set MyFiles=*.flac *.fla *.wav *.aif *.mp4 *.mp3 *.mp2 *.aac *.ogg *.m4a
for %%a in (%MyFiles%) do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -y -lavfi showspectrumpic=s=1920x1080:color=fiery:gain=.7:fscale=lin:orientation=0:saturation=1:mode=combined:legend=enabled:start=0:stop=8000 "%%~na.jpg"





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Welcome to program 317 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:43 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:49 MFSK32: Does relaxing paywalls help digital news?
  7:15 MFSK64: Solution to the problem of polyester recycling?*
12:06 MFSK64: This week's images*
27:51 MFSK32: Closing announcements

* with image(s)

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From TechXplore:

Does relaxing paywall access help or hurt digital news

by Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
August 4, 2023

A new study has revealed that when news sites temporarily relax
or suspend restrictions tied to paywall access, they eventually
see an increase in subscribers. This reinforces the power and
value of sampling as a marketing strategy. But there's more.

The study, "Paywall Suspensions and Digital News Subscriptions,"
is published in Marketing Science, and authored by Inyoung Chae
of Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul and Jihyeon Ha and David
Schweidel, both of Emory University in Atlanta.

The researchers found that when some news organizations
temporarily suspended paywall restrictions on certain stories of
public interest, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or U.S.
presidential election, or when they provided free access up to a
certain number of articles, those new visitors were more likely
to become subscribers when the restrictions were reimposed.

"Our analyses revealed that the temporary paywall suspensions not
only increased the amount of traffic during the suspension
period, but also increased the likelihood that those visitors
would become paid subscribers," says Chae. "We further found that
the variety of content consumed during their period of 'free'
access increased the likelihood that visitors would actually
choose to subscribe."

The researchers used clickstream data from a major news
organization centered on paywall suspension activity and analyzed
how those paywall suspensions influenced subsequent subscription
decisions among users. The research more closely examined the
impact of relaxed paywall subscriptions on major stories that
included: a 2016 mid-Atlantic blizzard and the 2016 U.S.
presidential election and inauguration.

"One of the business concerns within news organizations is that
relaxing the paywall for major events will cannibalize paid
consumption," says Ha. "But this dynamic is effectively
counteracted by an expansion where consumers who weren't willing
to pay before have now gotten a taste of the content. That
exposure lets them experience its value, relieving the consumer's
uncertainty and helping to build a stronger relationship with
that site visitor."

"One of the underlying factors that may also contribute to the
positive effects of relaxed paywall subscription during certain
times of important news is the public service aspect of the
gesture, which helps to build trust with the public and the news
consumer," adds Schweidel. "So, not only is the temporary
suspension of paywall restrictions good business, but it also
fulfills a societal obligation that news organizations have to
keep the public informed."

Shortwave Radiogram now changes to MFSK64 ...

RSID: <<2023-08-10T23:37Z MFSK-64 @ 9265000+1500>>

This is Shortwave Radiogram in MFSK64

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From New Atlas:

A simple process solves the problem of polyester recycling

By Paul McClure
August 06, 2023

Researchers have developed a way of recycling one of the most
popular but environmentally problematic of fabrics: polyester.
Their new method is simple, non-toxic for humans and the
environment and, what's more, it preserves the integrity of the
cotton removed from the fabric so that it's ready for reuse.

Polyester got a bad rap in the '70s, mainly because it was used
to make some horrendous 'fashion.' Nowadays, while fashions have
arguably improved, we're more aware of the environmental impact
of polyester, the second most used textile in the world.

The fabric has its pros: it's long-lasting, lightweight, moisture
resistant, quick drying and easy to clean. However, on the
downside, making the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and cotton
blend relies on fossil fuels and produces a lot of carbon
dioxide. And once you're done wearing it, rather than being
recycled, the bulk of polyester ends up in a landfill where it
doesn't degrade (at least, not for a very long time).

Now, researchers from the University of Copenhagen may have
developed a solution to the polyester problem, developing a
simple, green way of recycling the product.

