set MyFiles=*.flac *.fla *.wav *.aif *.mp4 *.mp3 *.mp2 *.aac *.ogg *.m4a
for %%a in (%MyFiles%) do ffmpeg -i "%%a" -y -lavfi showspectrumpic=s=1920x1080:color=fiery:gain=.7:fscale=lin:orientation=0:saturation=1:mode=combined:legend=enabled:start=0:stop=8000 "%%~na.jpg"





RSID: <<2023-09-28T23:31Z MFSK-32 @ 9265000+1500>>

Welcome to program 324 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:40 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:48 MFSK32: Likely asteroid debris found on NASA probe*
  7:39 MFSK64: Copper theft hits German infrastructure*
13:41 MFSK64: This week's images*
28:28 MFSK32: Closing announcements

* with image(s)

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From AFP via

Likely asteroid debris found upon opening of returned NASA probe

September 27, 2023

After a seven-year wait, NASA scientists on Tuesday finally pried
open a space probe carrying the largest asteroid samples ever
brought back to Earth, finding black debris.

Researchers "found black dust and debris on the avionics deck of
the OSIRIS-REx science canister when the initial lid was removed
today," the US space agency said, though without specifying
whether they definitely belonged to the asteroid.

Scientists are eagerly awaiting researching the bulk of the
sample, which will require "intricate disassembly" of the probe.

OSIRIS-REx launched in 2016, landing on the asteroid Bennu and
collected roughly nine ounces (250 grams) of dust from its rocky

Even that small amount, NASA has said, should "help us better
understand the types of asteroids that could threaten Earth."

It ended its 3.86-billion-mile (6.21-billion-kilometer) journey
after touching down in the desert in the western state of Utah on
Sunday, following a high-stakes, fiery descent through Earth's

The residue on the avionics deck found Tuesday was likely a
result of issues during the collection, which NASA said were
eventually solved, allowing the secure transfer of the sample.

The lid was opened in an airtight chamber at the Johnson Space
Center in Houston, Texas.

A news conference is scheduled October 11 in which the bulk of
the sample will be revealed to the public.

The analysis of the asteroid, scientists believe, will help
researchers better understand the formation of the solar system
and how Earth became habitable.

Most of the sample will be conserved for study by future
generations. Roughly one-fourth will be immediately used in
experiments, and a small amount will be sent to mission partners
Japan and Canada.

Image: NASA's Osiris-Rex mission shortly after it landed in the
western United States on September 24, 2023.

Sending Pic:122x202C;

Shortwave Radiogram now changes to MFSK64 ...



RSID: <<2023-09-28T23:37Z MFSK-64 @ 9265000+1500>>

This is Shortwave Radiogram in MFSK64

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From Deutsche Welle:

Germany: Copper theft hits crucial infrastructure, business

Metal theft by criminal gangs in Germany is alarming the
public and businesses. The resulting disruptions will worsen
as copper prices rise.

Dirk Kaufmann
September 26, 2023

German railway operator Deutsche Bahn has been struggling for
quite a while now. Decades of neglect have left the state-owned
company's infrastructure and rolling stock in tatters and its
finances in disarray.

Deutsche Bahn's precarious funding is now being additionally
burdened by a rising number of copper thefts that in 2022 alone
cost the company about €6.6 million ($7 million), according to
German business daily Handelsblatt. This year, the newspaper
found, copper thefts have already led to 2,644 train delays,
totaling well over 700 hours.

As criminals destroy cable ducts to get hold of the valuable base
metal, supply chains are disrupted and hundreds of thousands of
passengers are getting increasingly frustrated about Deutsche
Bahn's unpunctuality.

But it's not only the German national railway company that
suffers from the rising theft of so-called nonferrous metals like
copper. Copper wiring and pipes are stolen from construction
sites. Even church roofs that are often laid with copper plates
are no longer safe from acts of criminal wrongdoing.

