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Welcome to program 345 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:45 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:55 MFSK32: The future less skiable thanks to climate change
  7:27 MFSK64: In NYC, window heat pumps promise emissions cuts*
12:44 MFSK64: This week's images*
28:23 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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The future is likely less skiable, thanks to climate change

by Public Library of Science
March 13, 2024

Annual snow cover days in all major skiing regions are projected
to decrease dramatically as a result of climate change, with one
in eight ski areas losing all natural snow cover this century
under high emission scenarios. These results are published in a
new study in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Veronika
Mitterwallner from the University of Bayreuth, Germany and

Popular skiing destinations experience the impacts of climate
change, which include reduced snowfall in regions around the
world. Despite the social, economic, and ecological significance
of the skiing industry, little research exists on how ski area
distributions are affected by climate change globally. Existing
studies are small-scale and focused on Europe, North America, and

Mitterwallner and colleagues examined the impact of climate
change on annual natural snow cover in seven major skiing
regions: the European Alps, Andes Mountains, Appalachian
Mountains, Australian Alps, Japanese Alps, Southern Alps (located
in New Zealand), and Rocky Mountains.

The researchers identified specific skiing locations within these
seven regions using OpenStreetMap. As the largest global ski
market, the European Alps accounted for 69% of these areas. The
researchers also used the public climate database CHELSA,
enabling them to predict annual snow cover days for each ski area
for 2011–2040, 2041–2070, and 2071–2100 under low, high, and very
high carbon emissions scenarios.

Under the high emissions scenario, 13% of ski areas are predicted
to lose all natural snow cover by 2071–2100 relative to their
historic baselines; 20% will lose more than half of their snow
cover days per year. By 2071–2100, average annual snow cover days
were predicted to decline most in the Australian Alps (78%) and
Southern Alps (51%), followed by the Japanese Alps (50%), Andes
(43%), European Alps (42%), and Appalachians (37%), with the
Rocky Mountains predicted to experience the least decline at 23%
relative to historic baselines.

The researchers state that diminishing snow cover may prompt ski
resorts to move or expand into less populated areas, potentially
threatening alpine plants and animals already under
climate-induced strain. Resorts favoring faux snow may rely on
"technical snowmaking" practices like artificial snow production,
but regardless, the authors predict that the economic
profitability of ski resorts will fall globally.

The authors add, "This study demonstrates significant future
losses in natural snow cover of current ski areas worldwide,
indicating spatial shifts of ski area distributions, potentially
threatening high-elevation ecosystems."

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From AP via TechXplore:

In New York City, heat pumps that fit in apartment windows
promise big emissions cuts

by Isabella O'Malley and Ingrid Lobet
March 11, 2024

For 27 years, the heat in Regina Fred's Queens apartment building
came from a noisy steam radiator that she couldn't control and
sometimes didn't come on at all, leaving her shivering.
Sometimes, the radiators ran so hot that residents had to keep
their windows open in the middle of winter for relief.

That all changed a few months ago, when she got a window-mounted
heat pump as part of a pilot project by the New York City Housing
Authority aimed at cutting energy costs and lowering emissions.
Suddenly, all Fred has to do is touch a dial to bump her
temperature up or down, and she found herself enjoying "a very
good silence."

"They did a demonstration for me and I was thrilled," Fred said.
Now, her grown children call the heat pump "the best thing" she
has in her apartment, and her neighbors have knocked on her door
to check out the unit.

Heat pumps, a highly efficient technology that has grown in
popularity in recent years to rival gas furnaces, have mainly
been an option for owners of houses. But new designs are making
them practical for apartments, too, which often rely on
inefficient centralized steam boilers powered by oil or gas. That
represents a promising climate solution for buildings, whose
operations account for 26% of global energy-related carbon
emissions, according to the International Energy Agency.

The IEA said last year that installing heat pumps in apartment
buildings and commercial areas should "be a priority area" to
maintain the growth necessary to meet national climate pledges
worldwide. The U.S. alone has 23 million apartment units,
according to the National Multifamily Housing Council,
representing a huge sector of people who could use less energy
with heat pumps.

New York law requires buildings to make big cuts in greenhouse
gas emissions over the next decades. To comply, NYCHA is
targeting heating and cooling, the largest source of emissions
for the agency, which houses about 528,000 people across more
than 2,400 buildings—or about one in 17 New Yorkers, said Shaan
Mavani, the agency's chief asset and capital management officer.

Centralized steam boilers powered by natural gas or oil typically
provide the heat, and they are wasteful—the NYCHA's climate
mitigation roadmap calls steam heat "19th-century technology
incompatible with 21st-century needs." Mavani said between 30%
and 80% of heat is lost through old and leaky infrastructure
before it reaches apartments. And that doesn't account for the
waste when residents have to open their windows to dissipate
excess heat from a system they can't control.

Eric Wilson, a senior research engineer for the Department of
Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, led a team that
analyzed heat pump performance in various electric grid scenarios
and found even the lowest-efficiency pump would cut greenhouse
gas emissions and save on operating costs in every U.S. state.
That analysis didn't include the kind of pump being tested in
Queens because it wasn't yet on the scene, but Wilson said he
would expect similar results.

