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Welcome to program 334 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:41 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:50 MFSK32: New fiber combines conductivity and flexibility*
  7:47 MFSK64: India's Moon craft returns to Earth orbit*
12:18 MFSK64: This week's images*
28:30 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From New Atlas:

Smart textile fiber places conductivity and flexibility

By Ben Coxworth
December 11, 2023

Electrically conductive "smart fabrics" have many potential
applications, but their specialized fibers typically aren't as
soft and flexible as those made of regular materials. An
experimental new two-faced fiber, however, is both flexible and

Developed by a team of scientists at Washington State University,
the fiber is made of two substances: cotton cellulose obtained
from recycled T-shirts, and an existing conductive synthetic
polymer known as polyaniline.

The polyaniline is combined with the cotton cellulose because
it's too brittle to be formed into usable fibers on its own. That
said, the two materials aren't simply blended into one homogenous
mixture. If they were, the polyaniline would be diluted to the
point that it would lose its conductivity.

Instead, liquid solutions of the two substances are extruded from
two separate (but closely spaced) nozzles, merging and bonding to
form a single fiber which is cotton cellulose on one side and
polyaniline on the other.

In lab tests, such fibers have exhibited excellent electrical
conductivity while also offering the strength and flexibility of
cotton. They have also been successfully used in textile systems
that delivered power to an LED light, and that sensed ammonia

It is hoped that once developed further, the technology could be
utilized in applications such as patches on the uniforms of
people like firefighters and soldiers, who need to be warned of
exposure to hazardous substances on a frequent basis. They might
also find use in fitness clothing that monitors the performance
of its wearer.

A paper on the research, which was led by Assoc. Prof. Hang Liu,
was recently published in the journal Carbohydrate Polymers.

Source: Washington State University

See also:

Image: Close-up representation of the conductive and substrate
phases of the fiber ...

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From Universe Today via

For its final trick, Chandrayaan-3 brings its propulsion module
to Earth orbit

by Nancy Atkinson
December 7, 2023

On August 23, ISRO's Vikram lander detached from its propulsion
module and made a soft landing near the moon's south pole region.
The lander then deployed its Pragyan rover, and for two weeks the
endearing little solar-powered rover performed marvelously,
detecting water ice and characterizing the makeup of the lunar
regolith before succumbing to the darkness and cold of the lunar

But since the rover mission ended, the propulsion module that
brought it to the moon has made a detour, performing a series of
complex maneuvers that took it from a tight lunar orbit back to
Earth orbit. This was possible because the module still had more
than 100 kg of fuel, allowing scientists to conduct additional
maneuvers and experiments.

Right now, the propulsion module (PM) is orbiting Earth at an
altitude of 115,000 km (71,500 miles), well above geostationary
orbit. ISRO said the mission team decided to use the available
fuel in the propulsion module to derive additional information
for future lunar missions. More specifically, this demonstration
gave them the chance to test mission operation strategies for a
future sample return mission.

The PM has had a busy and productive mission. While in lunar
orbit for about a month, it wasn't just taking it easy. After the
separation of the lander, the PM operated an on-board experiment,
the Spectro-polarimetry of HAbitable Planet Earth (SHAPE)
payload, designed to observe the Earth. Specifically, this
instrument also provided scientists and engineers experience for
future missions and research as its purpose was to study
habitable planet-like features of Earth. These observations will
be used by ISRO for future studies of exoplanets. Additionally,
there was a special operation of the SHAPE payload on October 28,
2023 during the solar eclipse.

But because the spacecraft had such a precise orbit injection and
optimal burn maneuvers, the amount of leftover fuel meant the
engineers could do even more with the PM than originally
expected. The PM was commanded to execute an orbit-raising
maneuver at the moon and then perform a Trans-Earth injection
burn, which placed the PM in an Earth-bound orbit.

ISRO said the first orbit raising maneuver at the moon was
performed on October 9, 2023, to raise apolune altitude to 5,112
km from 150 km. The Trans-Earth injection (TEI) maneuver was
performed on October 13, 2023, and as its orbit was slowly
raised, the PM made four moon flybys before departing moon on
November 10.

Currently, propulsion module is orbiting Earth with an orbital
period of nearly 13 days, at 27 degrees inclination. Because of
this high orbit, ISRO said there is no threat of close approach
with any operational Earth orbiting satellites.

ISRO said these extra operations allowed them to plan and execute
trajectory maneuvers to return from moon to Earth, as well as
develop software to plan and validate the maneuvers. They also
planned and executed a gravity assisted flyby between two
celestial bodies and, most notably they avoided an uncontrolled
crash into the moon's surface at the end of the life of PM, which
met the requirements of creating no debris on the moon.

Will its current high geostationary orbit be the Chandrayaan-3
PM's final trick? Who knows? The resourceful engineers might
figure out another way to make use of this multi-purpose

See also:

Image: Illustration of the Vikram lander (left) separating from
the Chandrayaan-3 propulsion module, which recently returned to
Earth orbit ...

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This week's images ...

Iceland's Kirkjufell Mountain and aurora, and their reflections
in the water. ...

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A locomotive of Metra, the Chicago-area commuter rail service,
decorated for the holidays. ...

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One of the displays at the Fęte des Lumičres (Festival of Lights)
in Lyon, France, 8-9 December. ...

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Storm, the black Labrador, meets friends on Cruden Bay Beach in
Scotland. ...

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The Holiday Tree at the Canadian Embassy in Washinton, with the
US Capitol visible on the left. ...

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An orange sunset seen from Alexandria, Virginia, December 8. ...

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A lightpole decoration in Hannibal, Missouri. ...

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The menorah at the community Hannukah celebration in downtown
South Bend, Indiana, December 7. ...

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Our art of the week is the cover of the December 18 issue of The
New Yorker magazine, illustrated by Olimpia Zagnoli. ...

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