"The textile industry urgently requires a better solution to
handle blended fabrics like polyester/cotton," said Yang Yang,
lead author of the study. "Currently, there are very few
practical methods capable of recycling both cotton and plastic -
it's typically an either-or scenario. However, with our newly
discovered technique, we can depolymerize polyester into its
monomers while simultaneously recovering cotton on a scale of
hundreds of grams, using an incredibly straightforward and
environmentally friendly approach."

The game-changing method requires only three things: heat, a
non-toxic solvent and hartshorn salt, otherwise known as ammonium
carbonate, a product used in baked goods.

"For example, we can take a polyester dress, cut it up into small
pieces and place it in a container," said Shriaya Sharma, a study
co-author. "Then, add a bit of mild solvent, and thereafter
hartshorn salt, which many people know as a leavening agent in
baked goods. We then heat it all up to 160° C [320 °F] and leave
it for 24 hours. The result is a liquid in which the plastic and
cotton fibers settle into distinct layers. It's a simple and
cost-effective process."

When heated, ammonium bicarbonate breaks down into ammonia,
carbon dioxide and water. When ammonia and carbon dioxide combine
they act as a catalyst, setting off a selective depolymerization
reaction that breaks down the plastic but preserves the cotton.
While ammonia is toxic on its own, when paired with carbon
dioxide it's safe for humans and the environment.

After discovering that carbon dioxide could be used as a catalyst
to break down nylon, the researchers explored the addition of
hartshorn salt and were pleasantly surprised by the results.

"At first, we were excited to see it work so well on the PET
bottle alone," said study co-author Carlo Di Bernado. "Then, when
we discovered that it worked on polyester fabric as well, we were
just ecstatic. It was indescribable. That it was so simple to
perform was nearly too good to be true."

At this stage, the researchers have only tested their method in
the lab but are shopping around for companies to adopt it,
touting its scalability as a selling point.

"We're hoping to commercialize this technology that harbors such
great potential," Yang said. "Keeping this knowledge behind the
walls of the university would be a huge waste."

The study was published in the journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry
& Engineering.

Source: University of Copenhagen

Image: Intact cotton left after the depolymerization process ...

Sending Pic:155x190C;


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This week's images ...

The Sydney Opera House is illuminated in green and gold to
support the Australian women's football team. ...

Sending Pic:195x152C;

A man's silhouette is reflected in a pool of water from a passing
storm as he walks along a trail past Saguaro cacti in Tucson,
Arizona, July 28. ...

Sending Pic:130x207C;

This sign of the Tai Ping Koon restaurant in Hong Kong is
illuminated one more time, the latest of many neon signs in Hong
Kong being removed. ...

Sending Pic:113x212C;

A stork perches on a tree branch as the moon rises near the
Hamzabey Dam in Turkey, which hosts hundreds of storks every
year, July 30. ...

Sending Pic:179x194C;

Visitors explore the Terceradix luminarium, an installation
created by the arts organisation Architects of Air, in Falkirk,
Scotland. ...

Sending Pic:208x136C;

Straw bales painted with faces near Frankfurt. In Germany’s rural
areas it is quite common to announce forthcoming weddings this
way. ...

Sending Pic:209x133C;

A storm near Picacho Peak State Park during monsoon in Arizona. ...

Sending Pic:206x111C;

A rainbow over Chesapeake Bay, after a storm on August 7, looking
east from Anne Arundel County, Maryland. ...

Sending Pic:121x211C;

Our painting of the week is "El Jardín" (1925) by Joan Miró. ...

Sending Pic:175x204C;

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Shortwave Radiogram is transmitted by:

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I'm Kim Elliott. Please join us for the next Shortwave

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     SWRG#317 closing song:


     Paul Reubens (Rubenfeld; August 27, 1952 – July 30, 2023) was an American actor and comedian, widely known for creating and portraying the character Pee-wee Herman.


    Pee-wee Herman ???   chatGPT-3.5:       
    Pee-wee Herman is a fictional character created and portrayed by comedian and actor Paul Reubens. The character is known for his childlike, quirky, and often eccentric behavior. Pee-wee first gained popularity in the 1980s through various TV shows, movies, and stage performances.
    The character's most iconic platform was the television show "Pee-wee's Playhouse," which aired from 1986 to 1990.

