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Welcome to program 192 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:42 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:47 Lead-based anode for lithium batteries doubles storage
  6:45 MFSK64: Cambodia to Create Internet Firewall
11:47 Khmer-language text
13:59 This week's images
28:35 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From New Atlas:

Lead-based anode for lithium batteries doubles energy storage

Nick Lavars
February 16, 2021

When it comes to expanding the capabilities of today's
lithium-ion batteries, all kinds of alternative materials are on
the table, from salt, to silicon, to microwaved plastics. Owing
to its abundance, low cost and familiarity in battery systems,
lead is one option with plenty of appeal, and scientists have
just demonstrated how the material can form the basis of a new
lithium battery anode that offers far greater storage capacity.

As one of the two electrodes in a lithium battery, the anode is
loaded up with lithium ions during charging and releases them
during discharge. Graphite is the material of choice for lithium
battery anodes today, and serves them well, remaining stable
across thousands of charging cycles. But where scientists would
like to see some improvement is in their storage capacity, and
for a team at Argonne National Laboratory, there is plenty of
potential in lead.

Because it is widely used in lead-acid batteries, the oldest type
of rechargeable batteries, there are well-established supply
chains for lead, as well as systems in place to recycle the
material at the end of its life. This, combined with the its
low-cost and availability led the team to experiment with a
lead-based anode for use in a lithium ion battery, with some
promising early results.

The team started with large lead-oxide particles, which were
combined with a carbon powder and shaken for several hours. This
sees them converted into smaller, microscopic particles embedded
in a carbon matrix, all encapsulated in a thin lead-oxide shell.

This new anode material was put to the test in battery cells in
the lab, where it offered twice the energy storage capacity of
conventional graphite anodes over 100 charging cycles, and proved
perfectly stable throughout. The team was able to boost its
performance further by adding fluoroethylene carbonate to the
electrolyte solution, which carries the battery's electrical

"Our discovery challenges the current understanding of this type
of electrode material," says Christopher Johnson, the principal
investigator of the project. ​"Our findings also provide exciting
implications for designing low-cost, high-performance anode
materials for transportation and stationary energy storage, such
as backup power for the electric grid."

The research was published in the journal Advanced Functional

Shortwave Radiogram changes to MFSK64 ...

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From VOA Khmer:

Cambodia to Create Internet Firewall with Potential to Block
Traffic, Store Data

Sun Narin
17 February 2021

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA The Cambodian government issued a
directive to establish a National Internet Gateway that would
control online traffic, despite rights groups criticizing the
move they say will give the government wide-ranging powers to
control internet access.

The sub-decree titled the "Establishment of the National Internet
Gateway (NIG)" is drafted by the Ministry of Post and
Telecommunications and signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen on
February 16, according to Ek Tha, a spokesperson at the office of
the Council of Ministers. The sub-decree builds on provisions
already present in the Law on Telecommunications.

The sub-decree was posted on the Council of Ministers Facebook
page and is similar to a draft leaked in September. The directive
establishes a National Internet Gateway (NIG) that will control
all internet operations in the country.

The government will issue NIG licenses to operators, though there
is no detail or clarity over who can apply to be a NIG operator,
and, thereby, have unfettered access to the country's internet

The NIG operator will work to enhance "national revenue
collection", to "protect national security" and to assure "social
order," to protect "culture and national tradition", terms often
used in other vaguely defined legislation.

"NIG is established to facilitate and manage domestic and
international internet connections," according to Article 4 of
the sub-decree.

The sub-decree states that internet operators have to work in
coordination with the Telecom Ministry, Telecommunication
Regulator of Cambodia, and other relevant authorities.

This operator will store and provide routine status reports as
frequent as weekly updates to the government and telecom
regulators while having the broadly defined power to "take action
in blocking and disconnecting all network connections that affect
safety national revenue social order, dignity culture,
traditions, and customs."

A few new additions to the document include an appeals system if
an "individual" is unhappy with an order issued under the
sub-decree and penalties for NIG operators found to violate their
responsibilities, which could result in the operators losing
their license.

The new sub-decree comes as the Myanmar military had consistently
blocked internet access after taking control of the country
during a coup in early February. India has also blocked internet
access to thwart farmer-led protests outside the capital of New
Delhi, apart from having frequent and long-term disruptions in
the centrally administered region of Jammu and Kashmir.

