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  1:34 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:41 MFSK32: Turkish text from Deutsche Welle
  6:57 MFSK64: Turkey Blocks Access to VOA, DW online content*
13:13 MFSK64: This week's images*
27:37 MFSK32: Closing announcements

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The Turkish media regulator RTÜK has ordered that access to the
Deutsche Welle and Voice of America websites be blocked because
the two news organizations did not apply for licenses to operated
in Turkey, as requested by RTÜK.

In our MFSK32 segment, we transmit an excerpt about this news in
Turkish from the DW Turkish Service ...

Muhalefet: DW’ye erisim engeli Anayasa’ya aykiri

Eray Görgülü


Radyo Televizyon ve Üst Kurulu’na (RTÜK) lisans basvurusu
yapmadigi gerekçesiyle Deutsche Welle’ye (DW) getirilen erisim
engeli, muhalefetin tepkisine neden oldu. CHP Genel Baskani Kemal
Kiliçdaroglu, kararin Anayasa’ya aykiriligina dikkat çekerken
Demokrat Parti Genel Baskani Gültekin Uysal da iktidarin
demokratik tavir alanlarini bilinçli bir sekilde daraltma gayreti
içerisinde oldugunu savundu. Karara diger muhalefet partilerinin
yetkilileri de tepki gösterdi.

Ankara 1. Sulh Ceza Hakimligi, RTÜK’e lisans basvurusu yapmadigi
gerekçesiyle 30 Haziran Persembe günü Deutsche Welle’ye erisim
engeli getirilmesine karar vermisti. Bilgi Teknolojileri Kurumu
(BTK) da ayni günün aksami, karari internet sitesinden duyurarak
internet servis saglayicilarindan DW’ye erisim
engeligetirilmesini talep etmisti. Türkiye’de genis yanki bulan
karar, muhalefetin de gündemine geldi.

Kiliçdaroglu: Saray, otoriter bir yapi amaçliyor

DW Türkçe’nin sorusunu yanitlayan CHP Genel Baskani Kemal
Kiliçdaroglu, kararin Anayasa’ya aykiri olduguna dikkat çekti.
Kiliçdaroglu, "Anayasamizda medya özgürlügü ‘Basin hürdür, sansür
edilemez’ cümlesiyle ifade edilir. CHP olarak biz medyayi,
demokrasilerin dördüncü gücü olarak görüyoruz. Haliyle
Anayasamizda yer alan bu ifade, bizim de ilkemizdir" dedi.
Kiliçdaroglu, iktidarin medya özgürlügünden rahatsizlik duydugunu
da öne sürdü. Kiliçdaroglu, "Saray Hükümeti, uyguladigi baski
politikalari ile birlikte, otoriter bir yapiyi insa etmeyi
amaçliyor. Oysa unuttuklari bir ortak özellik daha var: Baski,
zulüm, sansür her otoriter rejimin, siyasi olarak sonunu
hazirlar" ifadesini kullandi. "Özgür bir medyadan ancak
suçlularin korkacagini" kaydeden Kiliçdaroglu, "Gizleyecek bir
seyiniz yoksa, korkmanizi gerektiren bir durum da yoktur" dedi ve
"dezenformasyon yasasi"nin da bu kapsamda degerlendirilmesi
gerektigini belirtti.

Full text:




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From the Voice of America:

Turkey Blocks Access to VOA Turkish Language Content

June 30, 2022 (updated July 01)

The heads of Voice of America and Germany's Deutsche Welle on
July 1 criticized actions by Turkey's media regulator to block
access to their content.

Turkey's Radio and Television Supreme Council, known as RTUK,
blocked VOA's Turkish-language content and DW's news sites
Thursday after both international public broadcasters declined to
apply for licenses as requested by the regulator.

In February, RTUK gave three international broadcasters,
including VOA's Turkish Service, short notice to obtain broadcast
licenses or have their content blocked.

Ilhan Tasci, an RTUK board member from the main opposition
Republican People's Party and vocal critic of the licensing
demand, announced Thursday on Twitter that access to VOA's
Turkish Service and DW had been blocked by a court decision.

The block affects VOA's Turkish news website
and all of DW's language services.

"Access to DW Turkce and Voice of America, which did not apply
for licenses, has been blocked by the Ankara Criminal Court of
Peace, upon the request of the RTUK board," Tasci said Thursday.
"Here is your freedom of press and advanced democracy!" he added

The February licensing decision was based on a regulation that
had gone into effect in August 2019. At that time, several media
freedom advocates raised concerns about possible censorship
because the regulation granted RTUK the authority to control all
online content.

RTUK's deputy head, Ibrahim Uslu, dismissed the concerns, saying
the decision "has nothing to do with censorship but is part of
technical measures."

Under the regulation, RTUK is authorized to request broadcast
licenses from "media service providers" so that their radio, TV
broadcasting and on-demand audiovisual media services can
continue their online presence.

