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  1:39 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:45 Print books better than tablets for reading to toddlers*
  8:01 MFSK64: Thirty years since Pan Am Airways shut down*
14:56 This week's images*
28:00 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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Print books beat tablets when reading to toddlers

Posted by Beata Mostafavi
December 8th, 2021

When it comes to reading to young children, huddling together
over a good old-fashioned book is still better than story time on
a tablet, new research suggests.

Researchers examined interactions between 72 parents and their
toddlers ages 24-36 months and compared interactions while
reading tablet apps versus traditional children's books.

Parents talked more to their children—with children in turn
responding to them more—while reading a print version, according
to the study in Pediatrics. Children more prone to emotional
outbursts also responded to their parents better when reading
from a book.

"Parent-child interactions through shared reading promotejj
language development and literacy and may also benefit
friendships, school success, and other child development outcomes
later in life," says lead author Tiffany Munzer, a behavioral
developmental pediatrician at the University of Michigan Health
C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.

The new study supports Munzer's earlier findings indicating that
when parents and children read print books, they talk more
frequently, and the quality of their interactions are better than
when they read electronic books.

Ninety-eight percent of families of children under age nine own a
cell phone or tablet, and toddlers spend on average over two
hours per day using digital media.

"Tablets and mobile devices are prominent fixtures in modern
family life, but they aren't as educational or valuable to
children's development as traditional books," Munzer says.

Software designers creating e-reading material for children
should seek input from trained early childhood specialists to
cater the delivery of content for children and eliminate
distractions like animations and ads, she adds.

Children's health providers should also help guide parents on
media use.

"Pediatricians should continue to recommend that parents co-view
digital media with their children when possible, ask open-ended
questions, and talk during reading time to help their children
engage and learn," Munzer says.

Source: University of Michigan

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From Deutsche Welle:

Pan Am: Around the world with the blue globe

        Thirty years ago, Pan Am ceased operations. The US airline
        put its stamp on civil aviation like no other and will
        always be remembered, especially by people in Berlin.

Andreas Spaeth
December 2, 2021

Pan American World Airways has secured a safe place in the
history of civil aviation

It's been three decades since Pan Am closed up shop. Its last
flight, PA436, from Bridgetown, Barbados to Miami took place on
December 4, 1991, ending the global aviation icon's 64-year saga.

It's a saga that is still remembered today all over the world,
but especially in the once-divided city of Berlin, where the blue
Pan Am globe on the tail of the airline's Clipper aircraft was
always seen as a symbol of hope and freedom during the Cold War.

"No other airline has influenced aviation nearly as much, and no
other carrier understood it so well the importance of letting the
public participate in these achievements," said Berlin-based real
estate developer Matthias Hühne, Pan Am expert and author of an
extensive homage to the airline. "That's how a myth formed: the
freedom to be transported to almost any place on Earth within
just a few hours."

Thanks to its huge network reaching even remote corners of the
globe, Pan Am was able to do just that; no other airline had the
same reach.

Humble beginnings

It all started on October 19, 1927, with a short hop in a rented
floatplane from Key West in Florida to Havana, Cuba. This was Pan
Am's first flight. By the time he retired in 1968, visionary
entrepreneur and New Jersey native Juan Trippe had established
Pan American World Airways, a unique aviation empire that, under
Pan Am's famous blue globe logo, brought the world together like
no other venture had.

Trippe came up with his master plan in November 1935 when Pan
Am's Martin M 130 flying boat, the "China Clipper," completed the
first trans-Pacific air mail service between San Francisco and
Manila. The four-engine flying boat covered the distance of
roughly 8,000 miles (12,875 kilometers) in seven days, beating
the fastest connection by ship at the time by more than two

Within two years, the first trans-Atlantic routes to Europe
followed. London and Paris were the first destinations to be
connected by flying boat to the new world. Within just 10 years,
Pan Am had brought the continents significantly closer together.
Pan American World Airways flight

Pan American World Airways welcomed umpteen famous people on
board like these Wightman Cup tennis players flying to England

Postwar takeoff

Although privately owned, after World War II Pan Am became the de
facto US national carrier in international aviation. In January
1946, Pan Am established the first trans-Atlantic flights using
land-based aircraft. The scheduled DC-4 services from New York to
Hurn near London took 17 hours and 40 minutes including stops. To
Lisbon, it was just a little under 21 hours.

Since 1948, Pan Am's predecessor, AOA, had been present in
postwar Germany as the first international airline, long before
1955, when the Germans were permitted to operate their own air
traffic again. The presence of the Americans was decisive in air
traffic to West Berlin as the then divided city could only be
served by allied carriers. Pan Am assumed that role from 1950.

Initially, four-engine DC-4s were deployed on the air corridors
to six West German cities.

