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Welcome to program 187 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

1:38 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
2:45 Harnessing Earth's magnetic field for cubesat propulsion
6:46 MFSK64: Reactor converts carbon monoxide to acetic acid
9:07 This week's images
28:16 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From New Atlas:

CubeSat to test harnessing Earth's magnetic field for propulsion

David Szondy
January 9, 2021

A student-built CubeSat from the University of Michigan will
investigate whether small satellites can be maintained in low
Earth orbit without thrusters or propellant. Scheduled to launch
from the Mojave Air and Space Port on Virgin Orbit's Launch Demo
2 on January 10, 2020, the Miniature Tether Electrodynamics
Experiment-1 (MiTEE-1) will test the concept of using the Earth's
magnetic field to generate thrust.

About 60 percent of all satellites are in low Earth orbit. This
is a bit of a problem because, though on a human scale it's a
vacuum, there's actually a thin trace of atmosphere present
enough to generate drag, which causes the satellite's orbit to
decay until it burns up on reentry.

The usual way to overcome this is to use thrusters to boost the
satellite into a higher orbit, but for smaller spacecraft, and
especially CubeSats, this isn't currently an option although
efforts like the ThermaSat design are looking to bring
lightweight propulsion systems to CubeSats. The result is that
many perfectly good pieces of hardware are destroyed prematurely,
deorbiting in a matter of months or even days.

The MiTEE project will test the feasibility of using
electromagnetism to provide propulsion by stringing a wire tether
33 to 100 feet (10 to 30 m) long between two CubeSats. The idea
is that solar panels would provide electricity, which would run
through the wire. As the satellite orbits the Earth, the
ionosphere completes the circuit and, because a force is exerted
on a wire when it conducts a current in a magnetic field, the
tether generates thrust that can be used to boost the spacecraft
into a higher orbit. As the force isn't very great, such an
approach wouldn't be feasible for larger satellites, but the hope
is it will be enough to allow small satellites to compensate for
the drag of the atmosphere.

The result of two and half years of work, MiTEE-1 won't actually
produce any thrust. Instead, it will consist of a satellite about
the size of a loaf of bread and another about the size of a
smartphone that deploys on a one-meter (33-in) rigid boom. This
will measure how much current can be drawn from the ionosphere
under various conditions.

The data from the mission will be used for planning and building
the next MiTEE satellite, which will demonstrate the electric
propulsion system concept in operation.


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From New Atlas:

Copper cube reactor converts carbon monoxide into acetic acid

Michael Irving
January 11, 2021

Engineers at Rice University have developed a new reactor that
can convert carbon monoxide (CO) into acetic acid. Using tiny
copper cubes as a catalyst, the device is relatively simple and
can operate for long periods at a time, allowing the unwanted
waste gas to be turned into an industrially useful product.

Carbon monoxide is often generated as a byproduct of industrial
processes, and while it's not directly a greenhouse gas in the
atmosphere, it can be an indoor or urban air pollutant that is
harmful to human health in higher concentrations.

In the new study, the Rice researchers developed a way to turn
this potentially dangerous waste product into something of value.
Acetic acid is used in foods such as vinegar, as an antiseptic, a
solvent, and in a range of industrial processes and products.

Building on a previous device the team used to convert carbon
dioxide into formic acid, the new reactor reduces carbon monoxide
into acetic acid.

"We're upgrading the product from a one-carbon chemical, the
formic acid, to two-carbon, which is more challenging," says
Haotian Wang, an author of the study. "People traditionally
produce acetic acid in liquid electrolytes, but they still have
the issue of low performance as well as separating the product
from the electrolyte."

In this case the electrolyte is solid. It interacts with a
catalyst made up of nanoscale copper cubes carefully engineered
with corrugated surfaces that help break certain carbon-oxygen
bonds to convert the gas into the desired product.

"Sometimes copper will produce chemicals along two different
pathways," says Wang. "It can reduce CO into acetic acid and
alcohols. We engineered copper cubes dominated by one facet that
can help this carbon-carbon coupling, with edges that direct the
carbon-carbon coupling towards acetic acid instead of other

Deionized water is piped through the reactor, where it mixes with
the acetic acid to produce a usable solution. The leftover gas is
emitted as oxygen.

