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Welcome to program 186 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:38 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:44 New design for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
  6:32 MFSK64: Methane-based fuel for return trips from Mars
  9:06 This week's images
27:05 MFSK32: Closing announcements
27:57 Surprise mode under music

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From Science News:

Zinc-air batteries are typically single-use. A new design could
change that

Swapping out the electrolyte helps these energy-dense power
sources last longer

Maria Temming
January 5, 2021

Zinc-air batteries have a lot going for them. They're
lightweight, compact and made of more sustainable, less flammable
materials than other batteries. But they're usually not

A new battery design could change that. By tweaking the building
materials, researchers created a prototype of a zinc-air battery
that could be recharged hundreds of times. Such long-lasting
devices, described in the Jan. 1 Science, could one day power
electric cars or other electronics.

Zinc-air batteries are one of many potential next-generation
batteries that could hold more energy while being cheaper and
safer than existing devices. Every zinc-air battery
cell contains two electrodes - a zinc anode and a porous cathode
- separated by a liquid called an electrolyte. In standard
zinc-air cells, the electrolyte is a high-pH substance,
containing ingredients like potassium hydroxide. Oxygen from the
air enters the cathode, where the gas reacts with water from the
electrolyte to form hydroxide. Hydroxide formed at the cathode
surface travels to the anode and reacts with zinc to release
energy that powers other devices.

"The problem is, this reaction is not very reversible," says Wei
Sun, a materials scientist at the University of Mnster in
Germany. And that makes it hard to recharge the battery. The
caustic electrolyte in conventional zinc-air batteries can also
degrade the cathode and anode.

To solve those problems, Sun and colleagues built a zinc-air
battery using a new electrolyte that contains water-repellant
ions. Those ions stick to the cathode, preventing H2O from the
electrolyte from reacting with incoming oxygen at the cathode
surface. As a result, zinc ions from the anode can travel to the
cathode and react directly with oxygen from the air. This
relatively simple reaction is easy to run backward to recharge
the battery.

What's more, the new electrolyte doesn't degrade the battery's
electrodes, which helps the battery last longer. In lab
experiments, Sun and colleagues were able to drain and recharge a
new zinc-air battery cell 320 times over 160 hours.




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Could astronauts on Mars make their own fuel for the trip home?

January 5th, 2021
Posted by UC Irvine

Researchers may have come up with a solution to one of the most
pressing challenges of a Mars voyage: How do we get enough fuel
for the flight back to Earth?

Houlin Xin, an assistant professor in physics and astronomy at
the University of California, Irvine, and his team have
discovered a more efficient way of creating methane-based rocket
fuel theoretically on the surface of Mars, which can make the
return trip all the more feasible.

The new discovery comes in the form of a single-atom zinc
catalyst that will synthesize the current two-step process into a
single-step reaction using a more compact and portable device.

"The zinc is fundamentally a great catalyst," Xin says. "It has
time, selectivity and portability-a big plus for space travel."

The process of creating methane-based fuel has been theorized
before, initially from Elon Musk and Space X. It utilized a solar
infrastructure to generate electricity, resulting in the
electrolysis of carbon dioxide, which, when mixed with water from
the ice found on Mars, produces methane.

Known as the Sabatier process, astronauts on the International
Space Station use it to produce breathable oxygen from water. One
of the main issues with the Sabatier process is that it is a
two-stage procedure requiring large faculties to operate

The method Xin and his team developed will use anatomically
dispersed zinc to act as a synthetic enzyme, catalyzing the
carbon dioxide and initializing the process. This will require
much less space and can efficiently produce methane using
materials and under conditions similar to those found on the
surface of Mars.

"The process we developed bypasses the water-to-hydrogen process,
and instead efficiently converts CO2 into methane with high
selectivity," Xin says.

Currently, Lockheed and Boeing rockets use liquid hydrogen as
fuel. While it is cheap and effective, this fuel source has its
drawbacks. Liquid hydrogen leaves carbon residue in the engine of
the rocket, which requires cleaning after each launch; something
that would be impossible on Mars.

Space X and Elon Musk developed and are currently testing a
methane fuel-based engine, known as the Space X Raptor. Raptor
will power Space X's next generation of spacecraft named Starship
and Super Heavy. At this time, neither have made it into orbit,
and only one has consistently taken flight.

Despite the breakthrough, Xin's process is far from
implementation. Currently the team only have a "proof of
concept," meaning that while they have tested and proven it in a
lab, they have yet to test it real world-or planet-conditions.

"Lots of engineering and research is needed before this can be
fully implemented," Xin says. "But the results are very

The research appears in the Journal of the American Chemical




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This week's images ...

