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  5:58 MFSK64: Gadget industry opposes 'right to repair' efforts
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From AP via

Jupiter's moon count jumps to 92, most in solar system

by Marcia Dunn
February 3, 2023

Astronomers have discovered 12 new moons around Jupiter, putting
the total count at a record-breaking 92.

That's more than any other planet in our solar system. Saturn,
the one-time leader, comes in a close second with 83 confirmed

The Jupiter moons were added recently to a list kept by the
International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center, said
Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution, who was part of the

They were discovered using telescopes in Hawaii and Chile in 2021
and 2022, and their orbits were confirmed with follow-up

These newest moons range in size from 0.6 miles to 2 miles (1
kilometer to 3 kilometers), according to Sheppard.

"I hope we can image one of these outer moons close-up in the
near future to better determine their origins," he said in an
email Friday.

In April, the European Space Agency is sending a spacecraft to
Jupiter to study the planet and some of its biggest, icy moons.
And next year, NASA will launch the Europa Clipper to explore
Jupiter's moon of the same name, which could harbor an ocean
beneath its frozen crust.

Sheppard—who discovered a slew of moons around Saturn a few years
ago and has taken part in 70 moon discoveries so far around
Jupiter—expects to keep adding to the lunar tally of both gas

Jupiter and Saturn are loaded with small moons, believed to be
fragments of once bigger moons that collided with one another or
with comets or asteroids, Sheppard said. The same goes for Uranus
and Neptune, but they're so distant that it makes moon-spotting
even harder.

For the record, Uranus has 27 confirmed moons, Neptune 14, Mars
two and Earth one. Venus and Mercury come up empty.

Jupiter's newly discovered moons have yet to be named. Sheppard
said only half of them are big enough—at least 1 mile (1.5
kilometers) or so—to warrant a name.

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From The Pew Charitable Trusts via TechXplore:

Gadget industry tosses a wrench into 'right to repair' efforts

by Elaine S. Povich
February 8, 2023

The "right to repair" movement is having a moment, but roadblocks

After Colorado and New York passed new laws last year,
legislators in at least 17 states introduced bills this year that
would compel manufacturers to provide information and parts for
do-it-yourselfers or independent shops to fix devices.

But the tech industry, despite making some concessions, has
maintained its furious opposition to the measures, making it
difficult for tinkerers and small businesses to get instructions
and components.

President Joe Biden gave the movement a nudge in July 2021 with
an executive order encouraging the Federal Trade Commission to
limit manufacturers' ability to restrict independent repairs. The
FTC said it would focus enforcement on repair restrictions that
violate antitrust laws or violate the agency's prohibitions on
unfair or deceptive practices. Congress also has been considering
more comprehensive bills to extend the right to repair

And the industry has been taking some limited steps toward
allowing more self-repairs.

Apple recently added more desktop Macs to the devices covered by
its self-service repair program, for example, while Samsung did
the same with certain phones and laptops.

And the John Deere company, which has long been criticized by
farmers trying to fix computer-related problems on their own
equipment, in January signed a memorandum of understanding that
outlines how the company will make some parts and manuals

But given the resistance from industry on broader actions and a
last-minute effort last year that weakened the New York law,
repair advocates are skeptical that new state laws will make much
of a difference. They say manufacturers are trying to open
loopholes that would prevent owners and smaller repairers from
doing simple fixes, such as swapping out cracked screens or
replacing weak batteries.

Critics similarly say the John Deere move won't accomplish much
because there's no enforcement mechanism, NPR reported.

Variety of bills

Nathan Proctor, a senior director at the Public Interest Research
Group, a left-leaning advocacy group that has been a leader in
the nationwide right to repair movement, senses the momentum but
said the industry actions aren't nearly enough.

Proctor said the passage of the New York and Colorado laws is
likely to lead to more states following suit. "There's an
inherent momentum in proof of concept when you get across the
finish line."

A Consumer Reports survey conducted in 2021 found that 84% of the
U.S. adults polled said they agreed with a policy that would
require manufacturers to make repair information and parts
available either to independent repairers or to product owners.

Some of the state bills cover a broad variety of devices, as does
New York's law. Others are more tailored: Montana, for example,
had a bill that would have helped wheelchair users fix their
equipment, mimicking Colorado, which enacted similar legislation
last year.