    The show was a children's program that featured a colorful and imaginative world where Pee-wee interacted with a cast of eccentric characters and went on various comedic adventures. The show was unique and became a cult classic.
    Paul Reubens reprised the character in the 1985 film "Pee-wee's Big Adventure," directed by Tim Burton, which followed Pee-wee's quest to find his beloved stolen bicycle. Another film, "Big Top Pee-wee," was released in 1988.
    Pee-wee Herman became a cultural phenomenon in the 1980s, and the character's catchphrases and playful persona left a lasting impact on popular culture.

    Paul Reubens continues to occasionally portray the character, and there have been occasional appearances and projects involving Pee-wee in the years since.

    [Knowledge cut-off date September 2021]


    Pee-wee Herman ist eine fiktive Figur, die von dem amerikanischen Komiker und Schauspieler Paul Reubens erschaffen und dargestellt wurde.

    Die Figur ist bekannt für ihr kindliches, schrulliges und oft exzentrisches Verhalten. Pee-wee erlangte erstmals in den 1980er Jahren durch verschiedene Fernsehsendungen, Filme und Bühnenauftritte Popularität.
    Die bekannteste Plattform für diese Figur war die Fernsehshow "Pee-wee's Playhouse," die von 1986 bis 1990 ausgestrahlt wurde.

    Die Show war ein Kinderprogramm, das eine bunte und fantasievolle Welt präsentierte, in der Pee-wee mit einer Reihe exzentrischer Charaktere interagierte und auf verschiedene komische Abenteuer ging. Die Show war einzigartig und wurde zum Kultklassiker.
    Paul Reubens verkörperte die Figur auch im Film "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" aus dem Jahr 1985, der von Tim Burton inszeniert wurde und Pee-wees Suche nach seinem gestohlenen geliebten Fahrrad folgt. Ein weiterer Film mit dem Titel "Big Top Pee-wee" wurde 1988 veröffentlicht.
    Pee-wee Herman wurde in den 1980er Jahren zu einem kulturellen Phänomen, und die Fangemeinde sowie die eingängigen Slogans und die verspielte Persönlichkeit der Figur hinterließen einen bleibenden Eindruck auf die Popkultur.

    Paul Reubens tritt gelegentlich immer noch als diese Figur auf, und es gab in den Jahren seitdem gelegentliche Auftritte und Projekte rund um Pee-wee.

    [Wissenstichtag September 2021]



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   --- RNEI #44 ---
   1, BESS & Nopsakalka - Viisi Kesää (RNEI Edit) 🇫🇮
   2, September - Ocean Of Love 🇸🇪
   3, Neon Capital - Open Doors (RNEI Edit) 🇩🇰
   4, Kryger - Se pĺ meg nĺ 🇳🇴
   5, Najana - Joik of the Turning Tide Sámi
   6, Aintops-Summer Farewell 🇯🇵
   7, Freestyle, Drömhus, KEiiNO, Loreen-Vill ha dej (RNEI Mix) 🇸🇪 & 🇳🇴
   8, Usako // Kotu & Project Miyu - Chain of Love (RNEI Edit) 🇯🇵
   9, Sunlounger & Zara Taylor-Try to be Love (RNEI Edit) 🇩🇪 & 🇨🇦






   RSID: <<2023-08-10T02:28Z MFSK-64 @ 5850000+1500>>

   Thank you for listening to the Radio Carpathia one-year anniversary broadcast!

   1. ARTIK & ASTI - Девочка танцуй 🇺🇦
   2. Zdob și Zdub - Om cu inimă de lemn 🇲🇩
   3. Innerglow - Знак 🇧🇬
   4. Deniz, Orsovai Reni - Csillagos 🇭🇺
   5. Compact - Mă voi întoarce 🇷🇴
   6. Aliona Moon - Du-mă 🇲🇩
   7. 2TONE - Квітка 🇺🇦

   Send your reports to or to our PO Box:
   Luca Trifan
   O.P. 6, C.P. 615,
   400810 Cluj-Napoca

   Stay tuned for a new episode of JARS on August 13th.