Most heat pumps require ductwork, which isn't an option for
renters in a unit they don't own. And ductless systems typically
require extensive installation that includes wiring, making a
hole in a wall and a sizeable external compressor.

Gradient and Midea, the two companies making the units in the
pilot project at Woodside House, downsized it all into something
that looks a bit like a window air conditioner but with a much
lower profile. Exterior and interior halves drape over a sill to
leave the window mostly unobscured. Gradient, one of the
companies, says its unit installs in 15 minutes and plugs into an
ordinary wall outlet.

Wilson said the interior portion of the units "take up more space
on the inside than you might be used to" but Fred called it "very

"Look, I even have it for decoration," she said. Her three window
units are usually topped by flowers and decorative candles. In
one room on a particularly sunny day, morning light shone on a
rose, a jar of rose petals, decorative boxes and a "LOVE" sign
atop one of them.

Z Smith, an architect at the firm Eskew Dumez Ripple who isn't
involved in the Queens project, said such retrofitting "is the
carbon-smart way to get to better comfort for occupants." That's
because one of the most effective ways to cut emissions from
buildings is to avoid putting up new ones, which result in
significant emissions due to all the new concrete, steel and

He called the low-profile heat pumps a "lightweight intervention"
because they're so easy to install.

The NYCHA will evaluate results of the pilot project, with plans
to eventually install more than 4,000 heat pumps over two years
in the Woodside development if all goes well. The authority
expects to save money on operating and maintenance costs with the
heat pumps, but is waiting to see for initial results before it
projects those savings.

Gradient was founded seven years ago in San Francisco with the
ambition to decarbonize buildings with a window unit heat pump
that can be easily installed without technicians. Part of their
goal was a solution for people just like those at Woodside, CEO
Vince Romanin said—people in older multi-family buildings with
complaints about their window ACs or aged radiators that don't
have a temperature setting.

"We think that if you're not building solutions for people who
need it most, if you're not building solutions for people who
have insufficient heating (and) cooling today, they're not really
solving climate change," Romanin said.


Image: A Gradient brand heat pump/AC window unit ...

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This week's images ...

Kala, a Sumatran tiger cub born on December 1, 2023, presented to
the public for the first time at Bioparco Zoo in Rome. ...

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A neon sign in Seattle. ...

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A fishing boat approaches the island of Petatan in the
municipality of Cojumatlan de Regules, Michoacan state, Mexico,
February 23. ...

Sending Pic:208x135C;

Cherry blossom buds at the Tidal Basin in Washington DC reached
Stage 3, or “extension of florets,” on March 8. ...

Sending Pic:208x119C;

Cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin reached Stage 4 out of 6, or
'peduncle elongation.' The peak bloom date could be among the
earliest on record. ...

Sending Pic:205x126C;

A photo that looks like a painting: Plum trees bloom at Dumbarton
Oaks in Northwest Washington DC, March 1. ...

Sending Pic:139x205C;

Crocuses in bloom in Burke, Virginia, March 3. ...

 u ri a÷nRa Æ^ xJe a ie tÂu .

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Early spring blooms at the University of Kentucky Arboretum in
Lexington. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Tecumseth" (1977) by Rita Letendre
(Abenaki first nation in Canada).

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Elis Regina Carvalho Costa “Elis Regina” was born on
March 17, 1945.

She died in 1982.

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Welcome to Episode II...


The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) is an annual song competition
between participating countries in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

The EBU currently consists of 112 member organizations from 54 countries.

Eurovision contains not only entries only from Europe, but also some
non-European nations like Australia and Israel.

The first Eurovision was in 1956, 7 countries, one Cameraman, and a curtain.
After a somewhat uncomfortable "spat" ~1939-1945, this competition attempted
to humanize other Nations through music.

Running continuously (sans 2020 due to COVID) since 1956, it attracts
live audiences in the range of 200 million at a time, far exceeding
any other live televised (non-news) events.

Modern-day Eurovision exceeds four hours in length so many of us
watch Eurovision at Eurovision parties with food, drink, and revelries.

We would say "This is not your Grandma's Song Contest", but it literally

Yodel It! - Ilinca and Alex Florea - Eurovision 2017 - Romania

After winning Romania's pre-seeection competition "Selecția Națională",
"Yodel It!" won me over and beat out the other 42 Eurovision Entries
for my heart.

My Radio show. My Rules.


Betting Odds: Sixth.
Jury: Fifteenth
Televote: Fifth

Final: Seventh

1. Florea injured himself falling off a cannon in the first rehersal.
2. The song ends with the most awkward celebratory kiss in history.

2017 Results:

 1 Portugal - Amar Pelos Dois
 2 Bulgaria - Beautiful Mess
 3 Moldova - Hey Mamma
 4 Belgium - City Lights
 5 Sweden - I Can't Go On
 6 Italy - Occidentali's Karma
 7 Romania - Yodel It!
 8 Hungary - Origo
 9 Australia - Don't Come Easy
10 Norway - Grab the Moment

Still in Romania... I chose this next song because I didn't see this comming...

are you ready?? Here we go!

