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  1:45 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:47 Most distant quasar with powerful radio jets discovered
  9:10 MFSK64: Automated car battery swap station (in html)
12:39 Images of the week
28:31 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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Most distant quasar with powerful radio jets discovered

by ESO
March 8, 2021

With the help of the European Southern Observatory's Very Large
Telescope (ESO's VLT), astronomers have discovered and studied in
detail the most distant source of radio emission known to date.
The source is a "radio-loud" quasar - a bright object with
powerful jets emitting at radio wavelengths - that is so far away
its light has taken 13 billion years to reach us. The discovery
could provide important clues to help astronomers understand the
early Universe.

Quasars are very bright objects that lie at the center of some
galaxies and are powered by supermassive black holes. As the
black hole consumes the surrounding gas, energy is released,
allowing astronomers to spot them even when they are very far

The newly discovered quasar, nicknamed P172+18, is so distant
that light from it has travelled for about 13 billion years to
reach us: we see it as it was when the Universe was just around
780 million years old. While more distant quasars have been
discovered, this is the first time astronomers have been able to
identify the telltale signatures of radio jets in a quasar this
early on in the history of the Universe. Only about 10% of
quasars - which astronomers classify as "radio-loud" - have jets,
which shine brightly at radio frequencies.

P172+18 is powered by a black hole about 300 million times more
massive than our Sun that is consuming gas at a stunning rate.
"The black hole is eating up matter very rapidly, growing in mass
at one of the highest rates ever observed," explains astronomer
Chiara Mazzucchelli, Fellow at ESO in Chile, who led the
discovery together with Eduardo Bañados of the Max Planck
Institute for Astronomy in Germany.

The astronomers think that there's a link between the rapid
growth of supermassive black holes and the powerful radio jets
spotted in quasars like P172+18. The jets are thought to be
capable of disturbing the gas around the black hole, increasing
the rate at which gas falls in. Therefore, studying radio-loud
quasars can provide important insights into how black holes in
the early Universe grew to their supermassive sizes so quickly
after the Big Bang.

"I find it very exciting to discover 'new' black holes for the
first time, and to provide one more building block to understand
the primordial Universe, where we come from, and ultimately
ourselves," says Mazzucchelli.

P172+18 was first recognized as a far-away quasar, after having
been previously identified as a radio source, at the Magellan
Telescope at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile by Bañados and
Mazzucchelli. "As soon as we got the data, we inspected it by
eye, and we knew immediately that we had discovered the most
distant radio-loud quasar known so far," says Bañados.

However, owing to a short observation time, the team did not have
enough data to study the object in detail. A flurry of
observations with other telescopes followed, including with the
X-shooter instrument on ESO's VLT, which allowed them to dig
deeper into the characteristics of this quasar, including
determining key properties such as the mass of the black hole and
how fast it's eating up matter from its surroundings. Other
telescopes that contributed to the study include the National
Radio Astronomy Observatory's Very Large Array and the Keck
Telescope in the US.

While the team are excited about their discovery, to appear in
The Astrophysical Journal, they believe this radio-loud quasar
could be the first of many to be found, perhaps at even larger
cosmological distances. "This discovery makes me optimistic and I
believe-and hope-that the distance record will be broken soon,"
says Bañados.

Observations with facilities such as ALMA, in which ESO is a
partner, and with ESO's upcoming Extremely Large Telescope (ELT)
could help uncover and study more of these early-Universe objects
in detail.

This research is presented in the paper "The discovery of a
highly accreting, radio-loud quasar at z=6.82" to appear in The
Astrophysical Journal.

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Next, the news story "Ample launches automated battery swap station
to help drive EV adoption." It is formatted in html.

When all of the text is in the receive pane, copy all of it --
including the <!DOCTYPE html> at the beginning and the </html> at
the end -- to a text editor. For this, use a text editor such as
Notepad, not a word processor.

In Fldigi, it might be easier to Select All, then Copy to the
text editor, then in the text editor delete everything before
<!DOCTYPE html> and after </html>.

Save the resulting file with any name you want, with the suffix
.htm or .hmtl. For example, swrg195.html.

Then open the file in your web browser. (For many browsers in
Windows, use Ctrl-O to do this. You could also open the file in
Windows File Explorer, and it will open in your default browser.)

You can wait until after the broadcast to do all of this.

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head><title>Shortwave
if}body{margin:0 auto 20px
class="m"><strong>Shortwave Radiogram</strong> | March 12-14,
2021</div><h1>Ample launches automated battery swap station
to help drive EV adoption</h1><p><em>by Paul
Ridden</em></p><p>Though the vast majority of cars on the road
today run on fossil fuels, that's likely to change in the coming
years – as more and more vehicle manufacturers commit to going
electric. Startup Ample has come out of R&D stealth mode to help
move things along with the launch of an automated battery swap
solution for electric vehicles, which makes use of modular
battery packs that can be retrofitted to existing EVs.</p><p>This
is not the first time we've seen a swappable battery solution
floated for electric vehicles. Following a number of demo
projects, Better Place launched commercially in 2012. But the
firm couldn't make the idea pay, and went bust after a year in
operation. China's Nio has had more success though, last year
celebrating its 500,000th battery swap.</p><p>And now Ample is
giving it a go, with a solution made up of two main parts. First
there's a modular battery architecture that would enable existing
vehicles to make use of the second part – the automated battery
swap station.</p><h3>Lego-like modules</h3><p>Once a vehicle is
fitted with "Lego-like modules," the driver can roll onto the
station's platform and, instead of coming up with something
useful to do while the EV is cabled to a charger, the automated
process whips out the spent modules and replaces them with fully
charged fresh ones in under 10 minutes. Removed modules are then
recharged, ready for the next vehicle to roll in.</p><p>It's not
yet clear exactly how much all of this will cost drivers, but
another aim of the project is to get "refueling" costs down as
low as with gasoline. The company has also designed its setup so
that a swapping station can be assembled on site, will take up
approximately two parking spaces at the grocery store lot, gas
station, highway rest stop or fleet service area, and a network
could be rolled out to "an entire metropolitan are" in a few
weeks. And Ample says it has solar and wind resources at its
disposal too, to ease the load on the grid.</p><p>To kick off its
rollout, Ample is focusing on fleets in the Bay Area, with Uber
among its first ride-sharing, last-mile delivery and municipal
fleet clients. The company is now inviting other fleet operators
and automakers to join the project and help the company get more
EVs on the road – at least a billion according to the launch
announcement.</p><p>Source: <a
</p><div class="m"><p><strong>From <em>New Atlas</em>: <a

