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  1:40 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  3:27 MFSK32: Ancient ice reveals mysterious solar storm
  7:11 MFSK64: Biden pushes domestic semiconductor manufacturing
11:42 MFSK64: This week's images
28:26 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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Ancient ice reveals mysterious solar storm

by Lund University
January 26, 2022

Through analyses of ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, a
research team led by Lund University in Sweden has found evidence
of an extreme solar storm that occurred about 9,200 years ago.
What puzzles the researchers is that the storm took place during
one of the sun's more quiet phases—during which it is generally
believed our planet is less exposed to such events.

The sun is a prerequisite for all life on Earth. But our
life-giving companion can also cause problems. When there is
strong activity on the surface of the sun, more energy is
released, something that can give rise to geomagnetic storms.
This in turn can cause power outages and communication

Predicting solar storms is difficult. It is currently believed
that they are more likely during an active phase of the sun, or
solar maximum, during the so-called sunspot cycle. However, the
new study published in Nature Communications shows that this may
not always be the case for very large storms.

"We have studied drill cores from Greenland and Antarctica, and
discovered traces of a massive solar storm that hit Earth during
one of the sun's passive phases about 9,200 years ago," says
Raimund Muscheler, geology researcher at Lund University.

The researchers scoured the drill cores for peaks of the
radioactive isotopes beryllium-10 and chlorine-36. These are
produced by high-energy cosmic particles that reach Earth, and
can be preserved in ice and sediment.

"This is time consuming and expensive analytical work. Therefore,
we were pleasantly surprised when we found such a peak,
indicating a hitherto unknown giant solar storm in connection
with low solar activity," says Raimund Muscheler.

If a similar solar storm were to take place today, it could have
devastating consequences. In addition to power outages and
radiation damage to satellites, it could pose a danger to air
traffic and astronauts as well as a collapse of various
communication systems.

"These enormous storms are currently not sufficiently included in
risk assessments. It is of the utmost importance to analyze what
these events could mean for today's technology and how we can
protect ourselves," concludes Raimund Muscheler.

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From the Voice of America:

Biden Pushes Expansion of Domestic Semiconductor Manufacturing

Patsy Widakuswara
January 21, 2022

U.S. President Joe Biden touted a $20 billion investment by
American technology company Intel to build a semiconductor
factory in Ohio to address a global shortage that has been
exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the U.S.-China trade

In a speech from the White House on Jan. 21, Biden said the Intel
factory, part of the administration's effort to work with the
private sector, would create thousands of jobs. He urged Congress
to pass legislation to further expand domestic chip
manufacturing, framing it in the context of strategic competition
with China.

"Today 75% of the production takes place in East Asia; 90% of the
most advanced chips are made in Taiwan," Biden said. "China is
doing everything it can to take over the global market so they
can try to outcompete the rest of us."

Semiconductor chips function as the brains of cars, medical
equipment, household appliances and electronic devices.

The $20 billion factory is an initial investment, said Patrick
Gelsinger, chief executive officer of Intel, at the White House

"This site alone could grow to as much as $100 billion of total
investment over the decade," he said.

The White House pointed to other investments in semiconductor
manufacturing in the United States earlier this year by Samsung,
Texas Instruments and Micron.

"Congress can accelerate this progress by passing the U.S.
Investment and Competition Act, also known as USICA, which the
president has long championed and which he called for action on
today," said White House press secretary Jen Psaki, referring to
legislation that aims to strengthen research, development and
manufacturing for critical supply chains to address semiconductor

Driven by Washington's desire to retain an edge over China's
technological ambitions, USICA was passed with rare bipartisan
Senate support in June but still needs to be passed by the House
of Representatives. It includes full funding for the CHIPS for
America Act, which provides $52 billion to catalyze more private
sector investments in the semiconductor industry.

"The Chinese have been really clear. They want an indigenous chip
industry. They want to be globally dominant, and that means
displacing the U.S. and others," James Lewis, director of the
technology and public policy program at the Center for Strategic
and International Studies, told VOA.

The U.S. share of global semiconductor production has fallen from
37% to 12% over the past 30 years, according to government data.

Pandemic impact

The COVID-19 pandemic and extreme changes in consumer demand
during lockdowns have exacerbated fragility in the global
semiconductor supply chain.

"Consumer demand increased rapidly for items such as home
computers, while supply could not keep up and many Chinese
manufacturers were locked down," Nada Sanders, professor of
supply chain management at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business
at Northeastern University, told VOA.

Meanwhile, the U.S.-China tariff war that began under the Trump
administration and geopolitical conflicts between the two global
rivals have made the environment even less conducive for
cooperation, Sanders said.

The Intel factory will not be operational until 2025, but
analysts say the initiative will still be effective to secure the
supply of chips in the long run.

"You cannot underestimate demand for this stuff. It grows at
about 10% a year," Lewis said.

As the U.S. expands its domestic chip manufacturing capacity,
analysts say a key component is working with international
partners, including South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, to fill in the
supply gap.

Earlier Friday, Biden discussed semiconductor supply chain
resilience in his virtual summit with Japanese Prime Minister
Fumio Kishida.

"The leaders did discuss the importance of cooperation on supply
chain security, including semiconductors, and the president
described what we are doing at home and underscored the
importance of working together on it," a National Security
Council spokesperson told VOA.

The spokesperson added that the two countries have been working
closely in this area bilaterally through the Quad, a security
dialogue forum involving the U.S., Australia, India and Japan.

"The new ministerial-level Economic Policy Consultative Committee
(the Economic '2+2') established by the leaders today will also
cover this important issue," the spokesperson said.

Taiwan, home to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
(TSMC) and the leading producer of advanced chips in the world,
is another key partner.

"If China was to take over Taiwan, and use TSMC as a leverage
point, that would be hugely disruptive," Lewis said. "Taiwan and
its proximity to China and China's hostility drives a lot of the

The global chip shortage has pushed up inflation rates and
hamstrung the administration's economic recovery efforts. It
contributed to the sharp increases in the price of new and used
automobiles, which account for one-third of the annual price
increases in the consumer price index.

Biden's approval in the polls has been lagging recently, partly
driven by inflation. Consumer prices jumped 7% in December
compared with a year earlier, the highest inflation rate in 40
years. It has dampened economic recovery in a year that the
administration says has shown the biggest job growth in American



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This week's images ...

We start with three shapes in three colors. ...

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Visitors navigate the Ice Palace Maze in Stillwater, Minnesota,
on January 21, 2022. ...

Sending Pic:179x198C;

A view of Blackpool Tower in the twilight on January 14, 2022, in
Blackpool, England. ...

Sending Pic:135x210C;

A red deer at sunrise in Richmond Park, southwest London, January
17, 2022. ...

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Fishing during sunset at Herradura beach in Lima, Peru, January
15. ...

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Illuminated vegetable crops inside a farm building in West Java,
Indonesia. ...

Sending Pic:206x136C;

An oriole visits the nature center at Myrtle Beach State Park in
South Carolina. ...

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Sunset from Fontainebleau State Park, Louisiana. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Coucher de soleil dans la Matapédia"
(1993) by Canadian Claude Picher. ...

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Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship
was born Martyn Jerel Buchwald, January 30, 1942.

He died in 2018.

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This Is A Music Show #151
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