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Welcome to program 340 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:41 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:48 MFSK32: Japan's SLIM Moon lander back on line*
  7:47 MFSK64: WHO notes progress in eliminating trans fat
11:45 MFSK64: This week's images*
27:27 MFSK32: Closing announcements

* with image(s)

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From New Atlas:

Japan's SLIM Moon lander back on line thanks to sunshine

By David Szondy
January 29, 2024

Japan's SLIM lunar lander is back online and transmitting data.
JAXA has confirmed that the Sun has moved into a position where
light is landing on the robotic spacecraft's solar panel,
allowing it to finally charge its battery.

The fate of the Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) lander
has hung in the balance ever since it touched down at Mare
Nectaris, south of the Theophilus crater, on January 19, 2024. It
should have been cause for celebration, making Japan the fifth
nation to land on the Moon. It was also the demonstration of a
new precision landing technique that used surface landmarks for

Everything seemed to go to plan, even the deployment of two mini
rovers right before landing. Unfortunately, possibly due to a
malfunctioning engine combined with the Moon's low gravity, SLIM
bounced on touchdown and came to rest on its nose. In this
position, the solar panel used to charge the lander's battery was
facing west, preventing it from receiving sunlight.

This left the lander with only three hours of battery charge, so
Mission Control placed the spacecraft into sleep mode and hoped
that the Sun would eventually shine on the panel. Now that the
battery is properly charging, SLIM has returned to full
operational mode and is returning data and images, including the
first pictures from the Multi-Band Camera (MBC) since the

How long SLIM will operate depends on how long its solar panel
can maintain power. However, once the Sun sets on the landing
area, the intense cold and darkness of the lunar night will very
likely damage the lander's electronics beyond recovery.

Source: JAXA


Image: Artist's concept of SLIM ...

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From the Voice of America:

WHO: Great Progress Made in Eliminating Trans Fat

By Lisa Schlein
January 29, 2024


The World Health Organization says great progress has been made
in the global elimination of industrially produced trans fat,
with nearly half the world's population protected against the
harmful effects of this toxic product.

"Five years ago, WHO called on countries and the food sector to
eliminate industrially produced trans fats from the food supply.
The response has been incredible," WHO Director-General Tedros
Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Monday.

"So far, 53 countries have implemented best practice policies,
including bans and limits on trans fats, with three more
countries on the way. This removes a major health risk for at
least 3.7 billion people, or 46% of the world's population.

"These policies are expected to save 183,000 lives every year.
Just five years ago, only 6% of the world's population was
protected from this toxic additive with similar policies," Tedros

Trans fat is created by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil, which
causes the oil to become solid at room temperature.

"It is also solid in your body, in your coronary artery," said
Tom Frieden, president and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives. "And
this is why it was at one point estimated to kill half a million
people per year."

With almost half the world covered, Frieden said millions of
deaths will be prevented in the coming decades. He said the next
two years will be critical, noting that the original deadline for
the global elimination of trans fats has been extended from 2023
to 2025 due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Global elimination, according to published estimates, would
prevent about 17.5 million deaths over 25 years. The progress of
reducing trans fat globally show that the noncommunicable
diseases can be beaten," Frieden said.

He said this was important because "sometimes when it comes to
the noncommunicable diseases, we have the sense that we can
describe them, we can predict them, but we cannot stop them. In
fact, we can, and the progress stopping trans fat shows that that
is possible. And there are other areas, as well, where specific
results are available."

Health officials say no amount of trans fat is safe and regard it
as the worst type of fat anyone can eat because it has no known
nutritional benefits. Trans fat is cheap to make and is found in
margarine, palm oil, fried foods, baked products, pastries and
some processed foods.

WHO reports that a high intake of trans fat increases the risk of
death from any cause by 34% and from coronary heart disease by

WHO on Monday held an awards ceremony honoring the achievements
of the first five countries to have eliminated trans fat from
their food supply.

"Today, we recognize Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Saudi Arabia and
Thailand as the first countries to go beyond just adopting
policies, to monitoring and enforcing them," Tedros said.

