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Maria Muldaur was born September 12, 1943.

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Welcome to program 169 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:47 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  3:00 Excerpt of Hungarian text from RFE/RL
  4:23 MFSK64: RFE/RL Hungarian logo*
  5:55 RFE/RL Hungarian relaunches (story in English)
  7:36 Australian telescope finds no signs of alien technology*
12:18 Images of the week*
28:16 MFSK32: Closing announcements

* with image(s)

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The Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Hungarian Service resumed
operation on 8 September. Below is an excerpt of the greeting
message in Hungarian by the director of RFE/RL Hungarian ...


A Szabad Európa visszatért Magyarországra. Nem rádióként, hanem
egy modern, XXI. századi, multimédiás honlapként, amelyen egyként
megtalálható szöveg, videó, podcast és infografika.

Miért nem rádió? Mert noha büszkék vagyunk a múltunkra (ennek
jegyében folyamatosan feldolgozzuk majd a Szabad Európa hatalmas
magyar archívumát), előretekintünk, és új hangot, Magyarországon
új vagy kevéssé ismert formátumokat szeretnénk meghonosítani.

Das Freie Europa ist nach Ungarn zurückgekehrt. Nicht als Radio, aber
als eine moderne Multimedia-Website, dem XXI. Jahrhundert gemäß, auf der Beiträge als Text, Video, Podcasts und Infografiken gefunden werden können

Warum nicht Radio? Denn obwohl wir stolz auf unsere Vergangenheit sind (mit viel Willenskraft zur kontinuierlichen Verarbeitung, das Freie Europa ist riesig, was ungarische Archive betrifft), blicken wir nach vorne auf eine neue Stimme in Ungarn. Wir möchten neue oder wenig bekannte Formate einführen.


Full text:









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From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:

RFE/RL Relaunches Operations In Hungary Amid Drop In Media

By RFE/RL's Hungarian Service
8 September 2020

The Hungarian Service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, closed
after the Cold War ended, relaunched on September 8 in response
to the country's steep decline in media freedom.

"We are very excited to return to Hungary with state-of-the art
programming and RFE/RL's signature commitment to serving the
public interest by reporting the issues that our audiences say
matter most," said RFE/RL acting President Daisy Sindelar.

"We have an outstanding team of local journalists, and they are
determined to be the go-to source for reliable, unbiased news,"
she added.

The service is led by Gyula Csak, formerly a journalist and
editor with the pan-European network Euronews and a producer and
Hungary correspondent for the BBC. Csak has also worked as a
senior news executive for numerous Hungarian media outlets.

RFE/RL announced its plans for a Hungarian Service in autumn 2019
in response to the dramatic constriction of the country's media
landscape -- reflected in a 16-point plunge, to 89th place, in
Reporters Without Borders' 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

Over the past 10 years, the government of Prime Minister Viktor
Orban has taken control of most of the country's press outlets
either directly or indirectly.

Public television and radio stations and the state news agency
came under government control in 2011.

In 2019, about 500 private media outlets were concentrated into
the Central European Press and Media Foundation (KESMA), which
has close ties to the Orban government.

RFE/RL's original Hungarian Service, known as Szabad Europa
Radio, operated from Munich during the Cold War and closed in

RFE/RL's return to Hungary marks its third reentry in an EU
member state. In 2019, it opened new bureaus in Bulgaria and
Romania -- countries, like Hungary, where the broadcaster played
a critical local role during the Cold War.




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Australian telescope finds no signs of alien technology in 10
million star systems

8 September 2020

A radio telescope in outback Western Australia has completed the
deepest and broadest search at low frequencies for alien
technologies, scanning a patch of sky known to include at least
10 million stars.

Astronomers used the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) telescope to
explore hundreds of times more broadly than any previous search
for extraterrestrial life.

The study, published today in Publications of the Astronomical
Society of Australia, observed the sky around the Vela
constellation. But in this part of the Universe at least, it
appears other civilisations are elusive, if they exist.

The research was conducted by CSIRO astronomer Dr. Chenoa
Tremblay and Professor Steven Tingay, from the Curtin University
node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

Dr. Tremblay said the telescope was searching for powerful radio
emissions at frequencies similar to FM radio frequencies, that
could indicate the presence of an intelligent source.

These possible emissions are known as 'technosignatures'.

"The MWA is a unique telescope, with an extraordinarily wide
field-of-view that allows us to observe millions of stars
simultaneously," she said.

"We observed the sky around the constellation of Vela for 17
hours, looking more than 100 times broader and deeper than ever

"With this dataset, we found no technosignatures -- no sign of
intelligent life."

Professor Tingay said even though this was the broadest search
yet, he was not shocked by the result.

"As Douglas Adams noted in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,
'space is big, really big'."

"And even though this was a really big study, the amount of space
we looked at was the equivalent of trying to find something in
the Earth's oceans but only searching a volume of water
equivalent to a large backyard swimming pool.

"Since we can't really assume how possible alien civilisations
might utilize technology, we need to search in many different
ways. Using radio telescopes, we can explore an eight-dimensional
search space.

