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Welcome to program 319 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:47 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:55 MFSK32: Harvesting antioxidants from olive oil waste*
  8:15 MFSK64: Facebook news ban reveals the importance of radio
13:19 MFSK64: This week's images*
27:53 MFSK32: Closing announcements

* with image(s)


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From New Atlas:

New technique harvests antioxidants from olive oil processing

By Ben Coxworth
August 22, 2023

A great deal of peel, pulp and stone waste is constantly being
generated in the production of olive oil. And while that waste is
often just dumped or incinerated, it could soon be used as a
source of valuable antioxidants.

The extraction technique was developed by ETH Zurich mechanical
engineering student Claudio Reinhard and Prof. Laura Nystrm, the
two of whom initiated the EU-funded Phenoliva research project in
2019. Spinoff company Gaia Tech is now commercializing the

At the start of the process, olive waste and residual
olive-processing wastewater are placed in a centrifuge.

That material then gets rapidly spun and separated into its solid
and liquid components, the latter of which passes through an
"absorber" which collects the antioxidants. That absorber is made
of a 100% biodegradable proprietary substance that can be renewed
and reused several times, before ultimately being utilized as

Upon being removed from the absorber, the viscous antioxidant
extract is quite dark in color and bitter in taste. Several
purification steps are thus required to make it more suitable for
use in products such as skin-rejuvenating cosmetics or health
food supplements.

Plans now call for Gaia Tech to trial the technology in a pilot
project with an agricultural cooperative in the European
microstate of San Marino. If that project is a success, Reinhard
and partners may look into applying the technology to other types
of agricultural waste, such as that generated in the production
of coffee and cocoa.

"I wanted to find a way to reuse agricultural waste in support of
a sustainable circular economy," said Reinhard. "One bottle of
olive oil generates waste equivalent to the amount of four

And as an interesting side note, scientists at France's Mulhouse
Institute of Materials Science have already devised a process for
converting olive mill wastewater into biofuel, fertilizer and
clean water.

Sources: ETH Zurich, Gaia Tech


Image: The olive-waste antioxidant extract, prior to purification

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From TechXplore:

As Canadian wildfires rage, Facebook's news ban reveals the
importance of radio

by Gordon A. Gow, The Conversation
August 23, 2023

Amid the wildfire crisis in the Northwest Territories and the
Aug. 16 order to evacuate its capital city, Yellowknife, the
outcry over Meta's Canadian news block has reached new heights.
The issue has become even more pressing as evacuees face
challenges getting essential updates.

I was visiting Paulatuk, a remote part of N.W.T, almost 900
kilometers northwest of Yellowknife when the evacuation order was

I was aware of the news ban on Facebook but I was also able to
turn to CBC North's radio broadcast for updates. CBC North moved
its broadcast base from Yellowknife to Calgary to provide
continued coverage throughout the unfolding situation.

Based on my recent personal experience in the region, I was
reminded that although social media has been vital for
disseminating crisis information, AM and FM radio still play an
essential role. As well, there is a necessity for a diversity of
media sources, especially in moments of crisis.

'Reckless' news-blocking in a crisis

Following the order to evacuate Yellowknife, many expressed their
frustration with the news ban and called on Meta (formerly
Facebook) to revoke its embargo of news in Canada so evacuees
could access and share real-time updates in a rapidly evolving

News organizations reflected on the urgency and published a
flurry of articles with headlines like "Canada demands Meta lift
'reckless' ban on news to allow fires info to be shared" and
"Government calls on Meta to reverse 'reckless' news-blocking as
wildfires force evacuations."

Meta's Canadian news embargo is the corporation's response to
Canada's Online News Act, which passed in June. The federal
government legislation may require large social media platforms
to enter into revenue-sharing agreements with Canadian news

This new law has been divisive, with some lauding it as vital for
preserving quality journalism and others arguing it's a misguided
approach, advocating alternative methods to achieve similar

Social media plays a vital role

Meta's news block is significant because it affects both Facebook
and Instagram.

Although Meta has claimed "users don't come to us for news,"
there is little doubt that social media is an indispensable tool
for many to stay connected on current events and to share
information among friends and familyespecially during

Studies have shown that social media is vital for disseminating
crucial information to the public during crisis situations. The
ongoing block on news in Canada has made this sharing difficult.

Even with declared states of emergency in both the Northwest
Territories and British Columbia, Meta has made no changes to its

News and critical updates are still accessible by going directly
to news publishers' websites. For example, the Cabin Radio
website, based in the Northwest Territories, remains a dependable
and frequently updated information source for citizens, even
though it is blocked on Facebook and Instagram.

'Free-to-air' broadcast radio

Other citizens have resorted to taking screenshots of news
stories and then sharing these with their social networks on
Meta's platforms.