The most spectacular copper theft of all time in Germany, though,
happened at copper manufacturing and recycling company Aurubis in
August. The Hamburg-based company disclosed it was a victim of a
major theft involving nearly $200 million (€188.7 million) worth
of the base metal.

Copper: Critical raw material in short supply

After the news of the theft broke at the end of August, Aurubis,
Europe's largest copper producer, said it suspected a criminal
gang had stolen some of its metal. The company disclosed that due
to "considerable discrepancies" in its inventories it would miss
its full-year profit guidance.

Copper is a base metal that is used in multiple appliances and
applications due to its good electrical conductivity. It's become
even more critical in the transformation of entire industries
toward carbon neutrality, says Joachim Berlenbach, founder and
CEO of the Earth Resource Investment (ERI) consultancy. He added
that he has no doubt that "the demand for copper will increase
massively in the future."

"Think of a wind turbine generating electricity by spinning a
copper coil through a magnetic field. For each megawatt of wind
energy, you need five to nine tons of copper, depending on
whether the turbine is onshore or offshore," Berlenbach told DW.

Prices will continue to rise, he said, because "we simply don't
have enough of this critical raw material for achieving our
decarbonization goals. This is often ignored by advocates of the
energy transition."

Economic development to drive up copper prices

Berlenbach thinks that a main driver of future copper prices will
be the economic development in emerging countries like China and
India where rising standards of living will lead to "more cars
being driven, more air conditioning systems being installed and
more houses with better electrical wiring being constructed."

The ERI CEO said humans have mined 700 million tons of copper in
total so far. "We will need about the same amount of copper in
the next 30 years," he added, basing his assumption on
calculations done at his company.

At the same time, it's becoming "increasingly difficult to
explore and mine copper deposits," he said, noting that those are
mainly to be found in countries with high geopolitical risk such
as Chile and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)), where
companies will only invest "if it's economically worthwhile."

Where has all the stolen copper gone?

The Aurubis copper fraud took place in the realm of financial
bookkeeping which made it possible for the criminals to remain
undisclosed for a long time. After all, selling stolen copper on
the hugely regulated European recycling market isn't easy, says
Ralf Schmitz from the Association of German Metal Traders and
Recyclers (VDM).

Every deal or delivery has to be recorded, he told the German
daily Tagesspiegel recently, adding: "What gets stolen is known
to the traders. This also applies to our eastern neighbor Poland
which has a similar system."

Schmitz suspects that metal thieves mainly sell their contraband
outside of Germany because open borders facilitate illegal
shipments. Or even further afar: "The bulk of the stolen metals
is no longer sold in Europe. Most of the material, in my theory,
goes overseas in containers."

'No substitute for copper'

As the prices of copper and other metals rise, criminals are
becoming better organized and more ruthless. Police investigating
the Aurubis theft have seized firearms and ammunition alongside
more than €200,000 ($212,000) in cash and several cars.

ERI CEO Berlenbach said when he hears about copper thefts in
Germany he often is reminded about his time in South Africa,
where he once worked. "The problem of copper theft was similarly
dramatic in South Africa. At one time, all the telephone lines in
my neighborhood in Johannesburg were ripped out. It must have
been a well-organized gang with contacts to professional buyers."

And yet, Berlenbach can't think of any effective method to
protect critical infrastructures like railways and electrical
grids from metal theft. "Unfortunately, there is no substitute
for copper cables, it's a matter of physics."

This article was originally written in German.


Image: An Aurubis employee checking on copper coils in a company
plant ...

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This week's images ...

Young Icelandic mares graze on a meadow in Wehrheim near
Frankfurt, Germany. ...

Sending Pic:152x201C;

The sun, near its maximum cycle, with a large flare to the left
of the image. ...

Sending Pic:195x174C;

A late-season flower at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. ...

Sending Pic:136x202C;

A fox cub explores -- near its mother -- in Kirkcudbright,
Scotland. ...