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This week's images ...


This rare yellow cardinal has recently been seen in Rushville,
Illinois. It's not a separate species, but a genetic mutation of
the common red cardinal. ...


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"Tarnhows in the Mist" is a winner of the Black and White
Minimalist Photography awards. ...

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A lava lake at the Mount Nyiragongo volcano, near Goma,
Democratic Republic of Congo, February 11.

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Eurasian eagle-owls at a meet-up of the Kuwait Owl Team, a local
group dedicated to the protection and proliferation of owls,
March 6. ...

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Boats on the River Orwell in Suffolk, England. ...

Sending Pic:166x197C;

The Inverness, Scotland, riverside under a full moon. ...

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Sundown at sun went down at Barassie Beach, Ayrshire, Scotland. ...

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A yellow crocus patch on 15th Street NW in Washington DC. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Girl resting against a haystack"
(1904) by Jan Toorop. ...

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This Is A Music Show #106
11 March 2021

0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


TIAnExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times. Check the schedule here:



The Torchmen - Jubilee Chimes


- - -

- - -

Jr. Walker And The All Stars - Nothing But Soul
Cornell Campbell - Duke Of Earl (A Miserable Version)
The Golden Cups - My Love Is Only For You


- - -

 MIDOMI:   愛する君に - ザ・ゴールデン・カップス  /    To my beloved - The Golden Cups



Max Webster - Moon Voices
Derrick Morgan - The Zacharias Movement In Babylon
Claudine Longet - Meditation (Meditacao)


- - -




The Happy Students - Alexander Graham Bell
Craig Kupka - Music For Slit Drum
Tears For Fears - We Are Broken


- - -

- - -




- - -




Michel Delaporte And Marc Chantreau - Mon Petit Chat


- - -



THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Louisa


- - -


The Astronauts - You, Me, And Dub

- - -




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1997 Polaris Indy XCR 600





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Neil Sedaka was born March 13, 1939 ...

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RNEI 15 playlist:
1, iris & SKAAR — voodoo voodoo 🇳🇴
2, Vilma Alina - Mä välitän 🇫🇮
3, Myra Granberg - HKF (Håll käften & försvinn) 🇸🇪
4, Birnir feat. Páll Óskar - Spurningar 🇮🇸
5, Marie Key - True Love 🇩🇰
6, Celeste - Tonight Tonight 🇬🇧
7, Nathan Evans - Wellerman - Sea Shanty / 220KID x Billen Ted Remix 🇬🇧
8, Bright Sparks & John Gibbons - Real 🇮🇪
9, Frida Johansson & Henrik Oja - Problem Solving 🇸🇪
(RNEIx) 10, Frida Johansson & Henrik Oja - Let It All Out 🇸🇪

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RNEI 15 playlist:




1, iris & SKAAR — voodoo voodoo 🇳🇴

Norge, 2021

2, Vilma Alina - Mä välitän 🇫🇮

Finland, 2021

3, Myra Granberg - HKF (Håll käften & försvinn) 🇸🇪

Sweden, 2020

4, Birnir feat. Páll Óskar - Spurningar 🇮🇸

Iceland, 2021

5, Marie Key - True Love 🇩🇰

Danmark, 2020

6, Celeste - Tonight Tonight 🇬🇧

UK, 2021

7, Nathan Evans - Wellerman - Sea Shanty / 220KID x Billen Ted Remix 🇬🇧

UK, 2020

8, Bright Sparks & John Gibbons - Real 🇮🇪

UK/Ireland, 2020

                                                 - - -

9, Frida Johansson & Henrik Oja - Problem Solving 🇸🇪

Sweden, 2019





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10, Frida Johansson & Henrik Oja - Let It All Out 🇸🇪 Sweden, 2019
-- Stephen's featured artist: The Tallest Man on Earth 🇸🇪 --      
11. Kristian Matsson - Tangle in this Trampled Wheat Sweden, 2010
12. Kristian Matsson - Revelation Blues Sweden, 2012
13. Kristian Matsson - What I've Been Kicking Around Sweden, 2019
14. Kristian Matsson - Into the Stream Sweden, 2006/2008




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This Is An Express Music Show
March 2021

Channel 292 on 6070 kHz



The Buckinghams - You Are Gone
The Music Explosion - I See The Light
H.P. Riot - In THe Middle Of Love
Mighty Two - Big Fat Thing
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77 - Emorio
Strange Advance - We Run




Linda Scott - Count Every Star


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