If the licensees do not follow RTUK's principles, the regulation
allows RTUK to impose fines, suspend broadcasting for three
months or cancel broadcast licenses.

Peter Limbourg, the director general of DW, said the broadcaster
will take legal action over the block.

"We had outlined in an extensive correspondence and even in a
personal conversation with the chairman of the media control
authority why DW could not apply for such a license. For example,
media licensed in Turkey are required to delete online content
that RTUK interprets as inappropriate," Limbourg said in
statement published by DW. "This is simply unacceptable for an
independent broadcaster."

VOA Acting Director Yolanda López said the network "firmly
objects" to RTUK's decision, which she described as "a thinly
veiled effort to censor unfavorable press coverage."

"Through circumvention tools and other means, VOA will not be
deterred," López said in a statement Friday.

Kelu Chao, acting head of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, which
oversees VOA, also said the agency would not be deterred.

"RTÜK has made an alarming choice to pave the way for internet
censorship. Audiences in Turkey deserve access to fact-based news
about the world around them," she said in a statement.

With this decision, the authority of RTUK over news websites was
used for the first time, said Can Güleryüzlü, president of the
Progressive Journalists Association.

"Voice of America and Deutsche Welle (DW Turkish) reported on
many issues that were followed by millions and that the national
press could not bring to the agenda. With the last decision of
the judiciary, (that) has been blocked. The judiciary turned its
face not to justice but to the government in Turkey," Güleryüzlü

Yaman Akdeniz, a cyberlaw professor at Istanbul Bilgi University,
told VOA Turkish that "complete access blocking to these news
websites can only be described as censorship."

The court's decision to block access to VOA Turkish came on the
heels of the meeting between President Joe Biden and Turkish
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the sidelines of the NATO
Summit in Madrid.

When Turkey first announced its licensing decision in February,
VOA issued a statement that said its charter "prevents VOA from
agreeing to or allowing its coverage to be censored in any way."

The RTUK decision was "noted with regret," a spokesperson for
Germany's government said Friday.

"Our concern about the situation of freedom of expression and of
the press in Turkey persists," DW cited the spokesperson as

The U.S. State Department also expressed concern.

"We regret the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council
(RTUK) decision to block access to VOA Turkish and DW, in
enforcement of its February 2022 application of broadcast
licensing requirements to the websites of these outlets," a
department spokesperson said.

"This access ban expands government control over freedom of
expression and press freedom in Turkey and clearly exposes the
websites of these outlets to being censored or banned. As such,
we do not see it as a simple, technical requirement," the
spokesperson added.

Turkey has a poor record for press freedom, ranking 149 out of
180 countries on the World Press Freedom Index, for which 1 is
the freest.

Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders, which compiles the
annual index, says that discriminatory practices against media in
Turkey are commonplace and that the RTUK "helps to weaken
critical TV channels economically, by giving them heavy fines."

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists on Friday
called on Ankara to reverse its decision.

"Turkish authorities' censorship of the international
broadcasters Voice of America and Deutsche Welle is the latest
attempt to silence critical media as the country prepares to hold
elections next year," said Gulnoza Said, CPJ's Europe and Central
Asia program coordinator, in a statement.

Ezel Sahinkaya and Begum Ersoz of VOA's Turkish Service
contributed to this report. Some information for this report came
from Reuters.


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This week's images ...

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A derecho storm on July 5 caused strange green skies in Sioux
Falls, South Dakota. ...

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Křemencová Street in Prague, 1967. ...

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"All the ingredients you need for a perfect Italian meal." ...

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Street art on Dumbarton Road, Partick, Glasgow. ...

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Fireworks over the National Mall in Washington DC, July 4. ...

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A purple finch at Hartwick Pines State Park in Michigan. ...

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Our painting of the week is "Bodrum Blue Painting" by Turkish
artist Setenay Özbek. ...

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This Is A Music Show #173
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The Drivers - Talk All Night
The Golden Palominos - Omaha
Heibel - We Are Against You


Modern English - Machines
Konono No.1 - Masikulu


==>  Joe Gibbs And The Professionals - S.L.R.
Capleton - Moving On VERSION
Joe Gibbs And The Professionals - S.L.R.


The Horseflies - I Live Where It's Grey


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - One Morning In May


Belinda Uhl - My Boy Lolipop


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This Is An Express Music Show
July 2022



Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine Of Your Love


Love - 7 And 7 Is
Toby Swan - Lullabyes In Razorland
Ombiigazi - Residential Military
The Sound - Kinetic
Hiroshima - One Wish


THIS DATA - Bert Kaempfert - Lady


M+M - Whatever Happened To Radio Valve Road


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Vince Vigo - miyazaki on the tv





FABER - Helt Okay



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Rebekka Blöndal - Lítiğ Ljóğ



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