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Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:39 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:41 Harvesting Wi-Fi signals for power
  7:19 MFSK64: Concept for rechargeable cement-based batteries
10:57 This week's images
28:10 MFSK32: Closing announcements


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From New Atlas:

Scientists harvest Wi-Fi signals to power an LED

Nick Lavars
May 18, 2021

Scientists have been working for years to harvest the power of
ambient radio waves to power small devices, and these days there
is hardly a richer source of these signals than Wi-Fi networks.
Researchers have demonstrated a new approach to harnessing these
frequencies, developing a novel chip that can convert them into
power for a small LED, and possibly other small electronics and

Over the years we've looked at a number of research projects
seeking to harvest energy from radio waves, like those created by
Wi-Fi, with some showing real promise. The idea is to turn the
energy of from these wireless networks that would otherwise go to
waste and use it to power electronics, but generating meaningful
amounts of power has proven a challenge so far.

The new technology, developed by scientists at National
University of Singapore (NUS) and Japan’s Tohoku University, make
use of what are known as spin-torque oscillators (STOs). These
are a relatively new class of tiny devices with the ability to
generate microwaves, but have only resulted in low power outputs
so far.

Joining several STOs together on a single chip is one way
scientists hope to increase this power output, but they have run
into trouble determining the optimal configuration, with efforts
so far plagued by issues around spacing and low frequency
responses. The authors of the new study designed and tested a new
layout where eight STOs are connected in a series, which they say
overcomes these issues.

The array was able to take 2.4 GHz radio waves generated by Wi-Fi
signals and turn them into a direct voltage signal. This was
passed onto a capacitor and used to light up a 1.6-volt LED.
Charging the capacitor for five seconds enabled the LED to remain
illuminated for a minute, even after the power supply was
switched off.

“We are surrounded by Wi-Fi signals, but when we are not using
them to access the Internet, they are inactive, and this is a
huge waste," says study author Professor Yang Hyunsoo. "Our
latest result is a step towards turning readily-available 2.4 GHz
radio waves into a green source of energy, hence reducing the
need for batteries to power electronics that we use regularly. In
this way, small electric gadgets and sensors can be powered
wirelessly by using radio frequency waves as part of the Internet
of Things. With the advent of smart homes and cities, our work
could give rise to energy-efficient applications in
communication, computing, and neuromorphic systems."

The researchers will now look to boost the energy-harvesting
ability of their technology by increasing the number of STOs in
the array. They will also explore how it can be used to power
other electronic devices and sensors.

The research was published in the journal Nature Communications.

Source: National University of Singapore

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From Science X Network:

World first concept for rechargeable cement-based batteries

by Chalmers University of Technology
May 18, 2021

Imagine an entire 20-storey concrete building that can store
energy like a giant battery. Thanks to unique research from
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, this vision could
someday be a reality. Researchers from the Department of
Architecture and Civil Engineering recently published an article
outlining a new concept for rechargeable batteries made of

The ever-growing need for sustainable building materials poses
great challenges for researchers. Doctor Emma Zhang, formerly of
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, joined Professor
Luping Tang's research group several years ago to search for the
building materials of the future. Together, they have now
developed a world-first concept for a rechargeable cement-based

The concept involves a cement-based mixture with small amounts of
short carbon fibres added to increase the conductivity and
flexural toughness. Embedded within the mixture is a metal-coated
carbon fibre mesh—iron for the anode, and nickel for the cathode.
After much experimentation, this is the prototype the researchers
now present.

"Results from earlier studies investigating concrete battery
technology showed very low performance, so we realised we had to
think out of the box to come up with another way to produce the
electrode. This particular idea that we have developed—which is
also rechargeable—has never been explored before. Now, we have
proof of concept at lab scale," Emma Zhang explains.