Sending Pic:209x131C;

House Finch at Sunken Meadow State Park, Long Island, New York. ...

Sending Pic:147x196C;

Sunset at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania. ...

Sending Pic:147x200C;

Building reflected in water from Post Tropical Low Ophelia in Old
Town Alexandria, Virginia, September 23. ...

Sending Pic:161x198C;

Our painting of the week is "The Time Between" (2022) by Mike
Gough (Canadian). ...

Sending Pic:195x193C;

Shortwave Radiogram returns to MFSK32 ...



RSID: <<2023-09-28T23:58Z MFSK-32 @ 9265000+1500>>



This is Shortwave Radiogram in MFSK32 ...


Shortwave Radiogram is transmitted by:

WRMI, Radio Miami International,


WINB Shortwave,

Please send reception reports to

And visit

Twitter: @SWRadiogram or

I'm Kim Elliott. Please join us for the next Shortwave




     SWRG#324 closing song:




 D-06193 Petersberg (Germany/Germania)


 Dipol for 40m-Band    &   Boomerang Antenna 11m-Band

 RX   for  RF:

 FRG-100B + IF-mixer  &    ICOM IC-R75 + IF-mixer

 Software IF:

 con STUDIO1  -  Software italiano per SDR on Windows 11      [S-AM-USB/LSB]   +      HDSDR 2.81 beta6   - for scheduled IF-recording

 Software AF:

 Fldigi-4.1.26        +   flmsg-4.0.20                            images-fldigifiles on homedrive.lnk


 Mirosoft Windows 11 Home

 German W7 32bit + 64bit


 ASUS S501MD (since 2023) [i7-12700 12th Gen. 12 x 2100 MHz]

 MSI-CR70-2MP345W7  (since 2014)   [i5 -P3560 ( 2 x 2600 MHz) ]








  Hei alle,

  We're testing out Woofferton for a holiday special later this year and this is the first option which should cover all of Europe!

  We're using a 1/1/0.3 Antenna with 125kW and 114 degrees beam (very wide and it performs well even off beam in places like Spain!

  The signal is completely fantastic at 250kW in the UK and Benelux around this time too so we're hoping the reduced power works just

  as well for the shorter distances of broadcasting to Europe!

  This will also give everyone a chance to hear the show if they missed it!

  19:29:30 - 19:59:30UTC, 3955kHz, Europe and some North Africa and Middle East reception is expected.

  I've noted the extra bits for you to enjoy playing with:
    00:26 - 00:30 - Time pips
    26:35 - 26:39 - RSID sound for the Tivar (TivaRNEI on the Amazon App Store) and FLdigi app to prepare for the MFSK64 playlist  
    27:19 - 27:34 - The first part of the playlist sound of MFSK64
    28:17 - 28:47 - The second part of the playlist sound of MFSK64
    29:03 - 29:49 - EasyDRF sounds (The playlist, comments and credits in an animated html)
    29:50 - 29:55 - The "sonic logo" (This paints the RNEI logo in a waterfall graph, a spectrum analyser on your phone can display it!)

  Hoping you enjoy the show,
  Radio Northern Europe International

<<2023-09-28T19:56Z MFSK-64 @ 3955000+1500>>

  --- RNEI Show #45 ---
  1, ÁSDÍS - Angel Eyes 🇮🇸
          ÁSDÍS brings us fabulous synth-pop :D
  2, KUUMAA - Tulipalo 🇫🇮
          Quite catchy and enjoyable :3
  3, Ivy Lane - Untouchable 🇸🇪
          This one is quite relaxing ^_^
  4, Julia Alfrida - Like A Bass 🇸🇪
          I love the energy in this! :D
  5, Gabba - Luohtejumezagat *Sámi*
          Lovely Joik fra Gabba, aka Ivory Coated Raindeer.
  6, Zakku, Nakanojojo & Arigato Yuina - Matcha Love 🇯🇵
          Upbeat, crisp, dance-pop duet with retro vibes + pretty & catchy vocals! ^_^
  7, James Blunt, Amazonics, Roger Robin, Paratone & S:NE - You're Beautiful (Song Through Time Mix) 🇬🇧, 🇧🇷, 🇩🇪
          An interesting genre mix!
  8, WNDR - Get Down (Data Extended Edit) 🇳🇴
          WNDR Won't let us down with this bop!
  Ha det!




