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Welcome to program 353 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:44 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:53 MFSK32: World heat records for 11th month in a row
  4:59 MFSK64: Proposal to replace collapsed Baltimore bridge*
  9:32 MFSK64: This week's images*
28:36 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From Bloomberg via

World extends run of heat records for an 11th month in a row

by Eamon Akil Farhat
May 8, 2024

April was the Earth's 11th consecutive month of record-breaking
heat, with warmer weather already sweeping across Asia and a
hotter-than-usual summer expected in Europe.

The European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service said last
month's temperatures globally were 1.58°C (2.8°F) above
historical averages and marked the hottest April on record. The
past 12 months have been 1.61°C higher than pre-industrial
temperatures, exceeding the 1.5°C threshold that policymakers and
scientists say could threaten life on the planet.

"While temperature variations associated with natural cycles like
El Niño come and go, the extra energy trapped into the ocean and
the atmosphere by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases
will keep pushing the global temperature towards new records,"
Copernicus Director Carlo Buontempo said in a statement.

The Copernicus program - the world's biggest provider of climate
data - uses billions of measurements from satellites, ships,
aircraft and weather stations around the world for its monthly
and seasonal forecasts.

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From New Atlas:

Plans for larger, higher Baltimore bridge keep channel clear for

By Adam Williams
May 08, 2024

Following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in
Baltimore, a team made up of Carlo Ratti Associati, along with
construction firm Webuild and structural engineer Michel
Virlogeux, has proposed a new – and safer – replacement.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge part-collapsed in March when an
out-of-control container ship hit one of its structural supports.
Though obviously the loss of life is the most tragic consequence,
the disaster also represents the destruction of a much-needed
transport link in Baltimore and needs to be replaced as soon as
possible while ensuring the same thing can't happen again.

This proposal, named Gateway to America: A New Bridge for
Baltimore, envisions a cable-stayed bridge. It addresses the key
cause of the original bridge's collapse by enlarging the main
span from 1,200 ft (almost 366 m) to 2,230 ft (680 m). This means
that the primary support pillars of the crossing would now be
situated in very shallow water, safely away from the navigation
channel used by any large vessels.

The design would increase height clearance from 185 ft (56 m) to
230 ft (70 m), to meet modern shipping industry's standards. It
would also include a larger roadway, with an additional lane in
each direction, increasing traffic capacity across the bridge.
Solar panels would be installed to reduce its grid-based energy
usage too.

"In terms of sustainability, Baltimore's cable-stayed design is
one of the most material-efficient ways to build at the proposed
span, minimizing the project's embodied carbon," explains Carlo
Ratti Associati. "Moreover, it avoids the need to construct
artificial islands to protect the pillars, which would
considerably disturb the ecosystem of the Patapsco River, which
is home to several native migratory species of fish. The design
also aims to minimize disturbance to the 'accidental bird
sanctuary' on the nearby artificial island of Fort Carroll.
Reflecting a commitment to renewable energy solutions, the design
optimizes energy efficiency through the installation of
photovoltaic panels across the whole span."

The idea isn't just some renders thrown together by a design
studio: the team behind the proposal has a lot of experience. It
builds on research by Carlo Ratti's work at the MIT Senseable
City Lab, whose project Good Vibrations investigated innovative
ways to monitor the structural safety of bridges using cellphone
data. Additionally, Michel Virlogeux designed and co-designed
several of the world's most significant bridges, including the
tallest bridge on Earth, the Millau Viaduct in France. Webuild,
meanwhile, was responsible for the speedy reconstruction of the
Ponte Morandi in Genoa, Italy, following its collapse in August

A Carlo Ratti Associati representative told us that it's
currently in the design stage but that the Maryland Transport
Authority is currently collecting ideas for a replacement bridge
and it expects a formal request for proposals to be imminent.
It's important to note that the firm hasn't provided an expected
budget or timeline itself, however US Government officials have
said that they plan for the bridge to be in use by late-2028, at
an estimated budget of up to US$1.9 billion.

Source: Carlo Ratti Associati


Image: Illustration of the proposed Francis Scott Key Bridge
replacement, showing the wide span ...

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This week's images ...

Vintage equipment marks the 50th anniversary of the Prague Metro. ...

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A dog with a pink hat attends the 2nd stage of the 107th Giro
d'Italia cycling race in Italy. ...

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A deer stands in deep grass near Frankfurt. ...

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A light show for the tenth anniversary of the Kelpies, world's
largest equine sculpture, Falkirk, Scotland. ...

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A Cyanistes caeruleus in East Kilbride, Scotland. ...

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Mountain peaks visible at Mount Blue State Park, Maine. ...

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The old two-section traffic lights in New York City, the last
which was removed in 2008. Instead of a yelow light, green and
red would appear simultaneously. ...

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Sunset (or maybe sunrise) at Babcock State Park, West Virginia. ...

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A tulip in the rain at the Orange County Arboretum in
southeastern New York state, May 5.

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A flower at the Seattle Arboretum, May 4. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Poppies in a Yellow Jug" (1917) by
Tsuguharu Foujita (1886-1968). ...

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