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Welcome to program 270 of Shortwave Radiogram.

I'm Kim Andrew Elliott in Arlington, Virginia USA.

Here is the lineup for today's program, in MFSK modes as noted:

  1:35 MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:42 MFSK32: Excerpt of text from VOA Korean
  5:24 MFSK64: Small-scale pumped heat energy storage system
  7:55 MFSK64: This week's images*
27:30 MFSK32: Closing announcements

* with image(s)


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We begin in Korean, with an excerpt of a VOA Korean story about
the import of South Korean-manufactured electic vehicles to the
United States ...

조태용 대사 "미, 한국 전기차 차별 부당"



미국의 인플레이션 감축법(IRA)에 따른 한국산 전기차 문제의 해법을 찾기 위해 미한 정부가 협의를 갖기로 했다고 조태용 주미 한국대사가 밝혔습니다.

한국 언론에 따르면 조 대사는 29일 워싱턴에서 우리는 자유무역협정(FTA) 파트너인 한국의 전기차에 대한 차별적 조치가 부당하다는 점을 강조했고, 미국 측은 별다른 이견을 제시하지 않았다고 말했습니다.

조 대사는 이러한 논의를 바탕으로 한미 양국 정부가 이 문제에 대한 해결책을 마련하기 위해 정부 간 회담을 갖기로 합의했다고 덧붙였습니다.

Full text:

Shortwave Radiogram now changes to MFSK64 ...





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From TechXplore:

Institute demonstrates first-of-its-kind small-scale pumped heat
energy storage system

by Southwest Research Institute
August 30, 2022

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), in partnership with Malta,
Inc., has completed assembly and commissioning of the
first-of-its-kind pumped heat (or thermal) energy storage (PTES)
demonstration facility. Long-duration, large-scale storage
capabilities, like PTES, can help balance energy volatility and
reliability issues caused by high market penetration of variable
renewable energy resources such as solar and wind energy, and
create solutions to fulfill worldwide carbon reduction goals.

"One of the big problems that we face with renewable energy is
balancing supply and demand," said SwRI Group Leader Dr. Natalie
Smith, the project's lead investigator. "As the sun goes down in
the evening, many people are returning home from work, turning on
lights and using other electronics. This mismatch between high
power demand and solar availability creates grid volatility. We
want new technologies to store solar and wind power so that it
can be used when the sun isn't shining, and the wind isn't

A PTES system stores energy thermally in hot and cold tanks for
later use. When excess wind or solar energy is being produced,
the PTES runs a heat pump to make the hot storage tank hotter and
the cold storage tank colder. Then, when energy demands exceed
production, the PTES runs as a heat engine converting the large
temperature difference between the hot and cold stored energy
into electricity.

"The full-scale PTES system offers high potential system
performance up to 60% round-trip efficiency and can store energy
for more than 10 hours," Smith said. "PTES is a promising,
versatile technology that can be applied to many different energy
sources without geological or geographical restrictions."

Malta, Inc. is developing a full-scale commercial PTES system
capable of storing energy for more than 10 hours. Under
DOE-funding, SwRI developed a small-scale PTES demonstration
system that uses simple recuperated cycles for both modes of
operation with air as the main working fluid. The facility design
is similar in basic architecture and operation to the full-scale
technology and is intended to demonstrate system operability and
controls strategies.

The U.S. Department of Energy supported the development of the
system, which was successfully commissioned and has begun the
detailed testing phase.

"We are hoping that this successful demonstration provides more
confidence in this technology," Smith said. "PTES provides a
viable means to bring balance and stability to our energy usage.
If we want to reduce carbon emissions, we need to integrate more
renewables. Our demonstration is the pathway to that full-scale
system and demonstrates commercial readiness."



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This week's images ...


Blue whistling thrush in Margalla Hills National Park, Pakistan. ...

Sending Pic:165x204C;

A storm near sunset over Lake Erie and Headlands Beach State
Park, Ohio. ...

Sending Pic:135x208C;

Sunset at Belle Isle State Park, Virginia.

Sending Pic:200x133C;

Sunrise at Myaka State Park, Florida. ...

Sending Pic:202x152C;

Sunrise over Washington DC, August 27. Also visible is the Old
Post Office and Clock Tower, atop a building that was the Trump
International Hotel until May 2022.

Sending Pic:198x138C;

Sunrise behind the Chesapeake Bay Bridge near Annapolis,
Maryland, August 27.

Sending Pic:207x143C;

Sunlight through stained glass reflecting off the walls in St
Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh. ...

Sending Pic:142x210C;

A rainy street in Edinburgh on one of the nights of the Military
Tattoo. ...

Sending Pic:141x212C;

Harvest as the sun descends at Beanston Farm in East Lothian,
Scotland. ...

Sending Pic:207x135C;

A bee on a purple flower in Nibley, Gloucestershire, England. ...

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Our art of the week, and propagation indicator, is "Retro sunset
above the ocean" by Paul_Craft. ...

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Billy Preston was born William Everett Preston,
September 2, 1946.

He died in 2006.

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This Is A Music Show #181
25 August 2022

0200-0300UTC Thursday on 5850 kHz

via WRMI, Okeechobee USA


TIAnExpressMS w/ Radio Northern Europe International
via Channel 292 in Germany, mainly on 6070 kHz

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Maurice Bolyer - Golden Slippers


Enoch Light And The Light ORchestra - Pass When I Call You
Milan Kymlicka - Peter And The Wolf


The Buggs - London Town Swing
Unknown Artist - Elvira


TIAMS Disco Mixx August 2022 - Various
Chaz Jankel - Pretty Thing


Haberdasher - 48603


THIS DATA w/ Bert Kaempfert - Market Day


Patricican Anne - Child


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This Is An Express Music Show
September 2022



Enoch Light And The Light Orchestra - Pass When I Call You


Esperanza Encattada - Dame Abrigo           [Encantada]

Sheila Guthrie - Right As Rain
The Great Society - White Rabbit
Book Of Love - I Touch Roses (Full Bloom Mix EDIT)


THIS DATA - Bert Kaempfert - That Happy Feeling


Morning - Sleepy Eyes


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  --- RNEI Show # Playlist ---
  # Artist - Title [flag] (Spotify Streams)
  1, Emma Nicoline - Str Imod 🇩🇰 (52.2k)
  2, Pikekyss - M jeg vite alt? 🇳🇴 (75.7k)
  3, Honey. - What Now 🇸🇪 (4885)
  4, Sisterix - Wasteland 🇮🇪 (<1k)
  5, Kardemimmit - Myttuuli 🇫🇮 (47k)
  6, Marna sk & Rebekka Blndal - Ga kkt' kaffi 🇮🇸 (19.2k)
  7, Sofiloud & Gucci Caliente - The Hookup 🇳🇴 (108k)

  Til vi mtes igjen,
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