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Welcome to program 354 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:40 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:48 MFSK32: Decades-old carp removed from Colorado pond*
  7:29 MFSK64: Copper prices are spiking
12:11 MFSK64: This week's images*
28:13 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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From The Denver Post via

More than a dozen gigantic, decades-old fish removed from
Colorado pond

by Katie Langford
May 14, 2024

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials removed 14 massive,
invasive carp from a pond at an Arvada park last week, more than
30 years after the fish were introduced as part of a national

State officials were tipped to the presence of bighead carp at
Jack B. Tomlinson Park by an angler, Colorado Parks and Wildlife
said in a news release May 13.

Agency officials removed the fish after stunning them with an
electric current in the water. The 14 carp appeared to be left
over from a 1992 study to see whether they could reduce nuisance
algae, state officials said.

It's unusual for bighead carp to live that long, CPW spokesperson
Kara Van Hoose said in an email, but the fish didn't have any
natural predators or competition for food in the pond.

Bighead carp, which are part of the Asian carp family, usually
live up to 16 years but can live longer, according to the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service.

These carp were all at least 3 feet [91 cm] long and weighed more
than 40 pounds [18 kg], with the largest weighing in at 46 pounds
[21 kg].

Bighead carp are not native to Colorado and negatively impact the
ecosystem by competing with other fish for plankton, their main
food source, state officials said.

The size of the fish indicates they are left over from the 1992
study, which ended in 1995. The fish did not reproduce, which
state senior aquatic biologist Kyle Battige described as the
"best-case scenario."

State officials will continue checking to make sure there are no
remaining carp, and anyone who sees a "suspicious aquatic
species" can report it by filing a report.

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From Deutsche Welle:

Will copper unleash a new commodities 'supercycle'?

Dirk Kaufmann
May 10, 2024

Some economists believe recently spiking copper prices are a
harbinger of a new supercycle for commodities. The last one
ended around 2014 amid faltering China growth. What's
fueling the current boom?

For much of the past two years, the global price of copper
languished in the doldrums, barely fluctuating around the level
of $8,500 (7,890) for a ton, and being largely ignored by
commodities traders. Since last month though, the metal is back
in the focus of investors after surging to a fresh 2-year high of
$10,110 at the London Metal Exchange (LME) on April 30.

"Index funds, exchange-traded funds, etc, are attracting retail
money into metals. Momentum-based buying is pulling them up;
selling resistance remains low," Sandeep Daga, a director at
metals analysis company Metal Intelligence Centre, told news
agency Reuters. He warned at the same time that the metal is
"filled with the spirit of excitement, which is taking it far
away from the reality."

The current reality, indeed, is that global growth is weakening,
meaning copper prices should actually be coming under pressure
because of falling demand a correlation that's been valid
throughout history. So why does it seem to be different this time
around? And why are some experts even speaking of the beginning
of a new commodities supercycle, led by copper?

A commodities supercycle is an extended period of rising prices
for commodities across various sectors, driven by sustained
demand growth, supply constraints, and broader economic factors.

The last commodities supercycle affecting iron ore,
agricultural products and minerals began around the early 2000s
and lasted until around 2014/2015. It was fueled by rapid
industrialization and urbanization in emerging economies such as

Copper the base metal of electrification

At the moment, the fresh enthusiasm of investors for copper is
caused by its key role in global efforts to move away from fossil
fuels towards energy systems based on renewables.

Joachim Berlebach, the founder and CEO of Earth Resource
Investments in Zurich, says the metal is indispensable for
electrification "due to its physical properties, especially its
electrical conductivity."

"If we really want to move away from fossil fuels, we would need
approximately the same amount of copper in the next three decades
as in the entire previous history of mankind," he told DW.

Michael Widmer, a commodity strategist at the Bank of America
(BofA), also thinks global decarbonization efforts are currently
driving the price rally of copper. "Copper is used in almost
every industry and is, therefore, considered an economic
indicator," he told German business daily Handelsblatt recently.

