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Martha Reeves of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas was born
July 18, 1941.

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Welcome to program 161 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:41 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:49 Amateur radio lunar lander proposal
  7:08 MFSK64: Example of Chinese text from Deutsche Welle
  8:47 Solar battery stores renewable energy as liquid*
12:15 This week's images*
28:09 MFSK32: Closing announcements

* with image(s)

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AMSAT-DL Submits Lunar Lander Proposal to European Space Agency

13 July 2020

Germany's amateur satellite organization AMSAT-DL has submitted a
comprehensive proposal to the European Space Agency (ESA) for its
Lunar Amateur Radio Transponder (LunART) lunar lander - a
communications platform on the Large European Lander to support
communication and payload experiments. AMSAT-DL's Peter Gülzow,
DB2OS, and Matthias Bopp, DD1US, say that a LunART (called
"LunaART" in the AMSAT-DL proposal) would support direct
communication with Earth via amateur radio, support university
and student payloads and offer direct access to their
experiments, and expand the reach of radio science. It could also
provide backup communication capability and capacity during an
emergency, or when the ESA network is busy.

The comprehensive radio platform would use the European frequency
protocol of 2.4 GHz up and 10.45 GHz down (approximately 100 W),
pioneered in the QO-100 satellite, the first geosynchronous
amateur radio payload. The platform would also include a VHF/UHF
transponder. AMSAT-DL would develop and build the necessary
hardware and software and provide ground station support via the
20-meter dish at AMSAT-DL headquarters in Bochum, Germany. They
envision developing a smaller ground station with an
approximately 1-meter dish to support groups, including schools
and universities. Low-power beacons would transmit on various
frequencies from VHF (145 MHz) through SHF (up to 24 GHz or even
47 GHz), AMSAT-DL's proposal says.

"This transponder would also be an ideal platform to develop new
transmission schemes with novel modulation and coding techniques
optimized for long-distance communications with the corresponding
high latency (long delays)," AMSAT-DL said. "This would provide
essential knowledge in preparation of a future Mars mission." In
addition, LunART could include the capability to transmit still
or slow-scan television images and video to schools "from cameras
attached to the lander monitoring the moon surface and perhaps
the Earth in the background [which] would be ideal stimuli for
getting school kids and STEM organizations further interested in

The proposal is on open access at the ESA website and is now
being evaluated. AMSAT-DL's LunART follows the Lunar Amateur
Radio Interaction Experiment (LARIE) proposal from Andy Thomas,
G0SFJ. Both refer to weak signal modes and suggest the same
frequency bands. Thomas said he welcomes LunART as a
well-developed proposal and hopes ESA will support it as well.

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We begin the MFSK64 segment with an example of Chinese text,
from Deutsche Welle:

疫情期间 德铁准时率大升

(德国之声中文网)根据德国铁路公布的统计,今年上半年,83.5%的远程列车都准时到站。德铁总裁卢茨(Richard Lutz)

卢茨指出:"准点率的显著提升当然与新冠疫情期间极低的发车数量有关。" 自今年3月以来,德国铁路设施的负荷显著减少。 不过,
卢茨认为,德铁的努力也功不可没:"我们的铁路强化策略在一年后终于展现了首个正面效果。" 他表示,德铁对其基础设施和车辆进行了

Full text:


During the outbreak of the corona epidemic, the punctuality rate of Deutsche Bahn increased significantly
(Chinese website of Deutsche Welle)
According to Deutsche Bahn, 83.5% of long-distance trains arrived on time in the first half of this year, according to Richard Lutz, President of Deutsche Bahn
"This is the best record since 2008." In the same period of 2019, the punctuality of Deutsche Bahn long-distance trains was only 77.2%.
The definition of "on time" is when the train arrives no later than 6 minutes after the nominal schedule time.

"The significant increase in punctuality is certainly related to the very low number of departures during the outbreak of the new corona epidemic," said Lutz.
Since March of this year, the load on German rail systems has decreased significantly.
But, Lutz believes that Deutsche Bahn's additional efforts have also contributed to this: "A year later, our strategy to improve the railways finally showed its first positive results."
He said that with "record investments" in infrastructure and vehicles, Deutsche Bahn has also created the conditions for increasing transport capacity.