   Until the next time,
   Luca T


     Guero [Downtown Indianapolis]
     17.04.2023 04:47
     remind me...

     Luca [YO5LKA]
    17.04.2023 04:48
     "Just Another Radio Station", where I play whatever I want with no themes or restrictions





     RSID: <<2023-08-10T02:47Z MFSK-64 @ 5850000+1500>>



1  Dark Dean & Hankinson - Right Here
Calibre & High Contrast - Mr. Majestic
  3  Lokal - No Me Gusta
4  Adam F - Circles (Pola & Bryson VIP Remix)
5  Sub Focus & Dimension - Ready To Fly (Hardcore Mix)
6  Walkure - Zettai Reido Novatic (Mitsunori Ikeda Bootleg Remix)
7  Camo & Crooked - Shoreless (DK Radio Edit)
8  INNA - Lalele (Detour Remix)

Cesco - Random Adjective
10  Former - No Display
 11  S9 - Redress
12  Chase & Status and Bou - Baddadan (DK Radio Edit)
13  Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - OMER
14  Babymetal - Akatsuki (Gydra Remix)
 15  Dimension - UK
16  Camo & Crooked & Mefjus - Nebula


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  Welcome to "Data with j3ff"...





 Welcome to the “Data with j3ff” Hungarian music special via Radio carpathia on 5850.

 I am really excited to be doing this show and seeing your decodes. Feel free to send decodes, comments, suggestions to datawithj3ff at gmail dot com.




  “Data with j3ff” was started among a group of online radio (HFZone discord) friends when some of us started practicing making 10-20 minute data segments.

  I really love the data that Kim  Andrew Elliott of Shortwave Radiogram and “Your Host” of ThisIsAMusicSho presents each week. I think it is very awesome.

  Other show hosts on shortwave are sending MFSK or other data which will be in my shouts... That is the origin of “Data with j3ff”...

  When I found out I had a chance to do an express show but really needed to be more music focused for the Carpathia #10 292 broadcast I was struggling for an idea music wise.

  I had several ideas but wanted to focus on a specific topic.

  I had recently wondered if Hungary had rap music so I googled it. That led me on a little music journey that I had no idea what they are rapping/singing about but it had

  a good beat and you could dance to it… :)

  That is the origin of the “Data with j3ff” Hungarian music special…


  Data with J3ff is an attempt at a crossover between music sho’s and Shortwave Radiogram.

  I hope you enjoy my sho.







  A last minute entry that I am starting the show with is a dedication to “Radio Carpathia”!

  As I was doing research on some of the other bands I am presenting for this show I came across  this band called “Carpathia Project”.

  I could not find the song “Carpathia” online easily so I presented another cool song I really enjoyed.


  Carpathia Project are an all-instrumental Hungarian jazz-fusion sextet who combine influences from Jean-Luc PONTY, Jan Akkerman and the DIXIE DREGS.

  They are the brainchild of guitarist Zsolt Daczi and classically trained guitarist/violinist Tamas Angyan who boasts some impressive musical antecedents, including

  his backing Pavarotti on stage. The rest of the cast consists of Tamas Zsoldos on bass, Bertalan Hirlemann on drums, Gabor Kovacs on keyboards and Denes Makrovics on flute.

  Their eponymous album, released in 1999, is a mixture of jazz, prog, Latin and Eastern Euro (Hungarian) flavours with slight metal touches in the guitar work.

  With the violin and guitars very much in the forefront, they blend 70's organ and drum sounds of The MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA with some powerful electric guitar licks

  reminiscent of QUEEN's Brian May; some baroque/renaissance flute and Fender piano complete the picture.

  The album, ranging from rowdy to light, friendly tunes, from tension building passages to infectious grooves, is fairly short and contains practically no fillers.






  Mini was a Hungarian jazz-rock band that first performed as Mini Együttes, releasing three 1972 singles on Pepita under the nameplate.

  The band released three albums and a live recording on the label between 1978 and 1983.

