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Welcome to program 198 of Shortwave Radiogram

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:43 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:51 Facebook, Google announce plans for undersea cables
  5:40 Excerpt of Burmese-language text
  9:50 MFSK64: Arctic lightning strikes triple over past decade
13:08 This week's images
28:06 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From the Voice of America:

Facebook, Google Announce Plans for Undersea Cables Joining Asia,
North America

By VOA News
March 29, 2021

After canceling plans for undersea cables connecting the United
States with Hong Kong because of U.S. government pressure,
Facebook and Google now say they will run similar cables to
Singapore and Indonesia.

"Named Echo and Bifrost, those will be the first two cables to go
through a new diverse route crossing the Java Sea, and they will
increase overall subsea capacity in the trans-Pacific by about
70%," Facebook's vice president of network investments, Kevin
Salvadori, told the Reuters news agency.

Salvadori would not comment on the cost of the project.

He said the Echo cable, which is being built in partnership with
Google and Indonesian telecommunications company XL, would be
completed by 2023.

Bifrost, which is being done in partnership with Telin, a
subsidiary of Indonesia's Telkom, and Singapore's Keppel
Corporation, should be completed by 2024, he said.

Both projects will need regulatory approval.

Most Indonesians who have internet access get it via mobile
phones, Reuters reported, adding that only 10% have broadband
access. Many have no access at all.

Facebook said plans for the cable to Hong Kong were scrapped
because the U.S. government cited national security concerns
about direct communication links to Hong Kong.

Facebook and Google are involved in other cable projects around
the world.

Facebook announced last May that it was going to build a
37,000-kilometer-long undersea cable around Africa.

Google's project, the Equiano undersea cable, could connect
Europe and Africa when finished.


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Next on Shortwave Radiogram, we continue our experiments with
on-Latin alphabets, this time Burmese, the main language of
Mynmar. This is an excerpt from a VOA Burmese news story about
bacteria that consume plastic ...


Full text:


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From the University of Washington:

Warming temperatures tripled Arctic lightning strikes over the
past decade

UW News Staff
March 22, 2021

Lightning strikes in the Arctic tripled from 2010 to 2020, a
finding University of Washington researchers attribute to rising
temperatures due to human-caused climate change. The results,
researchers say, suggest Arctic residents in northern Russia,
Canada, Europe and Alaska need to prepare for the danger of more
frequent lightning strikes.

The study, published March 22 in Geophysical Research Letters,
used data from the UW-based World Wide Lightning Location Network
to map lightning strikes across the globe from 2010 to 2020.
WWLLN sensors detect the short burst of radio waves emitted
during a lightning strike.

The new study found the number of lightning strikes above 65
degrees north latitude during the summer months tripled from 2010
to 2020 as compared to the total number of lightning strikes over
the entire globe during the same period.

"With long periods of ice-free ocean and increasing shipping in
the Arctic, you're going to have the same problem you have at
lower latitudes - when there's a lot of people and they don't
know about the lightning threat and it becomes a problem," said
lead author Robert Holzworth, a UW professor emeritus of Earth
and space sciences.

Holzworth and his colleagues analyzed the frequency of Arctic
lightning strikes occurring during the summer months of June,
July and August from 2010 to 2020. They found the percentage of
lightning strikes occurring in the Arctic tripled from 0.2% of
global lightning strikes in 2010 to 0.6% in 2020. The actual
number of lightning strikes above 65 degrees north increased from
about 18,000 in 2010 to over 150,000 in 2020.

During the same time period, Arctic temperatures increased from
0.65 to 0.95 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times.
Holzworth and his colleagues attribute the increased lightning
strikes to these rising temperatures, as warmer summers mean more
chances for intense thunderstorms to develop and create

Lightning in the Arctic is historically rare, as it usually isn't
warm enough to generate the right thunderstorm conditions during
which lightning occurs. But researchers have recently noticed
more strikes occurring in the northernmost latitudes and they
even reported several lightning strikes near the north pole in
August 2019. Lightning strikes that do occur in the Arctic tend
to happen in the summer when thunderstorms are most likely to

The Arctic is warming faster than any other region on Earth, and
the study authors found the uptick in lightning strikes matched
rising temperatures in the region over the past decade. Arctic
temperatures increased by 0.3 degrees Celsius from 2010 to 2020;
that warming has created more favorable conditions for intense
summer thunderstorms that produce lightning, according to the

Arctic sea ice is declining by about 13% every decade, according
to NASA. Less ice means more ocean will be available for shipping
through the Arctic, especially in the summer months. Countries
like Russia, China, Canada and the United States are already
preparing to use the Arctic Ocean as a viable shipping route in
the future.