Während des Ausbruchs der Corona-Epidemie stieg die Pünktlichkeitsrate der Deutschen Bahn deutlich an
(Chinesische Website der Deutschen Welle)

Nach Angaben der Deutschen Bahn kamen im ersten Halbjahr dieses Jahres 83,5% der Fernzüge pünktlich an, so Richard Lutz, Präsident der Deutschen Bahn
Dazu: "Dies ist der beste Rekord seit 2008." Im gleichen Zeitraum des Jahres 2019 betrug die Pünktlichkeit der Fernverkehrszüge der Deutschen Bahn nur 77,2%.

Die Definition von "pünktlich" ist, wenn der Zug spätestens 6 Minuten nach der nominellen Fahrplanzeit eintrifft.

"Der deutliche Anstieg der Pünktlichkeit hängt sicherlich mit der sehr geringen Anzahl von Abfahrten während des Ausbruchs der neuen Corona-Epidemie zusammen", sagte Lutz.

Seit März dieses Jahres hat sich die Belastung der deutschen Bahnanlagen deutlich verringert.
Aber, Lutz ist der Ansicht, dass die zusätzlichen Bemühungen der Deutschen Bahn ebenfalls dazu beigetragen haben: "Unsere Strategie zur Verbesserung der Schiene zeigte ein Jahr später endlich ihre ersten positiven Ergebnisse."

Er sagte, dass die Deutsche Bahn mit "Rekordinvestitionen" in Infrastruktur und Fahrzeuge auch die Voraussetzungen für die Erhöhung der Transportkapazität geschaffen hat.



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From New Atlas:

Solar flow battery efficiently stores renewable energy in liquid

Michael Irving
14 July 2020

Capturing energy from the Sun with solar panels is only half the
story – that energy needs to be stored somewhere for later use.
In the case of flow batteries, storage is relegated to vats of
liquid. Now, an international team led by University of
Wisconsin-Madison scientists has created a new version of these
solar flow batteries that's efficient and long-lasting.

To make the new device, the team combined several existing
technologies. It's a silicon/perovskite tandem solar cell, paired
with a redox flow battery, which the team says will allow people
to harvest and store renewable energy in one device. Not only is
it efficient, but it should be inexpensive and simple enough to
scale up for home use.

The energy-harvesting part of the equation combines the long-time
industry-leading material – silicon – with a promising young
upstart called perovskite. These tandem solar cells have proved
better than either material alone, since the two materials
capture different wavelengths of light.

For storage, the team turned to a flow battery. Traditionally,
these devices contain two liquids, housed in separate tanks, that
function as the electrolytes. Electricity from the solar cell
charges one of the liquids, where it can sit more or less
indefinitely. When the power is needed, the two liquids interact
in a middle chamber, creating a chemical reaction that produces

The team used a theoretical modeling method to determine which
chemicals would operate at the ideal voltage, to maximize
efficiency. They settled on two organic compounds dissolved in
saltwater, and tests with the final physical device confirmed
that it was a good match.

The team recorded 20 percent efficiency, which is up there with
the best. The device was able to maintain a high efficiency, and
most of its capacity, over hundreds of hours and charge-discharge
cycles. That gives it a much longer life than other flow
batteries, whose acidic electrolytes tend to corrode the tanks.

"That's 20 percent efficiency any time you like," says Song Jin,
lead researcher on the study. "You can use the solar electricity
right away during the day and get 20 percent, or you can use it
in the evening from storage and get 20 percent."

The team plans to continue developing the solar flow batteries to
improve efficiency, reduce costs and investigate ways to scale
them up for practical large-scale use.

The research was published in the journal Nature Materials.

Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison


Image: The integrated solar flow battery contains both a solar
cell and chemicals to generate, store and redeliver renewable
electricity from the sun in one device ...

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This week's images ...

An infrared image of a Texas well pad leaking methane,
accompanying a New York Times story about the fracking industry.
From ...

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A stork stands on a power line pole as comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)
is seen above Kreva, Belarus. From ...