Luping Tang and Emma Zhang's research has produced a rechargeable
cement-based battery with an average energy density of 7
Watthours per square metre (or 0.8 Watthours per litre). Energy
density is used to express the capacity of the battery, and a
modest estimate is that the performance of the new Chalmers
battery could be more than 10 times that of earlier attempts at
concrete batteries. The energy density is still low in comparison
to commercial batteries, but this limitation could be overcome
thanks to the huge volume at which the battery could be
constructed when used in buildings.

A potential key to solving energy storage issues

The fact that the battery is rechargeable is its most important
quality, and the applications that could result if the concept is
further developed would be groundbreaking. Energy storage is an
obvious possiblity, monitoring is another. The researchers see
applications that could range from powering LEDs, providing 4G
connections in remote areas, or cathodic protection against
corrosion in concrete infrastructure.

"It could also be coupled with solar cell panels, for example, to
provide electricity and become the energy source for monitoring
systems in highways or bridges, where sensors operated by a
concrete battery could detect cracking or corrosion," suggests
Emma Zhang.

The concept of using structures and buildings in this way would
offer an alternative solution to the energy crisis by providing a
large volume of energy storage.

Concrete, which is formed by mixing cement with other
ingredients, is the world's most commonly used building material.
From a sustainability perspective, it is far from ideal, but the
potential to add power functionality could offer a new dimension.
Emma Zhang says, "We have a vision that in the future, this
technology could allow for whole sections of multi-storey
buildings made of functional concrete. Considering that any
concrete surface could have a layer of this electrode embedded,
we are talking about enormous volumes of functional concrete."

Challenges remain with service-life aspects

The idea is still at a very early stage. The technical questions
remaining to be solved before commercialisation of the technique
include extending the service life of the battery and the
development of recycling techniques. "Since concrete
infrastructure is usually built to last 50 or even 100 years, the
batteries would need to be refined to match this, or to be easier
to exchange and recycle when their service life is over. For now,
this offers a major challenge from a technical point of view,"
says Emma Zhang.

"We are convinced this concept makes for a great contribution to
allowing future building materials to have additional functions
such as renewable energy sources," concludes Luping Tang.


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This week's images ...

A honeybee pollinates a flower on a lamb’s ear plant, San
Anselmo, California. ...

Sending Pic:162x201C;

A wild narcissus on a mountain slope in Switzerland. This flower
is endangered mainly due to agriculture and herding. ...

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Bear cubs in Jasper and Banff National Park in the Canadian
Rocky Mountains. ...

Sending Pic:164x197C;

Horses at Newmarket racecourse in England.

Sending Pic:206x115C;



Lightning strikes the business tower Lakhta Centre, which is
under construction in Saint Petersburg, Russia. ...

Sending Pic:168x205C;

Aquarist Jeremy Simmons is watched by Marcelo Noone-Taylor as he
plants corals rescued from illegal trading, in a seven-metre-long
reef at ZSL London Zoo. ...

Sending Pic:202x136C;

This deer "posed perfectly" at Aberlady, Scotland. ...

Sending Pic:186x202C;



A highway in Glencoe Valley, Scotland. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Scarlet Macaw" ("Arara vermelha") by
G. Camarinha. ...

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This Is A Music Show #116
20 May 2021

0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


TIAnExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times. Check the schedule here:



King Richard's Flugel Knights - Miniskirt Waltz


The Easybeats - Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It
The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard
Booker T And The M.G.s - Heads Or Tails


Charles Wright And The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Express Yourself
Bill Withers - Better Off Dead
Boyd Bennet - Boogie Bear


The Rockin' Rebels - Rockin' Crickets
The Arcadians Steel Band - Arcadian Cha-Cha
Max Romeo - God BLess You Pt. 2


Stampeders - Gator Road
Boris Gardiner - Let's Keep That Version


Gwenno - Chwyldro


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Easy Going


The Tremelos - Here Comes My Baby


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King Richard's Flugel Knights - Miniskirt Waltz

- - -


The Easybeats - Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It
The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard
Booker T And The M.G.s - Heads Or Tails


Charles Wright And The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Express Yourself
Bill Withers - Better Off Dead
Boyd Bennet - Boogie Bear


The Rockin' Rebels - Rockin' Crickets
The Arcadians Steel Band - Arcadian Cha-Cha
Max Romeo - God BLess You Pt. 2

- - -

- - -

- - -


Stampeders - Gator Road
Boris Gardiner - Let's Keep That Version

- - -


Gwenno - Chwyldro


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Easy Going


The Tremelos - Here Comes My Baby        MIDOMI: The Equals









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Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog Synthesizer, was born May 23, 1934.

