take comfort
in their favorite spring delicacy?

The German government eventually decided to allow up to 40,000
seasonal workers to enter the country in both May and June,
despite travel restrictions.

Asparagus farmer Peter Wermes, whose farm in Cologne DW's Rachel
Stewart visited last year for the "Meet the Germans" series, is
glad to say his situation never looked that dire: "I am in the
fortunate position that the 15 seasonal workers I always employ
from Poland and Romania arrived here early, at the end of March.
I am very grateful; I have enough people to harvest my fields."

Normally most of Wermes' harvest is bought by restaurants.
However, the coronavirus forced dine-in establishments to close
their doors for weeks. "Some offered takeaway food, including
asparagus dishes, but they didn't buy much," he said.

However direct sales to customers in his farm shop has helped
even out the balance sheet. "At first, I was very skeptical
whether in times of crisis, people would even be interested in
such a relatively high-quality product," he said.

White or green? An easy question for Germans

But Wermes says it stands to reason that people have been willing
to shell outpeople have been willing to shell out for the
vegetable: "They couldn't travel anywhere, couldn't go out, had
more time, spent more time cooking meals so there has been
plenty of demand for asparagus."

The demand is not color-blind, however. "The Germans are special
because they prefer white asparagus; the green variety has no
more than a 10% market share here," Wermes said.

As for what's at the root of Germany's asparagus obsession,
Wermes believs it's all about the onset of spring.

"Asparagus is the first spring vegetable, nature is awakening,
trees are green and budding. People crave what is fresh, and
asparagus happens to be available very early," he explained.

But for many Germans, asparagus season ends all too soon on
June 24, or the feast day of Saint John the Baptist
(Johannestag), to be precise. The plants and the soil must have
time to recover to ensure a plentiful harvest the following year.
So Germans can still enjoy asparagus dishes for another month
even with coronavirus.

Peter Wermes, 50, started growing asparagus in 1996 on the
Wermes Asparagus and Strawberry Farm in Zndorf, a district
on the outskirts of in the city of Cologne.

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This week's images ...


Demonstration of ultraviolet disinfecting technology, to kill
coronavirus, at a subway maintenance facility in New York City,
19 May 2020. From ...

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Sunrise in Glasgow. From ...

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A view across the River Nith north of Dumfries Scotland. From ...

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A historic electric streetcar negotiates a curve in Kenosha,
Wisconsin. From ...

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Visitors walk through a display in the Starry Art Museum in
Shanghai, 13 May. From ...

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A fire salamander from a Deutsche Welle pictorial about
ambhibians. From ...

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A bullfrog. From ...

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An example of the work of Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr,
who died 15 May, age 81. From ...

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Our painting of the week is "False Start," by Jasper Johns, who
turned 90 on 15 May. From And see

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2020-05-23   0930-1000z 3210 kHz Unique Radio Australia  RNEI#04


RSID: <<2020-05-20T21:46Z MFSK-64 @ 7780000+1500>>

This Is A Music Show #065
20 May 2020

2100-2200UTC Wednesday on 7780 kHz
0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA

Rebroadcast on Unique Radio, Australia
1000-1100UTC Friday on 5045 kHz USB


TIAExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times. Check the schedule here:




Raymond Lefvre Et Son Grand Orchestre - Soul Coaxing   [France]





Trans-X - Living On Video    ♫♥   [Canada, 1983]
Palm - Heavy Lifting      [USA, experimental rock band from Philadelphia]
LFO - Love Is The Message                        [British electronic music duo]




Арсенал - Пульс Улицы   [MIDOMI: Pul's ulitsy / Aleksey Kozlov &

          [Russia]                     Ensemble ARSENAL,  HIP-HOP 1984-1985]

Dur Dur Band - Gorof       [MIDOMI:   Gorof (Elixir) [feat. Sahra Dawo]

                                         Dur Dur Band / tapes from the Horn of Africa]




Can - A Spectacle        [GERMANY / Kln, 1978,

                                    Krautrock, Avantgarde, Psychedelic Rock]

Calendar - Hypertension 1.5        [Mid 70s New Jersey funk band]




Papa Jo - Oh Papa      [Canada 1972]


- - -

       Producer:     George Lagios, Michel Pagliaro





                                                 [MIDOMI:  James Brown  - Cold Sweat]


Rick Wilkins - Quiescence          [Canada, 1979]


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1 Leonora - Love Is Forever  🇩🇰


ESC 2019

2 Alexander Rybak - That's How You Write A Song  🇳🇴


ESC 2018

3 Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off  🇸🇪


ESC 2018

4 Saara Aalto - Monsters  🇫🇮


ESC 2018






5 Hatari - Hatri Mun Sigra  🇮🇸


ESC 2019

6 Eivr - Trllabundin  🇫🇴                                       ♫♥

Faroe Islands


7 Lasairfhona - Damhsa na gCoinn  🇮🇪



8 The Roop - On Fire  🇱🇹


ESC 2020

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9 Daughters of Reykjavk - Fools Gold  🇮🇸








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