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  1:34 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:41 MFSK32: SpaceX wants to bring satellite internet to Iran*
  7:17 MFSK64: Origins of Radio Australia*
13:34 MFSK64: This week's images*
28:32 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From AFP via TechXplore:

SpaceX wants to bring satellite internet to Iran: Musk

September 20, 2022

SpaceX will apply for an exemption from US sanctions against Iran
in a bid to offer its satellite internet service to the country,
owner Elon Musk said on Monday.

"Starlink will apply for an exemption from sanctions against
Iran," Musk said in response to a tweet from a science reporter.

Musk had initially announced that the Starlink satellite internet
service had been made available on every continent-"including
Antarctica"-with the company planning to launch up to 42,000
satellites to boost connectivity.

Iranian-born science journalist Erfan Kasraie had said on Twitter
that bringing the service to Iran could be a "real game changer
for the future" of the country, which elicited Musk's response.

Launched at the end of 2020, Starlink offers high-speed broadband
service to customers in areas poorly served by fixed and mobile
terrestrial networks through a constellation of satellites in low
earth orbit.

The service received notoriety after supplying antennas and
modems to the Ukrainian military to improve its communications
capabilities in its war with Russia.

Starlink is monetized through the purchase of antennas, modems
and subscriptions with rates that vary by country.

Nearly 3,000 Starlink satellites have been deployed since 2019
and SpaceX is conducting about one launch a week, using its own
Falcon 9 rockets to speed up its deployment.

Iran has been under a tightened US sanctions regime since former
president Donald Trump terminated a 2015 agreement over its
nuclear activities.

While current President Joe Biden supports a renegotiation of the
deal, Iranian insistence on long-term guarantees from Washington
has stalled discussions.

New rounds of sanctions were imposed on Iran this month after a
Tehran-based company helped ship drones to Russia, and in
response to a massive cyberattack targeting Albania in July
allegedly carried out by Iran's intelligence ministry.

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From the Shepparton (Australia) News:

Australia Calling

By Marnie (Town Talk column)
20 September 2022

Shortly after the start of World War ll, government leaders in
London, Canada and Australia met to discuss setting up large
international shortwave stations. They wanted a back-up for the
BBC Empire Service in England. One was established in Sackville,
Canada, and site surveys were conducted in south-eastern
Australia. They finally settled on Shepparton - 200 hectares,
situated north of the town. There were other sites too, including
Lyndhurst, Brisbane and Townsville. Shepparton, they felt, was
within reasonable distance of Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney; it
was flat, had power and water available, and was unlikely to be
attacked by the enemy. Remember Darwin, Townsville and the
notorious attack in Sydney Harbour! Much later, built in 1965,
Cox Peninsula near Darwin was a high-powered transmitting station
before it was blown away by Cyclone Tracy in December 1975.

Mr Jack Hargreaves, the first resident engineer, began work on
the site in 1942 and, in 1943, Mr Bob Stainsby was sent by the
Postmaster-General's Department. (Many of you will remember that
Bob remained in Shepparton and he and his family ran the Terminus
Hotel for around 60 years.) With bombing a possibility, the
building was strongly constructed; however, by 1944, the chances
of an air raid this far south had reduced - and the roof did not
need to be bomb-proof!

The main transmitter hall, designed originally for three
transmitters, was completed in February 1943; however, they
couldn't find any transmitters. Eventually, the United States was
persuaded to divert a 50kW RCA transmitter to Shepparton. It was
intended, originally, for the 'Voice of America'. Part of the
deal was that the 90-minute daily program The Philippine Hour was
heard on Australia Calling. Fair enough!

Official transmission from the site commenced on May 15, 1944.
Shepparton had 10 times the power of any other transmitting
station and was seen as essential for disseminating authentic
information and combating enemy propaganda. Australia Calling was
directed northwards towards Allied fighting forces in the region.
General Douglas MacArthur received the broadcast and reported
"clear and morale-boosting reception".

It has been written that the original idea was to link the
countries of the Empire - but I find myself thinking of homesick
young Australians fighting in New Guinea or the Solomons. How
comforting it must have been to hear the voice of their country
on Australia Calling. Surely it served to remind them of why they
were there and what they were fighting for. Talk about 'morale

However, in peace time too, radio serves many purposes - and,
over the years, additional transmitters were added. By the early
1950s, there were 10 transmitters at the Shepparton site.
Different frequencies were necessary, depending on the
destination and the weather conditions; one transmitter would be
in use while others were set and ready to go.

At this stage, the early morning programme would be as follows:

6am: Transmission opens with Waltzing Matilda. This would be
followed by opening announcements. News from the ABC would run
until 6.15am and this would be followed by Music for Millions
from 3AR until 6.30am.

The mission was to provide reason, education and entertainment.
Our much-missed Bruce Wilson joined the crew - as a trainee,
about 1960.

In 1975, Telecom Australia took over management of [the Radio
Australia Shepparton site] from the PMG – and, around this time,
the site employed 58 people. Overseas transmission ceased in
2017. I understand the land is now owned by developers, with the
possibility of housing (which heaven knows we need). But there
has also been discussion about creating a radio museum.


Image: Towers at the Radio Australia Shepparton site. ...

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This week's images ...

Hot air balloons in the early morning sky just after taking off
near Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. ...

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police near the front of Queen Elizabeth's
funeral procession, London, September 19.

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Flowers and King Charles' note on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth,
September 19. ...

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This image of Comet Leonard is the winner of the Royal
Observatory Greenwich Astronomy Photography of the Year
competition. ...

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A peacock butterfly in Inverewe Gardens, in the Northwest
Highlands of Scotland. ...

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Sunrise in Shady Side, Maryland, filtered by smoke from fires in
the western USA, September 18. ...

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Yes, there are snakes in Washington DC. This one in Rock Creek
Park, with menacing tongue, is no doubt harmless. ...

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The last sunset of Summer 2022 at Fair Haven Beach State Park in
the Finger Lakes Region of New York state.

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Our painting of the week is "Windsor Castle and the River Thames"
(detail) by Michael Collins. ...

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Phyllis "Jiggs" Allbut of The Angels was born September 24, 1942.

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This Is A Music Show #184
22 September 2022

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Unknown Artist - Samaie Agam


Fingerprintz - Remorse Code
The Fireballs Featuring Jimmy Gilmer - Baby, Listen To Me
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Tighten Up


Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask
Aphex Twin - MARCHROMT38 Fast
Maneige - Les Pétoncles


John Cooper Clarke - Evidently Chickentown
Joy Division - Transmission
Brazil Praise Singers - E, E, E, E, Sao Paulo


Don Patterson - Blue n' Boogie


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Zambesi


The Three Suns - I'll Find You


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