The new study suggests shipping vessels throughout the Arctic
could be more vulnerable to lightning strikes, in addition to
those who call the Arctic home.

Co-authors are Michael McCarthy, Abram Jacobson, Craig Rodger and
Todd Anderson at the UW; and James Brundell at the University of
Otago in New Zealand.

For more information, contact Holzworth at

See also:





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This week's images ...

This scene from the island of Pag, Coatia  [Croatia] , is a winner of the
2020 Storm Photos of the Year competition. ...

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Jedna od ljepših situacija kojoj sam imao priliku svjedočiti.
Munje i ogromna kišna zavjesa obojana zalazećim suncem.
Otok Pag, 24.8.2020.
Epic scenery yesterday evening!
Lightning and rain shaft at sunset..
Island of
Pag, 24.8.2020.


A chihuahua sits in a pool full of plastic balls at the 10th
Thailand international Pet Variety Exhibition in Bangkok. ...

Sending Pic:203x137C;

A house in West Fulton, New York, from The Guardian's pictorial
"America's backroads." ...

Sending Pic:212x137C;

Hikers wearing head torches make their way to and from the site
of a volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland. ...

Sending Pic:191x180C;

An "America by streelight" image by British photographer Deniel
Freeman. ...

Sending Pic:159x201C;

A collection of shells found at The Brough of Birsay in Orkney,
Scotland. ...

Sending Pic:190x191C;

Crocuses at Hutton and Corrie Church in Boreland, Dumfriesshire,
Scotland. ...

Sending Pic:209x103C;

Our painting of the week is "Spring Abstract #1" by Tanya
Grabkova. ...

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This Is A Music Show #109
01 April 2021

0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


TIAnExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times. Check the schedule here:




Heath Vs. Ros - Malaguena
MIDOMI:   Malagueña   -  Ted Heath & His Music, Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra

Heath Vs Ros [Swing Vs Latin] • 1964




Unknown Artist - Wild Times         MIDOMI: Wild Times - Stone Canyon Rock Group
The Gestures - It Seems To Me
Jack And The Showmen - Alone And Afraid    [1969]


- - -





PanAm North Stars - Women And Money                               [1962]
The 5th Dimension - What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)  [1971]
Derrick Harriot - Some Guys Have All The Luck VERSION


- - -

- - -



- - -





WAR - Galaxy          [1978]
Maynard Ferguson - Nice N' Juicy




Little John - Give Thanks And Praise DUB
Dobby Dobson - Your New Love


- - -

- - -



THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Tipsy Gypsy


- - -




Sounds Orchestral - God Only Knows


- - -


     - - -

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Billy Joe Royal was born April 3, 1942.

He died in 2015.

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--- Radio Northern Europe International Show #16 Playlist ---

#, Artist - Title [Country] (Spotify Streams)

1, EYJAA - Don't Forget About Me 🇮🇸 (23.5k)
2, KUČKA — No Good For Me 🇬🇧 (139k)
3, Nana Jacobi - Sorgfugl 🇩🇰 (15.5k)
4, Four Nights - Grow So Cold 🇮🇪 (13.6k)
5, UNDER - En säng av rosor 🇸🇪 (12.4k)
6, Jon Henrik Fjällgren - Mountain Dance 🇸🇪-*Samí* (403k)
7, Heroines - Rules 🇫🇮 (55k)

---'s pick of the month ---
8, Daniel Oliver - Feels Like Home 🇸🇪 (4.6k)

--- RNEIxtra - Mammas Mest Metal ---
9, Darkher - Ghost Tears 🇬🇧 (171k)

Thanks for listening and decoding!
Til vi møtes igjen,
Ha det!




#, Artist - Title [Country] (Spotify Streams)    
1, EYJAA - Don't Forget About Me     🇮🇸      (23.5k)
2, KUČKA — No Good For Me     🇬🇧      (139k) - - -
3, Nana Jacobi - Sorgfugl     🇩🇰      (15.5k)
4, Four Nights - Grow So Cold     🇮🇪      (13.6k) - - -
5, UNDER - En säng av rosor     🇸🇪      (12.4k) - - -
6, Jon Henrik Fjällgren - Mountain Dance              *Samí*     🇸🇪      (403k)
7, Heroines - Rules     🇫🇮      (55k) - - -
---'s pick of the month ---
8, Daniel Oliver - Feels Like Home
    🇸🇪      (4.6k)
--- RNEIxtra - Mammas Mest Metal ---
9, Darkher - Ghost Tears
    🇬🇧      (171k)