But the Montana legislation was shot down just days ago on an
11-10 committee vote, when some Republican lawmakers expressed
concern over safety issues, according to the Daily Montanan.

Lingering loopholes

And even if the bills do pass, critics worry they may have
loopholes like New York's.

The New York law, which requires manufacturers of digital
equipment such as laptops and smartphones to provide parts,
diagnostic and repair information to owners and repair
professionals, overwhelmingly passed in the New York legislature
in June 2022, on a 59-4 Senate vote and 147-2 Assembly vote.

But before agreeing to sign the bill in late December, Democratic
Gov. Kathy Hochul secured the legislature's agreement to
incorporate some amendments, pushed by the tech industry, that
critics say weakened the law.

Those amendments eliminated the original requirement that
manufacturers provide passwords, security codes or materials to
override security features on devices and allowed the
manufacturers to provide entire assemblies of parts, rather than
individual parts, to fix broken devices. Critics say that last
requirement forces consumers to pay for an entire assembly rather
than, say, one chip.

But the industry pressed hard for the changes. In a letter to
Hochul asking her to veto the bill, the CTIA, the trade
association for the communications industry, said the legislation
"has the potential to weaken the privacy and security features of
electronic products."

Asked why Hochul agreed to the industry talking points, when the
legislature had initially rejected them during hearings and
committee votes, Hochul spokesperson Justin Henry, in an email to
Stateline, declined comment.

The law as signed "has enough loopholes to allow manufacturers to
get out of it completely," said Louis Rossmann, a repair business
owner and YouTube commentator who moved his repair business from
New York to Texas last year, before the law was enacted. "There's
no goodwill there that would not lead me to believe they would
try to weasel their way out of it."

Chris Gilrein, executive director of Massachusetts/the Northeast
for TechNet, another industry coalition, said in a statement
emailed to Stateline that the New York bill as passed by the
legislature "presented unacceptable risks to consumer data
privacy and safety, requiring manufacturers to expose critical
security information and hand over the keys to surreptitiously
unlock customers' devices."

He said the changes addressed the "most egregious" concerns.

"We still have concerns with the final legislation signed into
law. At its core, the law remains a state-mandated transfer of
intellectual property that is unwarranted at a time when
consumers have access to more repair options than ever before. We
do not encourage other states to follow New York's lead," he

The FTC released a report in 2021 that found "scant evidence to
support manufacturers' justifications for repair restrictions."

'Catching on'

Despite the concessions in New York, right to repair supporters
in other states continue to push for new bills across the

According to Proctor and other legislative trackers, bills have
been introduced, or held over from last year, in 17 states,
including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida,
Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New
Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and

In addition, supporters in Maine say they have enough signatures
to put an automobile right to repair initiative on the ballot.
The Maine initiative is modeled after a similar law in
Massachusetts, which is currently hung up in federal court.

Elizabeth Chamberlain, director of sustainability at iFixit, an
independent technology repair company, said that while momentum
is building, the New York case shows that right to repair
advocates need to be vigilant about all the legislation.

"We recognize there will be narrowings (of legislation)," she
said in a phone interview. "We are going to have to fight on."

But the movement is accelerating, she said. For example, in
California, state Sen. Susan Eggman, a Democrat, has introduced a
broad right to repair bill for the fifth time, but now is more

"It's rare to introduce a big new idea and be successful on the
first attempt," Eggman said in a statement emailed to Stateline.
"From the federal action to other state bills and manufacturers
reacting to this momentum by improving reparability and access to
repair, the idea is catching on. It's a lot harder to argue
against when people are aware of it."

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A man is silhouetted in the headlights of a car during a blackout
in Kolychivka, Ukraine, February 1. ...

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Chioggia beets before being cooked. ...

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Sunset over a mist-shrouded Guanyin Mountain in Bali, Taiwan,
February 6. ...

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A Pallas's long-tongued bat has whiskers to help extract nectar
from a bloom. ...

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Poppies bloom early after winter rainfall in Walker Canyon, near
Lake Elsinore, California. ...

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Sunset over the Potomac River in Washington DC, February 8. ...

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Sunset from Indiana Dunes State Park, February 5. ...

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A crested caracara at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park in
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Our painting of the week is "Luminesce" by Lyra Morgan. ...

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