Supply shortage caused by exploration slump

Both Berlebach and Widmer agree that the recent surge in copper
prices is primarily the result of rising demand amid stagnating
or even decreasing supplies since the end of the last supercycle.
"Due to the lack of investments in new mines there are not
enough copper mines," said Berlebach.

Widmer calculated that investment in new mines would have to
reach "at least $127 billion per year" in order to keep up with
annual copper demand until 2050, as estimated by the
International Energy Agency (IEA). "But last year, it was only
$104 billion," he added.

The BofA expert sees no quick solution to lagging copper supply
as building new mines "often encounters resistance," due to their
environmental burden. In the interview for Handelsblatt, he
cited the recent closure of Panama's largest copper mine, which
is run by the Canadian mining company First Quantum. "Initially,
there was only a conflict between the government and First
Quantum, then protests erupted among the local population.
Ultimately, the government closed the mine and said it would not
come back onto the market."

People wave flags after Panama's top court ruled unconstitutional
a mining contract with Canadian miner First Quantum to operate a
copper mine in the country, following weeks of protests against
the deal, in Panama City.People wave flags after Panama's top
court ruled unconstitutional a mining contract with Canadian
miner First Quantum to operate a copper mine in the country,
following weeks of protests against the deal, in Panama City.

Berlebach also said copper production cannot be ramped up quickly
"because it takes up to 15 years from the first drill hole to
production." He added that often "falling ore grades [mean] new
mines also have to be designed larger."
Costly copper is here to stay

The days of copper production in Germany are long gone, although
deposits still exist in some regions where the metal was mined
several centuries ago.

Berlebach thinks domestic exploration and extraction is
"relatively unproductive, and only theoretically possible."
Operating large-scale mines in Germany, in general, would involve
"lengthy bureaucratic processes," which is why the country will
continue to depend on "deposits in South America and Congo."

He also does not consider metals such as aluminium as an
alternative, as this can neither be used for landlines nor for
coils in wind turbines or electric cars. "Aluminum has only about
65% of the conductivity of copper the cables would be too

Therefore, BofA analyst Widmer believes copper prices will remain
elevated: "Of course, there may be short-term corrections, but in
the long term, I see prices rising." He told Handelsblatt that
the metal may even experience "what is likely to be a
long-lasting supercycle."

In the global hunt for copper, the Norwegian government now even
wants to mine minerals from the seabed off its coast. Last year,
it stated that there were "significant amounts of mineral
resources" in Norwegian waters, including deposits of zinc,
cobalt and copper.

This article was originally written in German.


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This week's images ...


A keel-billed toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus) at Soberania
national park, Panama. ...

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The aurora borealis over the desert near Les Vegas, Nevada. ...

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Aurora as seen from northeast South Dakota. ...

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A ladybird on an iris petal in Dorset, England. ...

Sending Pic:141x201C;

A yellow bird (yellowhammer?) in West Calder, Scotland. ...

Sending Pic:144x198C;

A prominent rainbow appeared over Arlington, Virginia at dusk,
May 11. ...

Sending Pic:139x220C;

Sunset from Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Arkansas, May 10. ...

Sending Pic:203x132C;

A bloom in the Wister Rhododendron Garden of the Tyler Arboretum
in Media, Pennsylvania. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Spring in Giverny" by Theodore Earl
Butler (USA 18611936). ...

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Henry St. Claire Fredericks Jr., aka Taj Mahal, was born on
May 17, 1942.

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1. Bad Disk - Purpose
2. No Mana - Bottle Service
3. Geoxor & poixone - I'm Here
4. KLOUD - Disconnect (No Mana Remix)
5. Chiru-san - Bloom
6. i_o - Let Me Go
7. EDDIE - Healed
8. SVRGE - In The Dark (DK Radio Edit)

9. No Mana ft. vowl. and Leyla Diamondi - Falling in Love
10. Astronaut - Earthsphere VIP
11. Firebeatz - Shined on Me
12. SIIK & KDH - Closer
13. Martin Garrix & Seth Hills - Biochemicaxv
14. Figure - The Graveyard
15. Gregor McMurray - What I Want
16. deadmau5 vs. Melleefresh - Hey Baby
17. Bad Computer & Ryan Coss - 4D

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