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Welcome to program 261 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:36 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:43 MFSK32: Russian text from RFE/RL*
  9:14 MFSK64: Cygnus cargo ship allows US to control ISS orbit*
13:11 MFSK64: This week's images*
28:16 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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In our MFSK32 segment, an excerpt of text in Russian from Radio
Free Europe/Radio Liberty Russian Service (Radio Svoboda). This
is from an interview about the Soviet travel agency Intourist.

Многие исследователи называют и называли "Интурист" механизмом
оплачиваемой пропаганды. Это так и не так. Начиналось это с того,
что после окончания Гражданской войны у руководства страны
возникла идея привлечения значимых политических, экономических,
интеллектуальных акторов для того, чтобы они стали трансляторами
достижений советской власти, советского строя за границей.
Наверное, первым таким опытом я бы назвал деятельность
акционерного общества "Транспорт". Оно было создано Наркоматом
путей сообщения в 1923 году. Но так как они ничего делать не
умели, да в принципе даже не понимали, как это делать, то
попытались приобщить к этому знаменитую английскую фирму "Томас
Кук и сын", которая имела большой опыт организации туризма.

   Many researchers call and called "Intourist" a mechanism  for paid propaganda.

   This is so and not so.

   It began with the fact that after the end of the Civil War, the country's

   leadership came up with the idea of ​​attracting significant political, economic,

   and intellectual actors so that they would become translators of the

   achievements of Soviet power and the Soviet system abroad.

   Probably the first such experience I would call the activity of the joint-stock company

   "Transport". It was created by the People's Commissariat of Railways in 1923.

   But since they did not know how to do anything, and in principle did not even

   understand how to do it, they tried to involve the famous English company "Thomas

   Cook and Son", which had extensive experience in organizing tourism, in this.


Image: An Intourist poster featuring the then Soviet republics of
Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan ...

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From New Atlas:

Cygnus cargo ship allows US to control ISS orbit without Russian

By David Szondy
June 27, 2022

For the first time since the retirement of the Space Shuttle, the
United States now has the ability to control the orbit of the
International Space Station (ISS) without Russian cooperation
after a Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo spacecraft became the first
commercial spacecraft to successfully boost the space lab into a
higher orbit.

Weighing over 444 tonnes and still growing, the ISS has been in
orbit since 1998, so it's easy to take this massive space station
for granted as it orbits the Earth at an altitude of about 250
miles (400 km) every 93 minutes. However, this orbit is far from
stable. Atmospheric drag reduces its altitude by about one mile
(2 km) every month, so it needs to be boosted into a higher orbit
on a regular schedule.

Currently, this job is carried out by visiting Russian Progress
cargo spacecraft and the Russian Zvezda propulsion module, using
their thrusters. Under normal circumstances, this arrangement
wouldn't matter, but the current geopolitical situation is far
from normal and this has put the future of the ISS into question.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Western nations
responded with economic sanctions and military aid to Ukraine,
which sparked a harsh response from Russia. The Russian President
Vladimir Putin announced that his country could withdraw from the
ISS by 2025 and Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russian space agency
Roscosmos, tweeted that, "If you block cooperation with us, who
will save the ISS from an uncontrolled deorbit and fall into the
United States or ..."

With the future of the ISS resting on the knife edge of
international diplomacy, Northrop Grumman is now providing the
same boost capability with an upgraded version of its Cygnus
cargo ship, which has been docked with the ISS since February.
Based on previous tests and an earlier boost effort that was
aborted after a few seconds, the Cygnus shifted the station to a
higher orbit on June 25, 2022.

The Enhanced variant of the Cygnus has a larger pressurized cargo
module and a lighter solar power assembly capable of delivering
the same output as its predecessor, allowing for heavier

Once the Cygnus has completed its mission to the ISS, it will
depart the station, deploy a small satellite, and then burn up in
the Earth's atmosphere during a controlled reentry over the
Pacific Ocean.

"This reboost of the ISS using Cygnus adds a critical capability
to help maintain and support the space station," said Steve
Krein, vice president, civil and commercial space, tactical space
systems, Northrop Grumman. "It also demonstrates the enormous
capability Cygnus offers the ISS and future space exploration

Source: Northrop Grumman

See also:

Image: Cygnus docked to the International Space Station ...

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Voice of America chief national correspondent Steve Herman,
W7VOA, took this photo in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, June 27. ...

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A 13% crescent moon rises over the US Capitol, June 25. ...

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A wall of bricks, painted white. ...

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A Van Gogh "Immersive Journey" projection in Dublin, June 23. ...

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A small pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly feeding on raspberry
flowers near Dundee, Scotland. ...

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A kestrel chick at Falkirk, Scotland. ...

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The Milwaukee skyline at sunset, seen from Lake Shore State Park,
Wisconsin, June 8. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Moonlight Frolic" by Canadian artist
Dana Irving. ...

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Debbie Harry of Blondie was born Angela Trimble, July 1, 1945.

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This Is A Music Show #172
30 June 2022

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Ombiigizi - Residential Military
Elevator - Vague Premonition (DEMO)
Mahogany Rush - Strange Universe


Wade Brothers - If Time Could Be Erased
Showdown - Redneck Disco
M+M - Whatever Happened To Radio Valve Road?


Skywalk - Grandstand


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Reminiscing


Trax - Loved You


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  --- RNEI #31 - A Chill Summer - Playlist ---
  # Artist - Song [flag] (Spotify Plays)
  1, Kakkmaddafakka - Dr S 🇳🇴 (1.8m)
  2, Vince Vigo - miyazaki on the tv 🇫🇮 (115k)
  3, FABER - Helt Okay 🇩🇰 (9658)
  4, Elinborg - Um eg kundi 🇫🇴 (17.4k)
  5, Rebekka Blndal - Lti Lj 🇮🇸 (<1k)
  6, Drew Sycamore - Electric Motion 🇩🇰 (117k)
  7, SLANEY - Romeo 🇮🇪 (4336)
  8, Mio, Nick Strand & Leora - Show Me 🇳🇴 (572k)

  Til vi mtes igjen,
  Ha det!