"Although there is a long way to go in the search for
extraterrestrial intelligence, telescopes such as the MWA will
continue to push the limits -- we have to keep looking."

The MWA is a precursor for the instrument that comes next, the
Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a 1.7 billion Euro observatory with
telescopes in Western Australia and South Africa. To continue the
Douglas Adams references, think of the MWA as the city-sized Deep
Thought and the SKA as its successor:

"Due to the increased sensitivity, the SKA low-frequency
telescope to be built in Western Australia will be capable of
detecting Earth-like radio signals from relatively nearby
planetary systems," said Professor Tingay.

"With the SKA, we'll be able to survey billions of star systems,
seeking technosignatures in an astronomical ocean of other

The MWA is located at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory,
a remote and radio quiet astronomical facility established and
maintained by CSIRO -- Australia's national science agency. The
SKA will be built at the same location but will be 50 times more
sensitive and will be able to undertake much deeper SETI

Image: A staff member is pictured in a section of the Murchison
Widefield Array antennas ...

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This week's images ...

Schoolchildren walking through the courtyard of the historic
Platýz building in Prague. From ...

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The galaxy M82 as colorized based on "multiwavelength" data from
multiple observatories. From ...

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The sparkling violetear, a species of hummingbird whose
temperature drops sharply at night as they sleep. From ...

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A ditch jewel dragonfly on a plant's stalk in New Delhi. From ...

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The Bay Bridge in San Francisco as smoke from various wildfires
burning across Northern California mixes with the marine layer, 9
September. From ...

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Larry the cat is seen in Downing Street in London. From ...

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The moon over Loch Tay, Scotland, at night. From ...

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The historic St. Charles streetcar in New Orleans. From ...

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Our painting of the week is "Wooden Boats," on the famous Lake
Balaton in Hungary, by Lynne Boyer. From

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    Ending music:

   Hal Singer - Cornbread

   "...Harold Joseph Singer (October 8, 1919 – August 18, 2020), also known as Hal "Cornbread" Singer, was an American R&B and jazz bandleader and saxophonist. He was the last surviving male survivor of the Tulsa race massacre."





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This Is A Music Show #081
09 Sept 2020

2100-2200UTC Wednesday on 7780 kHz
0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA

Rebroadcast on Unique Radio, Australia
1000-1100UTC Friday on 5045 or 3210 kHz USB
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(Temporarily Offline)


TIAExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times. Check the schedule here:



Manuel Garcia Con Su Orquesta - Sing A-La Cha-Cha


The Distant Galaxy - Blue Scimitar
The Tarantulas - Black Widow
Moe Koffman - You Are My Sunshine


Bully Hutch - Effin' Nanny Stomp
Los Panines - En Un Avion
Frankie Paul - Dismal (version)


Franek Kimono - Pozegnie Franka
Wide Boy Awake - Slang Teacher
Tom Tom CLub - The Man With The Four-Way Hips  


Krystyna Prońko - Niech Moje Serce Kołysze Cię Do Snu


Broadcast - Illumination


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Savoy Blues


The Caravelles - The Last One To Know


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1, RebMoe - Undercover Lover 🇳🇴
2, BEHM - Hei rakas 🇫🇮
3, Siri Nilsen - Alle Snakker Sant 🇳🇴

4, Vionavega - Sway 🇸🇪
5, Grúska Babúska - Raddataktur 🇮🇸
6, Vaajmoe - Hieggan vuöllie *Samí*


7, Rednex - Shooter 🇸🇪
8, Anne Gadegaard - Arabiens Drřm 🇩🇰
9, Pill & HARDIES - Lost (with Mali) 🇩🇰

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Ha det!












 1, RebMoe - Undercover Lover 🇳🇴



- - -

 2, BEHM - Hei rakas 🇫🇮



 3, Siri Nilsen - Alle Snakker Sant 🇳🇴


















 4, Vionavega - Sway 🇸🇪



- - -

 5, Grúska Babúska - Raddataktur 🇮🇸      ♫♥



- - -

 6, Vaajmoe - Hieggan vuöllie *Samí*



- - -
















 7, Rednex - Shooter 🇸🇪



 8, Anne Gadegaard - Arabiens Drřm 🇩🇰



 9, Pill & HARDIES - Lost (with Mali) 🇩🇰




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 Thank you for listening to RNEI, we hope to see you next month,
 Ha det!








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This Is An Express Music Show
September 2020

Channel 292 on 6070 kHz



John Keating - I Feel The Earth Move


Niebiesko-Czarni - Taka Była Moja Dziewczyna
Rock Gazers - BLuebird BLue
The Rave-ons - Everybody Tells Me
Carl Carlton - Groovin'                         
Neal Hefti - Turkish Delight
El Dorados Band - Taste Of The West (Version)


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Marjoram


Halina Frąckowiak - Znikąd


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every Wednesday at 2100UTC on 7780 kHz via WRMI (Europe beam)


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National Panasonic GX600 5 Band RF-1150


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National Panasonic GX600 5 Band RF-1150


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