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  1:38 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:47 MFSK32: Nestle withdraws brands from Russia (in Russian)*
  8:30 MFSK64: EU-Russia ExoMars mission won't launch in 2022
12:04 MFSK64: This week's images*
28:00 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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Nestle уберет с российского рынка KitKat, Nesquik и другие бренды

23 марта 2022
Источник: Nestle

Швейцарская компания Nestle заявила, что ее известные бренды, в
том числе KitKat и Nesquik, не будут представлены на российском
рынке из-за войны в Украине.

Другие бренды в пресс-релизе Nestle не упомянуты. Компании
принадлежат, в частности, бренды Maggi, Nescafe, Nestea, Orion.

В компании заявили, что сконцентрируют свою деятельность в России
не на заработке, а на предоставлении необходимых продуктов
питания (таких как детское или медицинское питание) в
соответствии с принципом базового права на еду.

Nestle заверила, что в случае получения прибыли в России направит
ее благотворительным организациям, однако в обозримом будущем
компания не планирует зарабатывать в России и, соответственно,
платить налоги с прибыли.


Image: The logo of Meduza, Russian independent journalists
based in Latvia ...

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From Deutsche Welle:

ESA scratches ExoMars 2022 launch for this year

Russia's attack on Ukraine makes the EU-Russia joint effort
to discover life on Mars impossible to realize at this time,
says the European Space Agency.

Clare Roth
18 March 2022

The European Space Agency's ExoMars 2022 mission won't launch in
September as planned after the agency suspended all cooperation
with Russia's space program Roscosmos.

Led collaboratively by Roscosmos and the ESA, the mission aims to
study past life on Mars.

ESA's Director General Josef Aschbacher called the September
launch "practically impossible but also politically impossible,"
given Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Aschbacher was speaking at a media conference to announce the
decision made by ESA's Council earlier this week.

A two-stage mission

ExoMars has two parts. The first part launched an orbiter and a
lander in 2016, but the lander crashed. The September 2022 launch
would have been a second installment to deliver a Mars rover to
the planet.

This second part of the mission was originally planned for July
2020. But it was postponed until this September due to technical

ESA had hinted at the decision to suspend collaboration with
Russia in a February 28 press statement. That statement had said
that the sanctions brought against Russia and the wider context
of the Ukraine conflict made a 2022 launch "very unlikely."

And now it's been canceled fully for this year.

But while ExoMars is on hold, International Space Station (ISS)
operations were moving ahead as normal, Aschbacher said.

Three Russian cosmonauts join the crew this weekend, having
launched on a Russian Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan on Friday. And
on March 30, a Russian capsule is scheduled to return two Russian
and one American astronaut back to the Earth.

Russia responded to ESA's decision by saying it would go to Mars

"Roscosmos will be able to carry out a Martian expedition on its
own," said the agency's head Dmitry Rogozin in a statement.

"Yes, we'll lose several years, but we'll copy our landing
module, provide it with an Angara launch vehicle, and we will
carry out this research expedition from the new launch site of
the Vostochny Cosmodrome independently," Rogozin said.

Aschbacher said ESA would look into collaborating with NASA,
which he says has expressed "very strong willingness" to work
together on the mission.

ESA and NASA were the original ExoMars collaborators, but NASA
dropped out in 2012 due to budgeting problems. Russia took NASA's
place in the project in 2013.

Dependent on Russia

The mission uses a number of Russian-made components including
the rockets. The 2016 launch used a Russian-made Proton-M rocket,
the same type planned for the launch in September.

Many components of the mission's rover are also Russian-made.
That includes radioisotope heaters that are used to keep the
rover warm at night on the surface of Mars.

David Parker, ESA's Director of Human and Robotic Exploration,
suggested future cooperation with Russia was not off the table.

Parker said that if cooperation with Russia was resumed, a
mission could potentially launch in 2024.

If Europe continues without Russia, it will have to reconfigure
the mission.

"Radical reconfigurations" of the mission that wouldn't involve
cooperation with Russia could potentially allow for a launch in
2026 or 2028, said Parker.

Mars will wait for us

"It's been an agonizing decision for our council," he said.
"Literally hundreds of scientists and engineers across Europe,
the United States and, yes, Russia, have worked tirelessly to
overcome the technical challenges, the programmatic challenges
and different cultures to get to the point where we have a
spacecraft that would be ready to launch."

But even if the mission takes longer to realize, he said, Mars
will still be there.

"Mars is four and a half billion years old, so we'll just have to
wait a few more years for it to reveal all of its secrets and
maybe answer this fundamental question: 'Was there ever life on
Mars?'" said Parker. "It's a tough, bittersweet time."

Edited by: Zulfikar Abbany


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This week's images ...


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A worker carries bundles of flowers in the flower fields at
Carlsbad Ranch in California on March 16.

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A work from photographer Cristiano Volks book Laissez-Faire. ...

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A topical mural in Krakw, Poland. ...

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An ashy mining bee (Andrena cineraria) forages on heather in
Rennes, France. ...

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A man stands on a jetty on the fog-shrouded Victoria Harbour,
Hong Kong. ...

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A wood duck at Prickett's Fort State Park, West Virginia. ...

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A closeup of this spring's cherry blossoms along the Tidal Basin
in Washington DC. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Seascape" (1909) by Piet Mondriaan. ...

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Fred Parris of The Five Satins was born March 26, 1936.

He died in January 2022.

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This Is A Music Show #158
24 March 2022

0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


TIAnExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, mainly on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times/freqs. Check the schedule here:



Kurt Maier - Misirlou


Bobby Blossom And The Montego Bay Street People - Persuader
Cynthia Schloss - Don't Know VERSION
Mighty Cloud Band - Family Dub


Yachts - In A Second
Wishbone Ash - Heart Beat
De La Soul - Plug Tunin'


Byron Lee And The Dragoneers - Monkey Man
Bob And Marcia - Strange World
Prince Malachi - I Know (Same Version)


Broadcast - City In Progress (BBC Oct 1996)


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Hold Back The Dawn


The Sounds Of Willie Wilson - No Young Girls Gona Make Me A Slave


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This Is An Express Music Show
March 2022

Channel 292 on 6070 kHz



Phono-Comb - The Lyon Game


Elephant's Memory - Mongoose
E.G. Smith And The Power - Her Own Life
THe Associated Soul Group -What Else
Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck OFf
Sergio Mendes Trio - Let Me
Trinity- Dragon Dance VERSION
Ramsey Lewis - Jade East


THIS DATA - Bert Kaempfert - Arizona Flip


Sue Winford - What A Fool, What A Fool


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 RNEI 27 Playlist, March 2022 - for 🌴 WRMI 🌴 (Spotify Stream numbers included) 








Pauline - Ny Og N






Ingi Bauer - Veiimaur (ft. THR &amp; Bjrn)






Lydia Ford - Distraction






Agnes Hartwich - Deep Dark Blue






White Ascot - Closer




Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer   song of the month ⭐




  RNEI Dance Mix:          


Bernt Mikkel Haglund, Johan Ivvar Gaup &amp; Piera Eira - Garen Anna






Elsa & Emilie - Au Volant (Phil Soda Remix)




Braaten & Aili - Without You

🇳🇴 & *Smi*




Mamma's Mest Metal






aYia - Sparkle






Trentemller - Dead Or Alive




Snapped Ankles - I Want My Minutes Back


  Stephen's Feature - Emma Salokoski          


Quintessence - Delirious






Emma Salokoski Ensemble - l huuda




Emma Salokoski - Ennen kuolemaa






Emma Salokoski Voices - Ennen Kuolemaa