RNEI-JP #45: A preview of the broadcast from Taiwan!
Posted by By RNEI Tuesday the 19th of September, 2023

Good morning everyone,

We are making our 45th show for RNEI!

RNEI-JP #45 will include,

This month's song comes from Iceland.
From Finland, it's a big hit song by KUUMAA!
From Sweden, a nice synth-pop song by Ivy Lane!
From Sweden, a new song "Like a Bass" by Swedish artist Julia Alfrida.
A song by the Sami, a northern tribe.
From Japan, a catchy and fun song, "Matcha Love" by Arigato Yuina + Zack + Nakanojojo!
For "Timeless Songs," we have "Youire Beautiful," a song from the UK! There are reggae, house music and quiet song versions!
The last EDM song includes digital data from MFSK and EasyDRF!

RNEI A23 Target Map
Broadcast Date                             Broadcast Time                               Frequency
2023.09.30             9:25 - 9:55 (UTC)   (18:25 - 18:55 in Japan time) 9.9MHz
RNEI's Japanese-language broadcast is Midori!

RNEI's Japanese-language broadcast is from Taiwan, from Paochung! This broadcast is a good signal in the Pacific area!

If you miss the broadcast, listen to "Mixcloud" on demand!

Want to simply listen to the songs? We have a playlist on "Spotify"!

We hope you enjoy this broadcast!
See you soon!


  RSID: <<2023-10-01T11:27Z MFSK-64 @ 6070000+1500>>

  1 Rachael Coltrona-Complicated 🇦🇺
  2 ili-Tongue Tied 🇬🇧
  3 Vince Vigo-Queen of Broken Hearts 🇫🇮
  4 Emil Kárlsen&Lávre-Jiehtanasat 🇳🇴-*Sámi*
  5 黃明志&二宮芽生-東京盆踊り 🇲🇾 & 🇯🇵
  6 SVEA-Dead Man Walking 🇸🇪
  7 STT-All Star
         Smash Mouth 🇺🇸 Breathe Carolina 🇺🇸 Annapantsu 🇨🇦 Nelly Hope 🇺🇸
  8 脇田もなり-ONDO 🇯🇵
  9 Softable,Jui-Coma 🇰🇷

<<2023-10-01T11:55Z MFSK-64 @ 6070000+1500>>


  Issey Cross - Bittersweet Goodbye
  Burt Cope - Hotsteppa
  FC DNB - Party de Apartament
  Campbell x Alcemist - Would You (Go to bed with me?)
  Wood Packa - Don't wanna wake up
  Eternal Vision - Тень (Shadow)

  1991 - Chant
  Avizura - She was taken to the other side

  Hope you enjoyed this month's set.
  Thank you for listening!

  --- ---







RSID: <<2023-10-01T01:30Z MFSK-64 @ 5950000+1500>>


Marilyn McCoo of The 5th Dimension was born September 30, 1943.

Sending Pic:204x240;

Please report your decode to




RSID: <<2023-10-01T01:50Z MFSK-32 @ 5950000+1500>>

Sending Pic:320x206;


RSID: <<2023-10-01T01:51Z MFSK-32 @ 5950000+1500>>


SSTV: last day of the ship broadcasting, August 31, 1974. Dutch National Archives - MFSK32: Chris Fletcher / MV Ross Revenge - Radio Caroline ship / CC BY-SA 2.0
de k





Here is a timeline of "data transmission via BC shortwave":

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TEF6686_ESP32 - Advanced Tuner software for NXP TEF668x tuners with ESP32 board Based on Catena / NXP semiconductors API.

