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Welcome to program 350 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:45 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:54 MFSK32: Taiwan using satellites to reach strategic island*
  7:18 MFSK64: Polar forests provide clues about 1859 solar event
11:56 MFSK64: This week's images*
27:24 MFSK32: Closing announcements

* with image(s)


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From Radio Taiwan International:

Satellite launch enhances communication with Taiping Island

Amber Hatfield
17 April, 2024

The Digital Ministry announced on Wednesday that communication
efficiency on Taiping Island has increased 3.9 times following
the activation of the SES medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite
signal, launching Wifi and mobile network services on the island
on Tuesday. The upgrade provides bandwidth of up to 25Mbps,
improving communication efficiency for coast guard personnel
stationed on the island.

Taiping Island, also known as Itu Aba, located in the South China
Sea is an important strategic location for Taiwan. However, due
to geographical factors, the island has suffered from limited
communication bandwidth, causing inconveniences in external

To bolster Taiwan's communication resilience, the Digital
Ministry initiated a two-year non-geostationary satellite
verification project of low earth orbit (LEO) and MEO satellites
last year. The project prioritizes installing satellite equipment
in crucial areas on Taiwan's main island and outlying islands
lacking communication capabilities.

The ministry collaborated with the Telecom Technology Center
(TTC), the Ocean Affairs Council, the Coast Guard Administration,
and Chunghwa Telecom to set up the SES mPower MEO satellite
equipment on Taiping Island in September last year. It also
constructed the island's Wi-Fi and telecom base station satellite
transmission network. Following successful tests on Tuesday, the
improved services were launched. The boosted bandwidth of 25Mbps
significantly enhances internet communication quality between
Taiping Island and Taiwan.

The ministry plans to establish more than 700 satellite network
sites by year-end to enhance Taiwan's communication resilience.

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From Science News:

Polar forests may have just solved a solar storm mystery

By Carolyn Gramling
April 9, 2024

The strongest solar flare in recorded history burst into Earth's
atmosphere in 1859, bathing both hemispheres in brilliantly
colorful aurorae as it wreaked worldwide havoc on telegraph
systems. The celestial chaos was broadly witnessed, but lingering
physical evidence of that storm, dubbed the Carrington event, has
proven stubbornly elusive - until now, researchers report in the
March 16 Geophysical Research Letters.

Ecologist Joonas Uusitalo of the University of Helsinki and his
colleagues have identified the first known traces of the
Carrington event: atoms of carbon-14 preserved in tree rings in
Finland's far north. Scientists previously hadn't detected tree
ring evidence of this event, although other trees have recorded
more powerful solar flares that occurred before modern
recordkeeping began, such as in 774 and 993.

Those storms were perhaps 10 times more intense than the one in
1859, Uusitalo says, so it makes sense that they'd leave a
stronger signal. Also, he says, the trees in which scientists
have previously hunted for clues to the Carrington event have all
been located in the mid-latitudes - for example, in Japan, Europe
or the United States. But "based on our earlier research, we had
this idea that maybe the polar trees are more sensitive to [less
powerful storms]."

So Uusitalo's team examined rings from three trees at different
sites within the Lapland region of Finland, above the Arctic
Circle, as well as rings from three trees from the mid-latitudes.
These rings all dated between 1853 to 1871. The team found a
statistically significant increase in carbon-14 in the polar
trees compared with those in the mid-latitudes during the year of
the Carrington event. That suggests it is possible to use polar
tree rings to detect moderate-sized solar storms.

The extra sensitivity of those polar trees may be related to how
solar particles interact with Earth's magnetic field, the
researchers suggest. Solar flares are bursts of particles that
swiftly stream from the sun toward Earth. When the particles
encounter Earth's magnetic field, they get deflected toward the
poles; that disturbance of the magnetosphere produces aurorae -
and can also wreak havoc on radio signals.

As the particles enter the stratosphere, they react with
atmospheric molecules to produce carbon-14, normally produced by
the interaction of cosmic rays with atmospheric nitrogen.
Researchers have hypothesized that that extra burst of carbon-14
from the solar particles eventually makes its way to the Earth's
lowest atmospheric layer, the troposphere, where it is drawn into
the tissue of living trees, preserving a record of the solar

These carbon-14 spikes in tree rings are known as Miyake events,
after physicist Fusa Miyake of Nagoya University in Japan, who
first connected the observed spikes to solar storms. Miyake is a
coauthor on the new study.

Scientists previously thought that the carbon-14 would mix
quickly into the atmosphere, and by the time it reaches the
surface, it would be evenly distributed among trees at different
latitudes. But recent studies suggest that in the Arctic, there's
faster air exchange between the stratosphere and the troposphere
than at lower latitudes, Uusitalo says. So trees closer to the
poles could receive a slightly bigger infusion of the carbon-14
than those in the mid-latitudes, making them better sensors for
relatively weaker storms.