In more extreme scenarios, such as when fires disrupt critical
infrastructure, including telecommunications, internet
accessibility is compromised in many communities (except perhaps
for those with satellite-based services). This underscores the
fragility of internet-dependent communications during

In the realms of engineering and emergency planning, the term
"single point of failure" describes situations in which an entire
system stops working when a lone component fails. Relying
exclusively on social media or the internet exposes us to a kind
of single-point of failure in our emergency communications

In fact, reading about the Meta news block may lead people to
mistakenly assume that social media is the only source of
information on the current wildfire situation in N.W.T. and

It's not. We should not overlook the significance of
"free-to-air" broadcast radio in delivering reliable and
trustworthy information to citizens.

Variety of media sources

Broadcast radio has persevered, ensuring critical updates reach

During emergencies especially, "free-to-air" radio is a
dependable and easily accessible source of timely information,
particularly when internet and phone networks falter and when
people are on the move, traveling between urban centers where
there may be no internet service.

It's not a matter of choosing between one or the other, but
rather ensuring we don't underestimate the lasting relevance of
free-to-air radio as a form of "complementary redundancy." This
concept underscores the importance of relying on a blend of
highly reliable systems like broadcast radio combined with the
internet and social media.

The two systems can work hand-in-hand. The internet and social
media may be somewhat less reliable during a crisis, but can
nonetheless be exceptionally effective at sharing a rich variety
of media content, including maps and interactive exchanges of
information. This includes user-generated updates when there are
no reporters or local media on the scene.

Highly reliable news source

As we look forward, we should not let our reliance on social
media overshadow the continuing significance of free-to-air
broadcast radio as a cost-effective, highly reliable information

AM radio, in particular, continues to play an important role for
farmers and others in remote areas for market and weather
reports, as well as emergency updates.

Recent decisions by several automobile manufacturers to phase out
AM radio from cars has some lawmakers in the United States
concerned. And as a result, a new bipartisan bill to ensure AM
radio remains a standard feature in all new cars has been

We've come to rely on social media as a vital source of
information during emergency events.

But Meta's continued ban on news in Canada during the wildfire
events in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia serves
as a reminder of the enduring value of free-to-air broadcast
radio, even in the digital age.

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This week's images ...

Detail of a mural in Prague advertising the Tesla radio company.
It was installed in 1947. ...

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Fishing at sunset, Lake Pontchartrain, New Orleans. ...

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Plumeria, endemic to Mexico and Central America, will be the
subject of an international conference in September at the Los
Angeles Arboretum. ...

Sending Pic:186x176C;





Military personnel battle a forest fire on Tenerife, Canary
Islands, August 17. ...

Sending Pic:210x129C;

Firefighters and volunteers tackle a wildfire near the village of
Palagia, Greece. ...

Sending Pic:151x200C;

The former steel works in Redcar, England, on a late summer
night. ...

Sending Pic:197x126C;

An old neon sign in Seattle. Their phone number is still the
same, but now expressed as 283-1275.

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Our painting of the week is Stuart Davis' "Mural for Studio B,"
commissioned by the Depression-era Federal Art Project in 1939
for a studio of public radio station WNYC in New York City. It
was moved to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1965. ...

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   --- RNEI #44 ---
   1, BESS & Nopsakalka - Viisi Kes (RNEI Edit) 🇫🇮
   2, September - Ocean Of Love 🇸🇪
   3, Neon Capital - Open Doors (RNEI Edit) 🇩🇰
   4, Kryger - Se p meg n 🇳🇴
   5, Najana - Joik of the Turning Tide Smi
   6, Aintops-Summer Farewell 🇯🇵
   7, Freestyle, Drmhus, KEiiNO, Loreen-Vill ha dej (RNEI Mix) 🇸🇪 & 🇳🇴
   8, Usako // Kotu & Project Miyu - Chain of Love (RNEI Edit) 🇯🇵
   9, Sunlounger & Zara Taylor-Try to be Love (RNEI Edit) 🇩🇪 & 🇨🇦





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  ESSEL - Lennon (Original Mix)
  Mochakk fr. Joni - Da Fonk (Koniick Edit)
  deadmau5 - Maths
  Mike Richards - Turn up the lights (Original Mix)
  Disposal Beats - Funky Store
  Alexander Som & Elte - After Love
  Luanmer ft. fss.s - Sparkle
  Yoko Takahashi x Aqua - A Cruel Barbie's Thesis (Mashup)

  Fedde Le Grand - All over the world 2023 (DK Radio Edit)
  Space 92 - Connor
  Kx5 ft. Hayla - Escape (Spencer Brown Remix)
  Xplosn - Like a Drug
  greyl - Sad Cat Song
  Pryda - Miami to Atlanta (DK Radio Edit)

  Thank you for listening!
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Elvis Costello was born Declan MacManus on August 25, 1954.

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