The first sunrise of 2021, off Fort Lauderdale. Photo by VOA
White House correspondent Steve Herman W7VOA. ...

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Sunrise at Burkittsville, Maryland, January 2. From ...

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The Washington DC area was treated to a beautiful red sunset on
January 2. ...

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This rarely seen Painted Bunting was photographed by the Swiss
ambassador to Washington, at Great Falls along the Potomac River,
January 3. ...

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A scene from the ice sculpture festival in Harbin, China. ...

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A tiny glass frog on a flower in the Costa Rican rainforest. ...

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Two women walk their dogs at sunrise on New Brighton beach,
England. ...

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Aymara people in Peru celebrate the Roscasiri, an ancient event
celebrating the change of command of the local authorities. ...

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Birds taking a break on Aberdeen beach, Scotland. ...

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A full moon and offshore wind turbines off the coast of Aberdeen,
Scotland. ...

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Our painting of the week is of the US Capitol by Tony Rubino. ...

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    SWRG186 closing song:

   Gerry & the Pacemakers   -   Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying  -  Essential 2003







 D-06193 Petersberg (Germany/Germania)


 Dipol for 40m-Band    &   Boomerang Antenna 11m-Band

 RX   for  RF:

 FRG-100B + IF-mixer  &    ICOM IC-R75 + IF-mixer

 Software IF:

 con STUDIO1  -  Software italiano per SDR     [S-AM-USB/LSB]   +     beta 11  Version 2.80 (August 21, 2018)  - for scheduled IF-recording

 Software AF:

 Fldigi-4.0.18        +   flmsg-4.0.7                            images-fldigifiles on homedrive.lnk


 German XP-SP3 with support for asian languages

 German W7 32bit + 64bit


 MEDION Titanium 8008  (since 2003)   [ P4 - 2,6 GHz]

 MSI-CR70-2MP345W7  (since2014)   [i5 -P3560 ( 2 x 2,6GHz) ]

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This Is A Music Show #097
06 January 2021

2100-2200UTC Wednesday on 7780 kHz
0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


TIAExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times. Check the schedule here:



Kindertanzen - Wellenreiter


Bird Rollins - Do It To It
Pussycat - Do It
The Sandpebbles - Love Power


The Raindrops - The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget
Fantastic Johnny C - Hitch It To The Horse
The Stitch In Tyme - Dry Your Eyes


Jackie Mittoo - Rockin Sensation
Baby Rockers - Mudie's All Star
Jimmy Horne - Gimmie Some Pt.1
Tyrone Davis - Turn Back The Hands Of Time


The Chipmunks - Bette Davis Eyes (50% Speed)


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Dino's Melody


The Cookies - Stranger In My Arms


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--- RNEI 13 Playlist ---
1, Alva Elle - Pretty 🇫🇮
- This song is pretty and really catchy. It only has 20k streams!
2, Skia - Feeling Fine 🇳🇴
- Skia introduces her upbeat song about surviving breakup. Only 11k streams on this one!
3, Agnes Rehn - Goodbye 🇸🇪
- I heard this on P4 Nsta and really like it. With only 8k streams it had to be played!



--- RNEI best of 2020 ---
Artist - Title - Played for
4, BRET Nr r 🇮🇸 - Daz & Your Host
5, Sturla & Hanne Mjen Puslespill (Tusen Milliona) 🇳🇴 - Daz
6, Innestengt neste sommer 🇳🇴 - Your Host
7, Matilda Forever 🇳🇴 - Artur
8, Klara & Jag Aska 🇸🇪 - Rose
9, Evir tokuni 🇫🇴 - Roger
10, Vaajmoe Hieggan vullie *Sam* - Patrick
11, Synne Hoff First Time 🇳🇴 - Rose (possibly my favourite!)
12, Vionavega Sway 🇸🇪 - Rose
13, The Wurzels Dont Look Back In Anger 🇬🇧 - Frigid
14, Yves V Home Now (feat. Alida) 🇧🇪(🇳🇴) - Rose
15, Belmin Kuburas Till Im Sorry 🇩🇰 - Daz
16, Ekko & MYXE Lose Myself in You 🇳🇴 - Paolo

Our email is

Thank you ever so much for listening to this special edition of RNEI,
We hope to see you next month,
Til vi mtes igjen,
Ha det!