"Congratulations to all these countries. You are leading the
world and showing what is possible. You are the first countries
to be validated, but you will not be the last," he said.

In accepting the award, Ib Petersen, Danish ambassador to the
United Nations in Geneva, said studies show that trans fat
elimination policies put in place in his country in 2003 have
"led to a reduction of deaths from coronary disease of 11%, which
is significant."

"It also shows that it is the most financially disadvantaged
groups that have benefited most from this policy," he said.

Frieden said he hopes more nations will follow the lead of these
five countries in putting in place the policies, regulations and
enforcement mechanisms needed to rid the world of trans fat.

"Of the remaining burden, just five countries - China, Pakistan,
Russia, Indonesia, and Iran - account for about 60% of the
remaining estimated burden. If these five countries were to
implement [the best practice policies], the world would get to
about 85% of the estimated burden, banned or trans fat-free," he

WHO reports progress remains uneven, and a lot of work is still
to be done. While many low- and middle-income countries are
advancing, it says there is a long way to go, especially in
Africa and the western Pacific.

"Africa has the lowest policy coverage, but there have been
leaders with Nigeria and South Africa implementing," said
Frieden. "South Africa is beginning the enforcement process, and
Ethiopia, Ghana and Cameroon are considering regulations in the
near future.

"They understand that trans fat is not only a toxic product, but
one that might be dumped on them if they do not take action when
the rest of the world is banning it," Frieden said, adding that
governments and the food industry have a responsibility to ensure
that does not happen.

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This week's images ...

Lanterns ahead of the Lunar New Year in Qingdao, Shandong
province, China. ...

Sending Pic:163x193C;

The P&O Pioneer ferry crosses the English Channel towards France
at sunrise. ...

Sending Pic:130x230C;

An immersive light and sound experience by artist Peter Walker,
at St Martin-in-the-Fields church, London. ...

Sending Pic:134x217C;






A night scene at the Tyler Arboretum in Media, Pennsylvania. ...

Sending Pic:208x126C;

The moon reflecting on Bennybed pond near Crieff, Scotland. ...

Sending Pic:144x199C;

Sunset through trees in the Washington DC area. ...

Sending Pic:201x134C;

The cherry tree known as Stumpy along the Tidal Basin in
Washington DC, on a foggy evening, January 25. ...

Sending Pic:161x201C;


A scene from India's Republic Day ceremonies in New Delhi,
January 26. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Lhamo" by K. Verma. ...

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Welcome to the Data with J3ff SST records special!

Greg Ginn created Solid State Tuners (SST) at the age of 12. SST was a mail-order business that sold modified World War II surplus radio equipment.

The business was small but thrived well into Ginn's early adulthood.
In 1976 Ginn formed the punk rock band Panic.

Panic recorded eight songs in January 1978, but no labels were interested in releasing the music aside from Los Angeles, California record label Bomp! Records.

By late 1978 Bomp had still not formally agreed to release the music on record, so Ginn decided he had enough business experience with SST to release it himself.

Pressing records turned out to be a simple matter; "I just looked in the phone book under record pressing plants and there was one there", Ginn recalled,

"and so I just took it to them and I knew about printing because I had always done catalogs."

SST Records released the music recorded by Ginn's band (now named Black Flag) as the Nervous Breakdown EP in January 1979.


Some SST related links… - The Husker Du database - SST Records Artists Video Audio and Picture Facebook Group - The Record Library - SST records


The Minutemen were a band from San Pedro, California, formed in 1980 by childhood friends Dennes "D." Boon (vocals, guitar) and Mike Watt (bass, vocals) following the break-up of their previous band, The Reactionaries.

Although technically considered a punk rock band, the group frequently added elements of funk and jazz into their songs and would also incorporate classic rock covers into their records and live sets, most notably covering Steely Dan, Van Halen, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Blue Öyster Cult (the latter two were huge influences on a young Boon and Watt).

The band was known for the brevity of their songs, freeing them from solos, choruses, breakdowns, and fade-outs.
Also, D. Boon was known for his very trebly guitar tone, believing in a "democratic" sound, in which all instruments would sound distinct and be equally represented.