Cambodia has not been shied to use sophisticated, and
rudimentary, surveillance techniques against detractors of the
government and even blocked websites before the last election.

In a May 2018 government notice, the Ministries of
Telecommunications, Information, and Interior formed a working
group to monitor the accuracy of news on online media platforms
and social media, with each ministry tasked with different roles
in the online monitoring mechanism.

The government also instructed internet service providers to
block 17 websites days before the 2018 national election because
they were likely to "obstruct the election." Ministries and
provincial officials have also been asked to monitor the content
posted by citizens, including in private messaging groups.

Recent trials against former Cambodia National Rescue Party
officials and supporters have revealed the use of private phone
conversations and messages to charge individuals for a slew of

Cambodia has seen an exponential increase in internet usage,
especially the use of social media services like Facebook. A lot
of this usage is done via mobile phones, with 10 million
Cambodians, around 65 percent of the population, having access to
mobile data services.

Rights groups say these actions do not bode well for how the
government may use the new NIG directive, raising concerns that
it could be used to target specific individuals or groups in the

Minister of Post and Telecommunications Chea Vandeth rejected any
concerns raised by civil society groups over the government's
intentions with the new directive. He said the operators would
only control the traffic but not have access to data.

"They [NGOs] just speak vaguely. They don't know about this," he
said on Wednesday.

"It is like cars on the National Roads. We don't know what kinds
of cars are on the roads. We just control the traffic to ensure
that it is not jammed."

Ith Sothoeuth, a media director at the Cambodian Center for
Independent Media, said the sub-decree will legally allow the
government to "completely control" what content can be accessed
on the internet, especially factual and critical news published
by independent news outlets.

"The government can filter or block any news that they are
unhappy with," he said.

"I believe it is another risk for the media since the government
can completely control what is viewed on the internet," he added.

Ngeth Moses, an independent cybersecurity consultant, said that
while the establishment of an internet gateway can help with user
data management, internet service management, and national
security, there are concerns over what the government will do
with the data.

"I am concerned about the storage of internet users' data
traffic. When will it be removed? I don't see any period
limitation [in the sub-decree]," he said.

Phil Robertson, deputy director of the Asia division of Human
Rights Watch, said Cambodia's adoption of the National Internet
Gateway was not good news for Cambodians, but also bad for

"In a single act, the government has made rights-abusing
censorship and control of the internet far more likely and
guaranteed increased damage to the many companies and
entrepreneurs, both large and small, who rely on a fast and
uninterrupted internet to do their business," he said in an email
to VOA Khmer.

See also:


Next, an excerpt from the same VOA Khmer story in its original
Khmer language.

If the Khmer characters appear as rectangles, copy the rectangles
from Fldigi to a word processor, and the correct characters might
appear ...

ម្រួល​និង​គ្រប់គ្រង​ការ​តភ្ជាប់​បណ្តាញ​អ៊ិនធឺណិត ដើម្បី​ពង្រឹង​ប្រសិទ្ធភា
ព និង​ស័ក្តិសិទ្ធិភាព​នៃ​ការ​កៀរ​គរ​ចំណូល​ជាតិ ការ​ការពារ​សន្តិសុខ​ជាតិ និង​ក
ារ​ថែរក្សា​របៀប​រៀប​រយ​សណ្តាប់​ធ្នាប់​សង្គម។ អនុក្រឹត្យ​នេះ​មាន​វិសាលភាព​អនុវ
ត្ត​ចំពោះ​រាល់​ប្រតិបត្តិការ​ហេដ្ឋារចនា​សម្ព័ន្ធ និង​បណ្តាញ

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This week's images ...

The central peak of Tycho Crater, as seen by the Lunar
Reconnaissance Orbiter. This spacecraft, 11 years into its
mission, has received a software update.

Sending Pic:304x150;

A worker cleans the seats at Sardar Patel Gujarat Stadium, where
India and England played their third test match, in Ahmedabad,
India. ...

Sending Pic:209x115C;

The architectural monument "Alter Flecken" with 80 half-timbered
houses in the old town of Freudenberg, Germany, February 13. ...