  MINI was founded in 1968 by vocalist and flutist Ádám Török (b. 1948) in Budapest.

  In the beginning they played early Jethro Tull-like music.

  In the early seventies they became jazzier. Along with SYRIUS, they were a most popular underground band in Hungary.

  Their first album was released in 1978, and features space rock, jazz rock, and soft Camel-like tracks too.

  There is no guitar, but there is much flute, Fender Rhodes, floating string synth and a very precise rhythm section.

  The second album, ''Úton a föld felé'', was released in 1979, and is similar to the first one. The next album, released in 1983, was named ''Jungle''.

  This product was easier and lighter. Ádám Török disbanded the MINI in 1984 and began to start other projects.


  In 1998 he reformed the old band with the old keyboardist, Károly Németh, but their name changed: TÖRÖK ÁDÁM & MINI.

  In 2001 they released ''Nomad of the Winds''. It is an instrumental progressive rock album, very close to the music of SOLARIS.






  I do not speak Hungarian and the best I could find about the Hungarian rapper Mulató Aztékok is that he is from Budapest.

  I am not going to post what I think is his Facebook page because it looks like it has been taken over by the “Best of Netflix” bots…

  Some of my favorite “google translations” of the song “Füli Gér” I presented.



  “There are so many beats that we could put them on a pallet”


  “The beat here purrs like a Vespa”


  “For the girls, the bartender, the postman

  And to all the primary producers who keep fresh vegetables on the table Peace!”


  I also wonder what it means when he says “translated” “Smoothies are a crime here”...

  Also liked the Ice-T ref.


  As we used to tell our parents back in the 80’s “I do not care what they are saying it has a cool beat and you can dance to it…” :)





  Kodály Spicy Jazz


  Kodály Spicy Jazz was formed in 2017 in memoriam of the 50th anniversary of Zoltán Kodály’s death. It aims to bring the well-known Hungarian folk songs from choir

  and singing lessons to the – mainly young – audience in a new, creative, energetic fresh kind of flavour.

  The members of the band are professional musicians who have several bands and represent a wide spectrum of genres like blues, funk, rock, metal, reggae or pop music.

  Their first LP was published in 2018 and it contained ten re-brainstormed folksongs that are known owing to Kodály’s collective work.

  From Wikipedia.

  Zoltán Kodály (UK: /ˈkoʊdaɪ/, US: /koʊˈdaɪ/;[1][2] Hungarian: Kodály Zoltán, pronounced [ˈkodaːj ˈzoltaːn]; 16 December 1882 – 6 March 1967) was a Hungarian composer,

  ethnomusicologist, music pedagogue, linguist, and philosopher. He is well known internationally as the creator of the Kodály method of music education.


  Esti dal translates as ‘Evening Song’ and is Kodály’s most famous choral work.

  A young soldier fighting for the Austro-Hungarian Empire prays to God for shelter and safe-keeping through the night.






  Funky funky funky Hegedu…

  Funky Violin! :)

  I really thought this was a fun song and when I learned that Hegedu was basically Violin in Hungarian I thought it was even cooler because I learned a Hungarian word

  I knew I would not forget.


  From Wikipedia.

  Csaba Deseo (born February 15, 1939) is a Hungarian jazz violinist born in Budapest.


  Deseo played in different formations with top Hungarian performers - Gabor Szabo, Aladar Pege, Tony Lakatos, Laszlo Gardony, Tommy Vig etc. -

  and also played with Jean-Luc Ponty, John Lewis, Martin Drew, Dusko Goykovic, Bosko Petrovic and many others.

  Between 1967-1999 he was also member of the Hungarian State Philharmonic Orchestra, with them he toured the world from Japan to the US and of course whole Europe.

  In the last years he is playing with the best musicians of the young generation from the Budapest jazz-scene.







  I mentioned “data with j3ff” being started by a group of friends in discord… One thing that was always brought up by them was to include a recipe…

  I just made this meal this past week… it is a good one!


  Let me know how it turns out Guero :)




  Coconut Chicken Salad with Warm Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

  Warm oven-fried coconut chicken tenders over a bed of baby greens, cucumber, tomato, shredded carrots topped with a hot honey mustard vinaigrette.