The Minutemen came to end on December 22, 1985, when D. Boon, at age 27, was killed in automobile accident in Arizona.

The following year, a collection of live recordings called "Ballot Result" was released by SST. In 1986, a Minutemen fan named Ed Crawford encouraged Watt and Hurley to form a new band with him. The band, fIREHOSE, existed until 1994.

SST Special setlist

Bad Brains – Intro/I against I

Descendents – Theme
Fatso Jetson – Builders and Collectors
Zoogs Rift – Getting Laid At Grace Park
Negativeland – Announcement
Minutemen - Little man with a gun in his hand
Dinosaur Jr. – Just Like Heaven
Sonic Youth - I Dreamed I Dream
Firehose – Soon
Meat Puppets - Magic Toy Missing

SST Records started out as a Amateur Radio company called “Solid State Tuners”…

Thank you Luca for letting me takeover your awesome show!

Shouts to the HFZone crew! I wanted to do more data content but ran out of time.... Sorry...
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I hope you enjoyed the show! :)


Greg Ginn gründete Solid State Tuners (SST) im Alter von 12 Jahren. SST war ein Versandhandel, der modifizierte überschüssige Funkgeräte aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg verkaufte.

Das Geschäft war klein, florierte aber bis in Ginns frühes Erwachsenenalter.

Im Jahr 1976 gründete Ginn die Punkrock-Band Panic.

Panic nahm im Januar 1978 acht Songs auf, aber außer dem Plattenlabel Bomp! Records aus Los Angeles, Kalifornien, war kein Label an einer Veröffentlichung interessiert.

Ende 1978 hatte Bomp! immer noch nicht offiziell zugestimmt, die Musik auf Tonträger zu veröffentlichen, also beschloss Ginn, dass er genug Erfahrung mit SST hatte, um sie selbst zu veröffentlichen.

Das Pressen der Platten erwies sich als einfach: "Ich habe einfach im Telefonbuch unter Plattenpresswerke nachgeschaut, und da gab es eines", erinnert sich Ginn,

"Also brachte ich sie dorthin, und ich wusste, wie man druckt, weil ich immer Kataloge gemacht hatte."

SST Records veröffentlichte die von Ginns Band (die nun Black Flag hieß) aufgenommene Musik als die Nervous Breakdown EP im Januar 1979.




The Minutemen waren eine Band aus San Pedro, Kalifornien, die 1980 von den Jugendfreunden Dennes "D." Boon (Gesang, Gitarre) und Mike Watt (Bass, Gesang) gegründet worden ist,

nachdem sich ihre vorherige Band, The Reactionaries, aufgelöst hatte.

Obwohl die Gruppe technisch gesehen als Punkrock-Band gilt, fügte sie häufig Funk- und Jazzelemente in ihre Songs ein und ließ auch klassische Rock-Cover in ihre Platten und

Live-Sets einfließen, wobei sie vor allem Steely Dan, Van Halen, Creedence Clearwater Revival und Blue Öyster Cult coverten.

(die beiden letztgenannten waren ein großer Einfluss auf die jungen Boon und Watt)

Die Band war bekannt für die Kürze ihrer Songs, die sie von Soli, Refrains, Breakdowns und Fade-Outs befreiten.

Außerdem war D. Boon für seinen sehr hohen Gitarrenton bekannt und glaubte an einen "demokratischen" Sound, bei dem alle Instrumente unterschiedlich klingen und gleichberechtigt

vertreten sein sollten.




Die Minutemen endeten am 22. Dezember 1985, als D. Boon im Alter von 27 Jahren bei einem Autounfall in Arizona ums Leben kam.

Im folgenden Jahr wurde eine Sammlung von Live-Aufnahmen namens "Ballot Result" von SST veröffentlicht.

1986 ermutigte ein Minutemen-Fan (namens Ed) Crawford Watt und Hurley, mit ihm eine neue Band zu gründen. Die Band, fIREHOSE, bestand bis 1994.



SST Records begann als eine Amateurfunkfirma namens "Solid State Tuners"...


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Melanie Safka-Schekeryk was born on February 3, 1947.

She died January 23, 2024.

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