In lab tests, the device was run continuously for 150 hours,
producing a solution that contained up to two percent acetic acid
a weak solution, compared even to vinegar's four percent acetic
acid content, but useful enough. The acid component itself was up
to 98 percent pure.

The team says that more work needs to be done to improve the
system in order to make it scalable, including making it more
stable and more energy efficient.

The research was published in the journal Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences.

Source: Rice University


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This week's images:

From the garden of our listener and friend Marco in Italy, a wild
asparagus flower. ...

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The new flag of the state of Mississippi. Its previous flag had
the Confederate stars and bars in the upper left. ...

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Clearing roads of recent snow near rnskldsvik, Sweden. ...

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A woman selling artificial flowers rides her bicycle in Hanoi. ...

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A crescent moon rises before sunrise above lower Manhattan. ...

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A firecrest wren on Bardsey Island, off Wales. ...

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The Forth Bridge in the east of Scotland disappearing into the
clouds. ...

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A crow surveys the sunset on the River Clyde in Scotland. ...

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A foggy morning along the Potomac River.

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Flowers placed in security fencing around the U.S. Capitol. ...

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Our art of the week is a quilt by Mary Lee Bendolph (born 1935)
of Alabama. ...

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    SWRG187 closing song:

   Bee Gees - When He's Gone - High Civilization 1991      








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This Is A Music Show #098
14 January 2021

0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


TIAnExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times. Check the schedule here:



Mort Stevens - Operation Smash



Tyrone Davis - Is It Something You've Got
Tony Baxter Orchestra - Evil Ways
Mr. Noisy - It's Noisy In Here


- - -

- - -

- - -



Cyril Stapleton And His Choir - Ticket To Ride
Robin Trower - A Tale Untold
Ernie Smith - Pitta Patta




Gazebo - Lunatic
DJ Divine - Get Into The Mix Bonus Beats
Trinere - How Can We Be Wrong


- - -




I-Roy - Buck And The Preacher


- - -



THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Petula's Song


- - -



Shakatak - Late Night Flight




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--- RNEI 13 Playlist ---
1, Alva Elle - Pretty 🇫🇮
- This song is pretty and really catchy. It only has 20k streams!
2, Skia - Feeling Fine 🇳🇴
- Skia introduces her upbeat song about surviving breakup. Only 11k streams on this one!
3, Agnes Rehn - Goodbye 🇸🇪
- I heard this on P4 Nsta and really like it. With only 8k streams it had to be played!



--- RNEI best of 2020 ---
Artist - Title - Played for
4, BRET Nr r 🇮🇸 - Daz & Your Host
5, Sturla & Hanne Mjen Puslespill (Tusen Milliona) 🇳🇴 - Daz
6, Innestengt neste sommer 🇳🇴 - Your Host
7, Matilda Forever 🇳🇴 - Artur
8, Klara & Jag Aska 🇸🇪 - Rose
9, Evir tokuni 🇫🇴 - Roger
10, Vaajmoe Hieggan vullie *Sam* - Patrick
11, Synne Hoff First Time 🇳🇴 - Rose (possibly my favourite!)
12, Vionavega Sway 🇸🇪 - Rose
13, The Wurzels Dont Look Back In Anger 🇬🇧 - Frigid
14, Yves V Home Now (feat. Alida) 🇧🇪(🇳🇴) - Rose
15, Belmin Kuburas Till Im Sorry 🇩🇰 - Daz
16, Ekko & MYXE Lose Myself in You 🇳🇴 - Paolo

Our email is

Thank you ever so much for listening to this special edition of RNEI,
We hope to see you next month,
Til vi mtes igjen,
Ha det!




