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  1:40 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:45 India is especially vulnerable to life-threatening heat
  6:24 MFSK64: Flash-heating efficiently recycles e-waste*
10:52 This week's images*
28:31 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From Bloomberg News via

Study: India is home to half of all people vulnerable to
life-threatening heat

by Jonathan Tirone
October 5, 2021

When bestselling science-fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson
opened his latest novel, The Ministry for the Future, he set the
scene in India, where a deadly heat dome wipes out almost the
entire population of a provincial city, sowing the seed for a
radical political movement to combat climate change.

Two years after the book was released, a new study published this
week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
offers troubling data that could turn Stanley's narrative into
reality. The researchers found that more than half the people on
Earth who face life-threatening heat stress caused by climate
change live in India. Urban dwellers in world's second-most
populous nation have borne the brunt of global warming over the
last three decades, and the risks to their health are poised to

"Our analysis calls into question the future sustainability and
equity for populations living in and moving to many of the
planet's urban settlements," wrote the authors, who are all based
in the U.S. "Climate change is increasing the frequency,
duration, and intensity of extreme heat across the globe."

India has 17 of the 50 cities most affected by heat stress. New
Delhi ranked second, while Bangladesh's capital Dhaka topped the

The researchers conducted a statistical analysis of 13,115 cities
worldwide using the so-called wet bulb index - a measure that
accounts for temperature, humidity, wind speed and radiant heat.
When that measure exceeds 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees
Fahrenheit), the International Standards Organization says that
workers face heat-related illnesses that can lead to death.

"Exposure to extreme heat in urban areas is much more
widespread—and increasing in many more areas—than we had
previously realized," said co-author Kelly Caylor, director of
the University of California at Santa Barbara's Earth Research
Institute. "Almost 1 in 5 people on Earth experienced increases
in exposure to urban heat over the past 30 years."

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Flash-heating efficiently recycles precious metals from e-waste

By Michael Irving
October 5, 2021

Electronic waste (or e-waste) is not only a major pollutant in
landfill, but huge amounts of useful resources are being thrown
away. Engineers at Rice University have now shown that precious
metals and rare earth minerals can be recovered by flash-heating
ground-up electronics with a zap of electricity.

The annual pursuit of newer, shinier phones makes e-waste the
world's fastest-growing waste stream, with 59 million tons
generated in 2019 alone. If cleaning up the environment isn't
motivating enough, then perhaps the financial incentive will be –
it's estimated that all those discarded laptops, Zunes and iPhone
12s contain tens of billions of dollars' worth of precious metals
like gold, silver, copper and platinum. Unfortunately, less than
20 percent of the world's e-waste is recycled, so the Rice team
set out to make this process easier and less expensive.

In previous work the researchers demonstrated a technique called
flash joule heating, involving millisecond-long jolts of
electricity that heated materials to high temperatures.
Originally the team used this to create graphene out of waste
products, and later converted carbon from almost any source into
either graphene or diamond by alternating the length of the

For the new study, the team turned their attention to the e-waste
problem. They started by grinding up old discarded circuit boards
into powder, then zapped the mix to heat it to 3,127 °C (5,660
°F). This vaporizes the metals, and the vapors are then piped
into a cold trap where they recondense into solid metals. From
there, common refining methods can separate the specific metals
for use.

The team says that this process can recover over 60 percent of
gold in a sample, and over 80 percent of silver, palladium and
rhodium. It also removes toxic heavy metals like chromium,
arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead, which can leach into the
environment from e-waste in landfill.

Importantly, the researchers say that the process is energy
efficient and scalable. It consumes about 939 kWh per ton of
material processed, which is one 80th the amount consumed by
commercial smelting and one 500th that of furnaces.

"Here, the largest growing source of waste becomes a treasure,"
says James Tour, lead researcher on the study. "This will curtail
the need to go all over the world to mine from ores in remote and
dangerous places, stripping the Earth's surface and using gobs of
water resources. The treasure is in our dumpsters."

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications.

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Image: Screen capture from the accompanying Rice University video
demonstrating the flash heating method ...

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This week's images ...

A blue aurora over the horizon at Loch Fleet, Sutherland,
Scotland. ...

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Close-up of a yellow highway line, from a New York Times story
about line striping. ...

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Danionella cerebrum, used for years in research, has just been
described as a separate species of fish.

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The Sense of Unity light parade in Weymouth, England, September
25. ...

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Harvesting chrysanthemum flowers in a field near Bangalore,
India. ...

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Watching the Cumbre Vieja volcanic eruption from a distance in
Los Llanos de Ariadne, La Palma, Canary Islands. ...

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The Arc de Triomphe wrapped in silver-blue fabric as designed by
the late artist Christo.

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Sunrise in Washington DC on October 5 was a "stunning crown of
bright orange pillars." ...

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Gourds festoon the front of a rowhouse in Old Town Alexandria,
Virginia. ...

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Our art of the week is a vintage poster of the Chicago South
Shore & South Bend Railroad (still in operation): "Autumn in the
Dunes via South Shore Line."

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Sheila Ferguson of The Three Degrees was born October 8, 1947.

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This Is A Music Show #136
07 October 2021

0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


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Bill Justis - Green Onions


Carolyne Bernier - Dance With Me
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Gary Criss - Rio De Janeiro
Grey And Hanks - Dancin'
Maynard Ferguson - The Fly
Mantus - Freestyle Rhythm
FLB - Spacy Lady
Patrick Juvet - Ou Sont Les Femmes
Gary Criss - Amazon Queen
Duran Duran - My Own Way (Night Version)
The Opec Family - Get Up And Do The Boogie
The Beck Family - Can't Shat The Feeling        [Shake]
Gene Farrow - Can You Keep It Up All Night
FLB - Boogie Town
Sweet Blindness - Quebec
Tony Wilson - Try Love


Percy Williams - Leaders Of The World (Instrumental)


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Stardust


Orchestral Manouevers In The Dark - Souvenir (Extended)


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     Artist    &   Track name

country flag

spotify #



--YT --

1. ClubDub & Mambakid - frikki dór 2012





2. Yaeger - Catch Me If You Can



   (2) - - -


3. Nelli Matula - Tulevaisuuteen





4. CHVRCHES - Violent Delights





5. West of Eden - Så skimrande var aldrig havet





6. Daniela Reyes - Praten sporer av





7. Molly Sandén - Vi ska aldrig gå hem




--- RNEI Dance Section ---






8. Braaten & Chrit Leaf & Aili - Seaside











9. GREYFACE - Dead Men (Don't Walk In Circles) (feat. Tadhg)



   (9) - - -





 (10) - - -    (Joanna Reinikainen & Irina Rojas from Sweden)


11. Lüdo - Banshee... Beyond Belief



 (11) - - -


12. Blood Command - Ctrl + Art + Delete





--- Stephen's Feature - Faye O'Rourke ---          

13. Little Green Cars - Angel Owl





14. Little Green Cars - The Song They Play Every Night





15. Soda Blonde - Choices



 (15) - - -


16. Soda Blonde - Don't Mind Them






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