Sending Pic:197x179C;

A boy rides on a slide at a mall in Beijing, on February 10. ...

Sending Pic:169x197C;

A man walks along Lake Michigan as the sun rises in Chicago,
Illinois, on February 7. ...

Sending Pic:204x111C;

Lights on the Gilbert Scott Building at the University of Glasgow
on a snowy day. ...

Sending Pic:144x200C;

Sunrise at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, February 17.

Sending Pic:202x167C;


An icy tree in Hollywood, Maryland, February 13. ...

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We close with "Pit Stop" by SlacSatu, from a BBC feature
showcasing Singapores arts. ...

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   Chick Corea - Anna's Tango Past, Present & Futures 2001
   Armando Anthony Chick Corea (* 12. Juni 1941 in Chelsea, Massachusetts; 9. Februar 2021




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This Is A Music Show #103
11 February 2021

0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


TIAnExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times. Check the schedule here:



The Today People - Grazing In The Grass


The Music Explosion - I See The Light
Unknown Artist - Night Of The Long Grass
The Buckinghams - You Are Gone


Edwin Starr - He Who Picks A Rose
Ike And Tina Turner - Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter
The Supremes - This Will Be The Day


Strange Advance - We Run
TicToc - The Village/One For My Baby


Hi-Tension - Girl I Betcha
The O'Jays - She Used Ta Be My Girl


Human League - Total Panic


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - All I Ever Need Is You


Mike Clifford - She's Just Another Girl




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This Is An Express Music Show
February 2021

Channel 292 on 6070 kHz



Tyrone Davis - Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Fantastic Johnny C - Hitch It To The Horse
Wulomei - Woo Wee Loo
Barrington Spense - Natty No Witness
Jackie Mittoo - Rockin Sensation
Robin Trower - A Tale Untold




Earth And Fire - Hazy Paradise


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Walter Becker of Steely Dan was born February 20, 1950.

He died in 2017.

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RSID: <<2021-02-21T01:46Z DominoEX 22 @ 5960000+1500>>

DominoEX Modes

General Description

DominoEX is a family of offset incremental multi-frequency shift keyed modes with low symbol rate. A single carrier of constant amplitude is stepped between 18 tone frequencies in a constant phase manner. As a result, no
unwanted sidebands are generated, and no specia trrao ete



RSID: <<2021-02-21T01:47Z DominoEX 22 @ 5960000+1500>>

no sequential tones are the same or adjacent in frequency, considerably enhancing the inter-syol interference resistance to multi-path and Doppler effects.

The mode is normally used without Forward Error Correction, as it is very robust. The default speed11 baud) was designed for NVIS conditions (80m at night)ti!aaootia1 ri Kzteae



RSID: <<2021-02-21T01:47Z DominoEX 44 @ 5960000+1500>>


immunity to transmitter-receiver frequency offset, drift and excellent rejection of propagation induced Doppler.

These are unconnected, manually controlled message asynchronous simplex chat modes, normally used without Forward Error Correction. The FEC option is rarely used. The default calling mode is DominoEX11.
Coding and Character Set

A nibble-based varicode with ASCII-256 user interface is used. Lower case characters are sent faster. An ASCII-128 secondary character set allows a fixed (typically ID) message to be sent whenever the transmitter is idle.
Modulation is nibble-wise symbol synchronous, differential.

The FEC option uses a binary varicode with modified ASCII-128 user interface. Lower



RSID: <<2021-02-21T01:48Z DominoEX 44 @ 5960000+1500>>

T6iB at,otciosMentt4toatiOse& dibit pa, smbol syncM3 ou EdifferentitW
tohe FEonption uses binary onvoeLionuarate twou per Utodeebit, and halves t d correctponotata r]or t d sarsymeOl ratet.atx1/2, ofnstraint en' K=n deilt oRterleaveri=4 6 bit t. m!efault 30rleaver is tD@hA for wO_t3ne
beAiirectioK pwor ti beto th L=1o oeei4n evtono tteottozne eeaw1te C e4tiiOveeveea4rY v4ntoetttee7aeix8 x itenGo oor fnn7O? 2V , o&nrt ei tarQaUa iex weoLoo e ui eeBx oeGn|xninfn nn4eo