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A pier in the sunrise in Timmendorfer Strand on the Baltic Sea,
northern Germany, 9 July. From ...

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The Nikolo-Vyazhischsky Women's Monastery through the fog in
Nyazhishchi, Novgorod region, Russia. From

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A vendor sorts okra for sale in Hai'an City, China, 8 July. From ...

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A black bear cub plays in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
in Tennessee. From ...

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The sky over Uphall, Scotland. From ...

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A lone fisherman on Loch Leven, Scotland. From ...

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Our painting of the week is "Tableau No. 1" by Piet Mondrian.
From ...

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  Judy Dyble  -  Dreamtime              


  Watch the sun through the day
  We can drift in the dreamtime
  Wandering, finding our way
  Wrapped in the sweet summer's haze





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This Is A Music Show #073
15 July 2020

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Alain Barriere - L'algue


- - -



Blues Magoos - Gotta Get Away
The Happenings - You're In A Bad Way
Wiatraki - Wiedzą Jedynie Zakochani


- - -



Super Cirkus - Bubblegum March   
Carl Bryan - Hot Shot     MIDOMI:  KING CANNON / Overproof

Lalo Schifrin - The Shadow              (1968)





Republika - Arktyka
Sugar Minott - We Have Fi Live      (1982)      ♫♥




Richard John Smith - She's The Master (Of The Game)
Sergio Mendes And Brasil '66 - Tristeza




THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Cotton Candy -30%




John Klemmer - Hush    




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Blues Magoos - We Ain't Got Nothin Yet


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The playlist for today was:
1, Friðrik Dór & Huginn - Einn Tveir 🇮🇸
2, EMIR - Håpløs 🇳🇴
3, Sturla & Hanne Mjøen - Kanskje Du Kan Vær Mitt Paradis 🇳🇴
4, Kamferdrops - Fuck you, jag älskar dig 🇸🇪
5, Éilís Kennedy - Nead na Lachan 🇮🇪
6, Myrkur - Två Konungabarn 🇩🇰
7, Anna Puu & Olavi Uusivirta - 2020 🇫🇮
8, Ekko & MYXE - Lose Myself in You 🇳🇴

Thank you ever so much for listening and we hope you enjoyed the show,
wishing you all the best,
Ha det!

Now playing Ekko & MYXE - Lose Myself in You.
This is Radio Northern Europe International
Now playing Ekko & MYXE - Lose Myself in You.
Now playing Ekko & MYXE - Lose Myself in You.






Thank you for tuning into Radio Northern Europe International #6 (July 2020)
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The playlist for today was:

 1, Friðrik Dór & Huginn - Einn Tveir 🇮🇸



 2, EMIR - Håpløs 🇳🇴


 3, Sturla & Hanne Mjøen - Kanskje Du Kan Vær Mitt Paradis 🇳🇴



- - -

 4, Kamferdrops - Fuck you, jag älskar dig 🇸🇪     [born in Norway]



 5, Éilís Kennedy - Nead na Lachan 🇮🇪



 6, Myrkur - Två Konungabarn 🇩🇰  ♫♥



 7, Anna Puu & Olavi Uusivirta - 2020 🇫🇮



 8, Ekko & MYXE - Lose Myself in You 🇳🇴




Thank you ever so much for listening and we hope you enjoyed the show,
wishing you all the best,
Ha det!

Now playing Ekko & MYXE - Lose Myself in You.
This is Radio Northern Europe International
Now playing Ekko & MYXE - Lose Myself in You.
Now playing Ekko & MYXE - Lose Myself in You.







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This Is An Express Music Show
July 2020

Channel 292 on 6070 kHz



Dave Carroll And His Orchestra - Hallelujah Gathering


Sweet Cream - Flying High
The Presidents - 5, 10, 15, 20
Eddie DeRae - Go Back To Him


Ford Theater - Jefferson Airplane
Climax - Park Preserve
Tranquillity Base - If You're Lookin'


THIS DATA w/ Black Light Orchestra - Loving You Instrumental [33rpm -10%]


The Three Suns - Arrivederci Roma


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