"It didn't have a pressurized cabin. I often got sick," recalled
Jutta Cartsburg from Berlin, who was hired in 1958 as a Pan Am
stewardess fresh from language school. "We mostly flew refugees
at the time."

Pan Am was the biggest international player and carried almost
2.6 million passengers in 1956. But Trippe wanted more. He wanted
to make flying accessible to more people, not just the rich.

Jet age player

Trippe had an unbeatable instinct for technical innovations. In
the mid-1950s, he decided the time was ripe for the start of the
jet age. In October 1955, he put in simultaneous ordes for two
competing plane models of the early jet era: 20 four-engine 707s
from Boeing and 25 DC-8s from Douglas.

Trippe and the head of Boeing, William Allan, were close friends.
Risky deals worth billions of dollars always came about like
this: "You'll build it, I'll buy it." Without the vision and
financial strength of Pan Am, it's likely aircraft manufacturing
and air traffic would have developed at a slower pace.

On October 26, 1958, the jet era began with the inaugural flight
of a Boeing 707 from New York to Paris. The jetliner became a
roaring success. In the process, Pan Am became the most glamorous
airline in the world.

In the 1960s, business was booming at Pan Am, with annual
passenger growth of 15%. Trippe was ready for the next quantum
leap. On April 13, 1966, in what was arguably his most visionary
move, he ordered 25 Boeing 747s.

It was an aircraft of unmatched dimensions at the time. Designed
to carry up to 490 passengers, it was later dubbed the "jumbo
jet". Again, this important step in aviation development arguably
wouldn't have happened without the courage of Juan Trippe. His
retirement was followed by many hectic management changes and
ill-fated mergers.

What goes up must come down?

From there, the downward spiral continued. The glamour on board
became but a wistful memory. With the 747, however, Trippe's
objective to make flying affordable to the masses had been

During the 1980s, Pan Am's financial situation became ever more
dire. Then there was the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 in which 270
people died on a 747 and on the ground in Scotland. Flight
bookings collapsed and on December 4, 1991, Pan Am filed for

"There was this constant hope, but then always something new
happened, and it is still a mystery for me how Pan Am could have
gone under," said Jo Haselby, a late Pam Am pilot who has
remained in Berlin.

"Thirty years after its bankruptcy, the legacy of Pan Am
endures," Deborah Cattano Gaudiose, a board member of the Pan Am
museum in New York, told DW. "It defined commercial aviation, and
its influence is still evident today."


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This week's images ...

Northern Lights at "Santa's Cabin" in Levi, Finland. ...

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A boy fishes during sunset at Bang Tao beach in Phuket, Thailand,
December 6. ...

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The sun rises over the mouth of Xiling Gorge in Yichang, Hubei
province, China, November 27. ...

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Snow blankets the roofs of the historic old town of Freudenberg
in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. ...

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A bison at Custer State Park in South Dakota. ...

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The CTA Holiday Train winds its way through Chicago. ...

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Our painting of the week is "First Snow Fall" by Megan Duncanson. ...

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Chad Stuart of Chad & Jeremy was born David Stuart Chadwick,
December 10, 1941

He died in 2020.

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This Is A Music Show #144
09 December 2021

0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


TIAnExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, mainly on 6070 kHz.

Broadcast various dates/times/freqs. Check the schedule here:



Gene Ferrari And The Disco Roma Band - Al Di La


Unknown Artist - Unknown Song
Steve Fisk - Love Is All Around
Men I Trust - You Deserve This


Ppalace - INTRLD
No Death - Helipad


Shellac - Il Porno Star (Live in Duluth, MN 1996)
King Apparatus - Five Good Dub


A-Trak And D-Styles - Stylus Wars Track 2


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Tricky Trombone


Lilys - Ginger (Live At The El Mocombo, 1998)


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  --- RNEI Show #24 Jul special Playlist ---
  # Artist-Title flag (Spotify Streams)

  1, The sPlayers feat. Murdrocks, Herman Dahl, Isabelle Eriksen, Agnetesh & Stina Talling - Nå er det jul 🇳🇴 (9.0m)
  2, Petra Marklund - Pengar 🇸🇪 (173k)
  3, ABREU - Jouluyö, juhlayõ 🇫🇮 (667k)
  4, Lea Heart - You Make It Feel Like Christmas 🇮🇪 (151k)


  5, Julia-Maria - Luna Moon 🇮🇪 (<1k)
  6, Órla Fallon - In Dulci Jubilo 🇮🇪 (111k)
  7, ELYSS - Die With Me 🇩🇰 (8.4k)
  8, Daği Freyr – Something Magical 🇮🇸 (183k)
  9, Boyzvoice - Let Me Be Your Father X-Mas (DJ Advento Remix) 🇳🇴 (57k)

  God Jul!
  Til vi møtes igjen,
  Ha det!