Using polar trees could give researchers more insight into how
common more moderate solar storms are, Uusitalo says. Historical
archives suggest that there were also flares in 1582, 1730 and
1770 that, so far, haven't shown traces in mid-latitude tree
rings. His team now plans to look for them closer to the north

The finding could be "hugely important" for scientists'
understanding of radiocarbon spikes in the tree ring record, says
physicist Benjamin Pope of the University of Queensland in St.
Lucia, Australia. "It has always been a problem for us that the
biggest-ever flare observed from the sun during the modern
scientific era - the Carrington event of 1859 - doesn't even show
up in the radiocarbon record," he says.

Pope and his colleagues recently questioned whether solar flares
were even responsible for the Miyake events, based in part on
uncertainties in how well the spikes align with the solar cycle,
as well as on the apparent lack of evidence that trees nearer the
poles contain higher levels of the carbon-14. If the new findings
hold up, they lend a new line of support to the link between
Miyake events and solar storms. Still, Pope notes, this study's
findings are based just on three trees in polar regions, and
replicating those results with other high-latitude trees will be
essential before drawing any conclusions.

Uusitalo agrees, and adds that it will also be key to study tree
rings that span longer periods of time, beyond a single 11-year
solar cycle. That's because the sun's activity may affect
carbon-14 production in the atmosphere in another way, he says:
The solar wind can actually push cosmic rays away from Earth,
periodically reducing the normal influx of rays that would react
to form carbon-14 in the atmosphere. If that subtle cycle is also
detectable in polar tree rings, the trees could offer a new way
to examine the historical cyclicity of the sun and of atmospheric

Either way, he says, "I want to emphasize the importance of
[studying] high-latitude trees." Because scientists tend to
analyze trees closer to where they live, most measurements come
from the mid-latitudes. But, as this study hints, the trees of
the far north may guard many secrets about the intertwined
history of Earth and the sun.


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This week's images ...


A kite festival on Ao Manao Beach in the southern Thai province
of Narathiwat. ...

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A peacock at Royal Lazienki Park in Warsaw, Poland. ...

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Fletcher, a white-tailed sea eagle, at a raptor aviary and
reintroduction center in Sciez, Haute-Savoie, France. ...

Sending Pic:195x135C;

Sunrise at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge near Annapolis, Maryland,
April 14. ...

Sending Pic:200x134C;

Tulips at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. ...

Sending Pic:191x143C;

Examples of the hail that fell in Arlington, Virginia, on April
15. ...

Sending Pic:140x197C;

Early morning in the Caddo Lake State Park in Karnack, Texas. ...

Sending Pic:191x127C;

Epimedium sempervirens at the Kobe Arboretum in Japan, April 7. ...

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Our painting of the week is by Oscar Bluemner (American,
1867–1938). ...

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     SWRG#350 closing song:

     Tootie Heath Plays "Night In Tunisia" W/ Emmet Cohen






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Mark Volman of the Turtles was born on April 19, 1947.

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ON RNEI NEXT -- The Height med Type of Days 🇬🇧







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THAT WAS -- Mumle - Det Modsatte (The Opposite) 🇩🇰


ON RNEI NEXT -- L.U:N.A - Langt avsted (Far Away) 🇳🇴



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4,ZoeyVT - Snow Halation (Cover) 🇬🇧


5,WU-LI - Se på meg (Look at me) 🇸🇪


6,Darin - Electric 🇸🇪


7,Monotronic - Reach for the Stars - 🇩🇪



8,UNDER & SIV - Vågorna 🇸🇪
Til vi møtes igjen,
Ha det~


Highasakite - Since Last Wednesday



Highasakite - Golden Ticket



Highasakite - Uranium Heart



Highasakite - Can I Come Home



























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--- RNEI 50 Playlist ---

4,ZoeyVT - Snow Halation (Cover) 🇬🇧
5,WU-LI - Se på meg (Look at me) 🇸🇪
6,Darin - Electric 🇸🇪
7,Monotronic - Reach for the Stars - 🇩🇪
8,UNDER & SIV - Vågorna 🇸🇪
Til vi møtes igjen,
Ha det~









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1. Pink Floyd - Time 🇬🇧 (1973)
2. The Rasmus - Living In A World Without You 🇫🇮 (2008)
3. Modern Talking, Eric Singleton - Brother Louie '98 🇩🇪🇺🇸 (1998)
4. GALA - Freed From Desire 🇮🇹 (1996)
5. Dr Alban - Let The Beat Go On (Short) 🇸🇪🇳🇬 (1994)
6. Joost - Europapa 🇳🇱 (2024)
7. Die Flippers - Lotosblume 🇩🇪 (1989)

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