It's dedicated to projects based on original PE5PVB's boards and to chinese clones that are sold by many sellers on the Internet.


  • Frequency range: 65-108MHz and 144kHz-27MHz AM

  • Connection with RDS Spy, XDR-GTK and StationList over Wi-Fi

  • Almost all RDS data

  • Automatic / manual scan

  • Squelch function

  • Battery level indicator

  • S-meter and modulation indicator

  • Various themes

  • Many languages

  • FullSearchRDS function (only TEF6687/9)

  • AF switching

  • Memory presets

And many more...

Getting started


If you want to setup your device please hold during device boot:

  • BW button to change rotary encoder direction

  • Mode button the flip screen

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Connecting analog signal meter

                      to meter
                R         V
  IO27 -------=====-----=====---|
               1 k     5 k POT



Screensaver triggered

  • BAND SHORT PRESS: Wakeup Screen

  • BAND LONG PRESS: Wakeup Screen

  • ROTARY CHANGE: Wakeup Screen

Screensaver disabled

  • BAND SHORT PRESS: Switch band

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  • MODE SHORT PRESS: Switch between auto/manual or exit menu

  • MODE LONG PRESS: Open menu

  • BW SHORT PRESS: Switch bandwidth setting

  • BW LONG PRESS: Switch forced mono, or auto stereo



TEF6686_ESP32 - Erweiterte Tuner Software für NXP TEF668x Tuner mit ESP32 Board Basierend auf Catena / NXP Semiconductors API.

Es ist Projekten gewidmet, die auf Original-PE5PVB-Boards basieren, und chinesischen Klonen, die von vielen Verkäufern im Internet verkauft werden.



  • Frequenzbereich: 65–108 MHz und 144 kHz–27 MHz AM (alle Wellenbereiche separat auswählbar, OIRT 30 kHz Schritte)

  • Verbindung mit RDS Spy, XDR-GTK und StationList über WLAN

  • Fast alle RDS-Daten

  • Automatischer / manueller Scan

  • Squelch-Funktion

  • Batteriestandsanzeige

  • S-Meter und Modulationsanzeige

  • Verschiedene Themen

  • Viele Sprachen

  • FullSearchRDS-Funktion (nur TEF6687/9)

  • AF-Umschaltung            (standardmäßig deaktiviert)

  • Speichervoreinstellungen (insgesamt 30 Speicherplätze gemischt über alle Bereiche)

Und viele mehr...


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Anschließen eines analogen Signalmessgeräts

                      to meter
                R         V
  IO27 -------=====-----=====---|
               1 k     5 k POT




Bildschirmschoner ausgelöst

  • KURZES DRÜCKEN DES BANDS : Weckbildschirm

  • LANGES DRÜCKEN DES BANDS : Weckbildschirm

  • ROTARY CHANGE : Weckbildschirm

Bildschirmschoner deaktiviert

  • BAND KURZ DRÜCKEN : Band wechseln

  • BAND LANG DRÜCKEN : Erweiterten RDS-Viewer öffnen

  • DREHREGLER KURZES DRÜCKEN : Schrittgröße einstellen oder navigieren  (oben rechts)

  • DREHREGLER LANGES DRÜCKEN : iMS und EQ umschalten                      (oben rechts)

  • MODUS KURZES DRÜCKEN : Wechseln Sie zwischen automatisch/manuell oder verlassen Sie das Menü

  • MODE LANG DRÜCKEN : Menü öffnen

  • BW KURZES DRÜCKEN : Bandbreiteneinstellung wechseln

  • BW LANG DRÜCKEN : Erzwungenes Mono oder Auto-Stereo umschalten


iMS / CEQ  ??    ===>  iMS (improved Multipath Suppression)  /   CEQ (Channel Equalization)

The new TEF665x and TEF668x car radio tuner families are said to offer not only optimized reception performance, but also easier integration with corresponding cost reduction.