He died in 2005.

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--- Radio Northern Europe International Show #17 Playlist ---

#, Artist - Title [Country] (Spotify Streams)

1, Saint Sister - Karaoke Song 🇮🇪 (79k)
2, evvz - Staying Me 🇸🇪 (70k)
3, Jonathan Floyd - Fly 🇳🇴 (385k)
4, Alma Agger - Uundgåelig 🇩🇰 (192k)
5, Bethan Wyn - Get To Know You 🇬🇧 (2.0k)
6, Pávva - Ševnjut *sami* (3.6k)

---'s pick of the month ---
7, Hanne Mjøen - Hell With You 🇳🇴 (70k)

8, Erin - Niinku koko ajan 🇫🇮 (281k)
9, Muri - Fallin' 🇩🇰 (596k)

--- RNEIxtra - Mammas Mest Metal ---
10, Solar Sons - Worlds Unknown 🇬🇧 (-)
11, GREYFACE - Yin 🇮🇪 (11.9k)
12, Solar Sons - The Wolf 🇬🇧 (-)
13, Orochen - Drift Away 🇸🇪 (4k)

--- Stephen's Feature: Kari Rueslåtten ---
14, Kari Rueslåtten - I Månens Favn 🇳🇴 (-)
15, Kari Rueslåtten - Battle Forevermore 🇳🇴 (140k)
16, Kari Rueslåtten - Gone 🇳🇴 (22.8k)
17, Kari Rueslåtten - Sørgekåpe 🇳🇴 (56.9k)

- = No data available.

Thanks for listening and decoding!
Til vi møtes igjen,
Ha det!


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RNEI # 17    May 2021  via WRMI 5850 kHz


01. Saint Sister - Karaoke Song

Northern Ireland

Where I Should End •  2021

24.03.2021 YT

- - -

02. evvz  -  Staying Me


Staying Me • 2021

02.04.2021 YT

03. Jonathan Floyd  -  Fly


Fly • 2020

14.08.2020 YT

04. Alma Agger  -  Uundgåelig


Uundgåelig • 2021

25.03.2021 YT

05. Bethan Wyn - Get To Know You


Single  •  2021

14.04.2021 YT

- - -

06. Pávva - Ševnjut     [Sámi Music (Joik)]


Single  •  2020

28.06.2020 YT

- - -

07. Hanne Mjøen - Hell With You


Hell With You • 2021

27.04.2021 YT

- - -

08. Erin - Niinku koko ajan


Niinku koko ajan • 2021

08.04.2021 YT

- - -

09. Muri  -  Fallin'


Fallin' • 2020 

19.08.2020 YT

10. Solar Sons - Worlds Unknown


Subliminal Criminal • 2019

05.12.2019 YT

- - -

11. GREYFACE - Yin


Single • 2019

22.05.2019 YT

- - -

12. Solar Sons - The Wolf


Chameleon • 2021

15.04.2021 YT

- - -

13. Orochen - Drift Away


Thylacine • 2020

18.09.2020 YT

14. Kari Rueslåtten - I Månens Favn


Spindelsinn • 1994

01.03.2013 YT

15. Kari Rueslåtten - Battle Forevermore


To the North • 2015

04.09.2015 YT

16. Kari Rueslåtten - Gone


Silence Is the Only Sound • 2017

15.11.2017 YT

17. Kari Rueslåtten - Sørgekåpe


Sorgekape • 2020

08.03.2020 YT








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