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<h2>RNEI 13 January 2021 Playlist</h2>
<li title="I was listening to X3M when this came on.. The bassline of the drop, her voice, the cuteness and only 20k streams..
How could I not share this song from a Swedish speaking Finn! 🌹">Alva Elle - Pretty 🇫🇮 - This song is pretty and really catchy. It only has 20k streams!</li>
<li>Skia - Feeling Fine 🇳🇴 - Skia introduces her upbeat song about surviving breakup. Only 11k streams on this one!</li>
<li>Agnes Rehn - Goodbye 🇸🇪 - I heard this on P4 Nsta and really like it. With only 8k streams it had to be played!
<br><div class=q>--- RNEI best of 2020 ---
<br>Artist - Title - Played for</div></li>
<li title="❤️ Gotta love some BRET! ❤️ 😎">BRET  Nr r 🇮🇸 - Your Host, Daz</li>
<li title="I think 'Sanitizer Hands - Pus & Pills' is a funnier title... 😎">Sturla & Hanne Mjen  Puslespill (Tusen Milliona) 🇳🇴 - Daz</li>
<li>Innestengt  neste sommer 🇳🇴 - Your Host, Daz</li>
<li>Matilda  Forever 🇳🇴 - Artur</li>
<li title="Aska is a great Comb Stereo test song! 😎">Klara & Jag  Aska 🇸🇪 - Rose, Daz</li>
<li>Evir   tokuni 🇫🇴 - Roger</li>
<li>Vaajmoe  Hieggan vullie *Sam* - Patrick</li>
<li>Synne Hoff  First Time 🇳🇴 - Rose (possibly my favourite! 🌹)</li>
<li>Vionavega  Sway 🇸🇪 - Rose</li>
<li title=😱>The Wurzels  Dont Look Back In Anger 🇬🇧 - Frigid</li>
<li title="Where else would you rather listen to RNEI? 😎">Yves V  Home Now (feat. Alida) 🇧🇪 (🇳🇴) - Rose, Daz</li>
<li title="We *are* sorry, after that Wurzels song... 😎">Belmin Kuburas  Till Im Sorry 🇩🇰 - Daz</li>
<li>Ekko & MYXE  Lose Myself in You 🇳🇴 - Paolo</li>
<div class=q>Thank you for listening to and decoding this special edition of RNEI! We hope to see you next month.</div><br>
<div>Til vi mtes igjen,<br>
Ha det!<br>
<br>Contact: <a></a> Website: <a href= target=_blank></a>
<div class=bonus>
<h1>Fun bonus:</h1>
Most people are unaware that there is a significant Swedish speaking population of some parts of Finland.<br><br>
Alva Elle is from sterbotten with a 51.2% Swedish speaking majority!<br><br>
About 5% of the total population is Swedish speaking.<br><br>
Finland Swedish has quite a few differences from normal Swedish, much like Scots and English or Afrikaans and Dutch.<br><br>
By law in Finland if the Swedish speaking minority has increased into at least 3,000 persons or 8% of inhabitants,
then the municipality must become bilingual in Swedish and Finnish.<br><br>
If the minority has fallen below 3,000 persons and 6% of inhabitants, then the municipality becomes monolingual, unless it decides to keep its bilingual status.
At present, only one such municipality has done so, namely Lohja (Lojo in Swedish).<br><br>
Yle X3M is a radio station from Finland's public broadcaster that broadcasts in Finland Swedish that I'm quite a fan of... :)<br><br>
Some other Swedish Speaking Finns you might know are:<br>
Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel and Fredrik Idestam, the founder of Nokia!<br><br>
<div class=q>--- Rose 🌹 ---</div>

  List source: userlistAOKI.txt, file date 2021/01/12 06:34
  kHz:         5850
  UTC/PSN:     0100-0200
  Days/PI:     4 (Th)
  Language:    English
  Station:     WRMI R. Northern Europe Internation
  Country:     USA (United States)
  Transmitter: Okeechobee12
  Latitude:    27.4583 (27N27'30")
  Longitude:   -80.9333 (80W55'60")
  QTH locator: EL97mk89ax
  Modulation:  AM
  Power (kW):  100
  Target:      315
  Distance:    7858 km
  Bearing:     290
  Notes:       RMI b20
  Details:     From United States
  Remarks:     Distance and bearing for Petersberg, 11.96/51.55, JO51xn52ea






































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This Is An Express Music Show
January 2021

Channel 292 on 6070 kHz



Dur Dur Band - Ohiyee
Scientist - Jah Love All Aliens
Violens - Totally True
Арсенал - Пульс Улицы Street Pulse
Franek Kimono - Pożegnanie Franka
Sault - Free




The Free Association - Mother


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every Wednesday at 2100UTC on 7780 kHz via WRMI (Europe beam)


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