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<h2>RNEI 13 January 2021 Playlist</h2>
<li title="I was listening to X3M when this came on.. The bassline of the drop, her voice, the cuteness and only 20k streams..
How could I not share this song from a Swedish speaking Finn! 🌹">Alva Elle - Pretty 🇫🇮 - This song is pretty and really catchy. It only has 20k streams!</li>
<li>Skia - Feeling Fine 🇳🇴 - Skia introduces her upbeat song about surviving breakup. Only 11k streams on this one!</li>
<li>Agnes Rehn - Goodbye 🇸🇪 - I heard this on P4 Nsta and really like it. With only 8k streams it had to be played!
<br><div class=q>--- RNEI best of 2020 ---
<br>Artist - Title - Played for</div></li>
<li title="❤️ Gotta love some BRET! ❤️ 😎">BRET  Nr r 🇮🇸 - Your Host, Daz</li>
<li title="I think 'Sanitizer Hands - Pus & Pills' is a funnier title... 😎">Sturla & Hanne Mjen  Puslespill (Tusen Milliona) 🇳🇴 - Daz</li>
<li>Innestengt  neste sommer 🇳🇴 - Your Host, Daz</li>
<li>Matilda  Forever 🇳🇴 - Artur</li>
<li title="Aska is a great Comb Stereo test song! 😎">Klara & Jag  Aska 🇸🇪 - Rose, Daz</li>
<li>Evir   tokuni 🇫🇴 - Roger</li>
<li>Vaajmoe  Hieggan vullie *Sam* - Patrick</li>
<li>Synne Hoff  First Time 🇳🇴 - Rose (possibly my favourite! 🌹)</li>
<li>Vionavega  Sway 🇸🇪 - Rose</li>
<li title=😱>The Wurzels  Dont Look Back In Anger 🇬🇧 - Frigid</li>
<li title="Where else would you rather listen to RNEI? 😎">Yves V  Home Now (feat. Alida) 🇧🇪 (🇳🇴) - Rose, Daz</li>
<li title="We *are* sorry, after that Wurzels song... 😎">Belmin Kuburas  Till Im Sorry 🇩🇰 - Daz</li>
<li>Ekko & MYXE  Lose Myself in You 🇳🇴 - Paolo</li>
<div class=q>Thank you for listening to and decoding this special edition of RNEI! We hope to see you next month.</div><br>
<div>Til vi mtes igjen,<br>
Ha det!<br>
<br>Contact: <a></a> Website: <a href= target=_blank></a>
<div class=bonus>
<h1>Fun bonus:</h1>
Most people are unaware that there is a significant Swedish speaking population of some parts of Finland.<br><br>
Alva Elle is from sterbotten with a 51.2% Swedish speaking majority!<br><br>
About 5% of the total population is Swedish speaking.<br><br>
Finland Swedish has quite a few differences from normal Swedish, much like Scots and English or Afrikaans and Dutch.<br><br>
By law in Finland if the Swedish speaking minority has increased into at least 3,000 persons or 8% of inhabitants,
then the municipality must become bilingual in Swedish and Finnish.<br><br>
If the minority has fallen below 3,000 persons and 6% of inhabitants, then the municipality becomes monolingual, unless it decides to keep its bilingual status.
At present, only one such municipality has done so, namely Lohja (Lojo in Swedish).<br><br>
Yle X3M is a radio station from Finland's public broadcaster that broadcasts in Finland Swedish that I'm quite a fan of... :)<br><br>
Some other Swedish Speaking Finns you might know are:<br>
Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel and Fredrik Idestam, the founder of Nokia!<br><br>
<div class=q>--- Rose 🌹 ---</div>

  List source: userlistAOKI.txt, file date 2021/01/12 06:34
  kHz:         5850
  UTC/PSN:     0100-0200
  Days/PI:     4 (Th)
  Language:    English
  Station:     WRMI R. Northern Europe Internation
  Country:     USA (United States)
  Transmitter: Okeechobee12
  Latitude:    27.4583 (27N27'30")
  Longitude:   -80.9333 (80W55'60")
  QTH locator: EL97mk89ax
  Modulation:  AM
  Power (kW):  100
  Target:      315
  Distance:    7858 km
  Bearing:     290
  Notes:       RMI b20
  Details:     From United States
  Remarks:     Distance and bearing for Petersberg, 11.96/51.55, JO51xn52ea






































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This Is An Express Music Show
January 2021

Channel 292 on 6070 kHz



Dur Dur Band - Ohiyee
Scientist - Jah Love All Aliens
Violens - Totally True
Арсенал - Пульс Улицы Street Pulse
Franek Kimono - Pożegnanie Franka
Sault - Free




The Free Association - Mother


Be sure to tune in to "This Is A Music Show" hour-long program
every Wednesday at 2100UTC on 7780 kHz via WRMI (Europe beam)


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