    • 12 or so chicken tenderloins

    • ˝ cup or more depending on taste of shredded sweetened coconut

    • 1/2 cup panko crumbs (or GF panko)

    • 1/4 cup corn flake crumbs (crushed)

    • 3-4 eggs (beaten)

    • Salt to taste

    • olive oil spray

    • 12 cups mixed baby greens

    • 1.5 cup shredded carrots

    • 1 to 2 large tomato (diced)

    • 1 cucumber (diced)

  For the Vinaigrette:

    • 3 tbsp oil

    • 2 tbsp honey

    • 3 tbsp white vinegar (balsamic would work too)

    • 4 tsp dijon mustard


    1. Whisk all vinaigrette ingredients; set aside.

    2. Preheat oven to 375F.

    3. Combine coconut flakes, panko, cornflake crumbs and salt in a bowl.

    4. Put eggs in another bowl.

    5. Lightly season chicken with salt. Dip the chicken in the egg, then in the coconut crumb mixture.

    6. Place chicken on a cookie sheet lined with parchment for easy cleanup.

       Lightly spray with olive oil spray and bake for 25 to 30 minutes turning halfway, or until chicken is cooked through.

    7. divide baby greens on each plate. Divide carrots, cucumber, tomato evenly between each plate.

    8. When chicken is ready slice on the diagonal and place on top of greens.

    9. Heat dressing in the microwave a few seconds and divide equally between each salad.






  Other shortwave shows that send data.. - Shortwave Radiogram - special shouts to the data jedi KAE! - Radio Northern Europe International - Radio Carpathia - Radio Catface International - Pop Shop Radio - The Mighty KBC

  DJ DoubleK via RNEI - New sho host who is very awesome!

  - - ThisIsAMusicSho - on Sabbatical :(


  Most of these shows send data with MFSK64 or other modes that can be decoded via fldigi or tivar on an android device.


  RNEI sends a segment of data at the end of the show using “EasyDRF”.

  More information about EasyDRF can be found at

  EasyDRF is a cool format in that it can send files such as text, images, and HTML.




  The Ohm’s law formula wheel is represented mathematically in three simple equations.


  I (current) x R (resistance) = E (voltage)

  E (voltage) ÷ R (resistance) = I (current)

  E (voltage) ÷ I (current) = R (resistance)




  -_- +++ _-_ +++ -_- +++ _-_ +++ -_-


  I hope you have enjoyed my data with j3ff show.

  Send any comments to datawithj3ff at gmail dot com… I hope to do more collab shows now and then so let me know if you dig this or not?


  -_- +++ _-_ +++ -_- +++ _-_ +++



  ***SHOUTS*** to the ***HFZone*** discord server! Shouts to Rose and Mamma (RNEI), TIAMS aka ThisIsAMusicSho! Frigid for HFZONE! Daz, Guero, Catface,

  Daddy Dave, POP SHOP!, Tony,    MasterPlayer, and everyone else on HFZone I forgot :)

  For more information on the awesome HFZone Discord community please visit


  Special shout to Luca of Radio Carpathia for giving me the chance to do my first shortwave show! You can reach radio carpathia at “radiocarpathia at gmail dot com.


  One other special shout and that is to “Your Host” of ThisIsAMusicSho. Thank you for your weekly shortwave music sho that you did for 4 years!

  Your fans are having a difficult time for sure with you needing to take a break from your sho.

  Most of us understand and do hope you are able to return very soon Take care TIAMS and thank you for the awesome music over the years.

  I learned a lot from your sho’s and some of the TIAMS HFZone discussions.


  :) :) :)


  Setlist for the “Data with J3ff” Hungarian Music Special…


  Carpathia Project - B3

  Mini - Fekete gép

  Mulató Aztékok - Füli Gér

  Kodaly Spicy Jazz - Esti Dal

  Csaba Deseő - Funky hegedű

  Pyramis - A Fénylő Piramisok Árnyékában




  Thanks for tuning in!







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Mark Knopfler OBE of Dire Straits was born on August 12, 1949.

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