NXP's TEF665x and TEF668x devices are RFCMOS-based AM/FM single-chip tuners. Using a coprocessor such as NXP's SAF356x or SAF350x, the tuners offer optional support for HD Radio and DRM digital radio standards. Thanks to a significant reduction in footprint (-80%) and power consumption (-50%) compared to the previous product, the tuners combine high performance with low system cost.

NXP continues to place a high priority on improving reception quality under difficult conditions, for example when obstacles such as tall buildings or mountains cause multipath reception. Special algorithms in the TEF668x such as iMS (improved Multipath Suppression) and CEQ (Channel Equalizer) are designed to ensure excellent sound quality even in such reception situations.

Die neuen Autoradio-Tunerfamilien TEF665x und TEF668x sollen nicht nur eine optimierte Empfangsleistung bieten, sondern auch eine einfachere Integration mit entsprechender Kostensenkung ermöglichen.

Bei den Bausteinen TEF665x und TEF668x von NXP handelt es sich RFCMOS-basierte AM/FM-Single-Chip-Tuner. Über einen Coprozessor wie den SAF356x oder SAF350x von NXP bieten die Tuner optional eine Unterstützung für die Digitalradio-Standards HD Radio und DRM. Dank einer deutlichen Verkleinerung des Footprints (-80 %) und der Leistungsaufnahme (-50 %) gegenüber dem Vorgängerprodukt kombinieren die Tuner hohe Performance mit niedrigen Systemkosten.

Einen hohen Stellenwert hat bei NXP nach wie vor die Verbesserung der Empfangsqualität unter schwierigen Bedingungen, wenn es beispielsweise durch Hindernisse wie hohe Gebäude oder Berge zu Mehrwegempfang kommt. Spezielle Algorithmen im TEF668x wie etwa iMS (improved Multipath Suppression) und CEQ (Channel Equalizer) sollen auch in solchen Empfangssituationen eine ausgezeichnete Klanggüte gewährleisten.


HIgh performance AM/FM RDS software-defined radio signal processing tuner with NXP TEF668X and I2C Arduino Controller for XDR/NXP/TEF GTK user interface ( for old "historical" versions visit ! )


Antenna Switch option:

Ant A = Normal

Ant B = iMS enabled ( FM multipath suppression when the receiver is in a moving vehicle )

Ant C = EQ enabled ( FM channel equalizer for improved field performance )

Ant D = Both enabled


Audio output level is fixed -> 0dB or +3dB or variable in new " Beta pack "

For AM the following four bandwidth settings are supported:

3 / 4 / 6 / 8 kHz

For FM the following sixteen bandwidth settings are supported:

56 / 64 / 72 / 84 / 97 / 114 / 133 / 151 / 168 / 184 / 200 / 217 / 236 / 254 / 287 / 311 kHz

On modified NXP/TEF-GTK user interfaces the bandwidth parameter values now fits well.

In some third party XDR-GTK altered interface versions available on internet the word "Ant" has been replaced by others such also the funny "DX" which, apart from the word itself on a button, doesn't bring a real "DX", a plus of performance on weak fringe RF signals, being only just linked to some variations of tone corrections through DSP that modify the audio signal after demodulation ... just to impress the fools :) Likewise the option to adjust the gain in the GTK interface also for the "IF" , which on TEF668X is missing being only available for the "RF", not also for the "IF"! The command is the same for both value options, but the naives don't know that! :)

Great special thanks to Konrad Kosmatka, author of the original & brilliant version for Sony XDR-F1HD

and also to ( in alphabetical order ):

and many other enthusiasts ...

Tested on Arduino Nano V3.0 at 5V

Feel free to add your own contribution to this nice project !