It's My Life - Cezar - Eurovision 2013 - Romania

"It's My Life" combines my trues loves of Sequins, Falsetto and Dubstep.

1. The CD release came with a Karaoke version so you could torture your friends.
2. One reviewer described it as a "potential sanitary towel advert anthem".

Final Result: Thirteenth

 1 Denmark - Only Teardrops
 2 Azerbaijan - Hold Me
 3 Ukraine - Gravity
 4 Norway - I Feed You My Love
 5 Russia - What If
 6 Greece - Alcohol Is Free
 7 Italy - L'Essenziale
 8 Malta - Tomorrow
 9 Netherlands - Birds
10 Hungary - Kedvesem
11 Moldova - O Mie
12 Belgium - Love Kills
13 Romania - It's My Life

Eurovision and Languages.

It is a sad fact that both the vast majority of entries and winners in the
competition are in English and, since my native tongue is English my memory
is almost certainly going to show a bias to remember English songs.

Not in this case.

Alcohol Is Free - Koza Mostra and Αγάθωνας Ιακωβίδης - Eurovision 2013 - Greece.

The combination of ska, punk, and rebetiko music styles with the subject of
Alcohol made it popular in many Nations with a high proportion of Eurovision
voting functional alcoholics.

With its aspirational chorus that we can all sing.

In the years 1966-1972 and 1977-1999 Eurovision attempted to enforce
an "official language only" policy. It failed.

I'd love to see an "Endangered Language Only" Eurovision.

There are over 250 languages Native to Europe and I'd love to hear more
of them.

Bring the Culture as well as the Camp Eurovision!

Cha Cha Cha - Käärijä - Eurovision 2023 - Finland

Continuing the trend of songs about alcohol comes this "metal-dance-pop"
fusion track siaging about getting so shitfaced that he was no longer
scared to dance.

#1 Spotify's Viral 50 Chart.
#7 Spotify's Top 50.

The first Finnish song to reach Spotify's Global top 200.
The most listened to Finnish Song of all time.
Almost 129,978,174 Streams on Spotify (today)

The voting public gave Cha Cha Cha a significant 133 point lead over
Loreen's "Tattoo" (376 vs 243). The Jury gave Loreen a 190 point lead
over Käärijä making Loreen the victor.

Some people even Boo'd Loreen during the final show.



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Hard Rock Hallelujah - Lordi - Eurovision 2006 - Finland

Hard Rock band Lordi brings victory to Finland with thit tgazing track.
Not only is it an eu e?teonal song, but the costuming and prosthetics Wthat Lordi use dominate the Stage.

Hard Rock Hallelujah broke the record for the largest Karaoke song with
about 80,000 screaming this at the top of their lungs. This video is
unavailable and the world is poorer for it.

 1 Finland - Hard Rock Hallelujah
 2 Russia - Never Let You Go
 3 Bosnia & Herzegovina - Lejla
 4 Romania - Tornero
 5 Sweden - Invincible
 6 Lithuania - We Are The Winners
 7 Ukraine - Show Me Your Love
 8 Armenia - Without Your Love
 9 Greece - ,verything
10 Ireland - Every Song Is A Cry For Love



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Stefania (Стефанія) - Kalush Orchestra - Eurovision 2022 - Ukraine

Two days after this song was selected by Ukrainians to represent them
in Eurovision Russia invaded their soverign nation. This song became a
popular wartime song and soundtrack on social media before the
Eurovision Final even occured.

Nobody else stood a chance, and rightly so.

Kulush Orchestra has traveled all over the world raising money for the
"Save Ukrainian Culture" initiative as well as other causes like
supporting Ukrainian refugees who have had to flee the country.
Russia wants to extinguish their culture.

That's not going to happen.

Слава Україні!

Slava Ukraini!



Give That Wolf A Banana - Subwolfer - Eurovision 2022 - Norway

Once upon a time there was a songwriting camp, where songwriters would
get together to write songs, and the camp would provide singers to
perform them at the end of the week.

(Un)fortunately for our songwriters, the camp had run out of artists.

This encoraged our writers to just mess around and not take themselves
or the song seriously. At the end of the week, they had a "Bop".

They solicited artists to sing it with no success.

Reluctantly, they agreed to sing themselves as long as they could stay
anonymous as they feared that their careers could be damaged if the
public didn't recognize the brilliance.

This song is EPIC in every way. Even in its origin story.

A year after its introduction at the National Qualifying contest
Subwolfer performed and removed their gloves. The crowd went insane.
They removed their masks and their identity.

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Rise Like A Phoenix - Conchita Wurst - Eurovision 2014 - Austria

I don't think there is anything I can say that can do justice to Conchita's
vocal and stage pe formance so I'll say nothing other than I was spellbound.

The year after they won she opened Eurovision 2015 accompanied by a
full orchestra. It was an out of body experience!



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be the last.

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